Twitter becoming a real platform …

Twitter is becoming a real platform. I don’t know if it really needs to limit things to 140 characters, but people are certainly using it for some interesting applications. Lately, I’ve been using TwitterFeed to blast content out from my RSS stream of news, hashtags to make things interesting for readers, TweetSum to check on potential followers, Twitter Grader to check on potential followers, and now Twitter Fountain to animate current tweets. If you’d like to embed a twitter fountain in your own page or blog, try this embed code:

I may be old fashioned (or just old), but what I really want is to be able to create and manage a list of pages/blogs/search terms, and get e-mailed every time there is a change or addition. I’d like a summary of the change in the e-mail, with enough text/image to get the context, and a link back to the original. Maybe even a “diff” function or “history” like with Wikipedia. E-mail is a lot easier for me to organize, search, archive, and transfer than RSS or tweets.

Anyone willing to build such a tool? Anyone know where I can get such a tool? Thanks …


Where can you follow all the key developments in the enterprise software and solutions market?

Where can you follow all the key developments in the enterprise software and solutions market?

Right here!

You can read this blog online at, or subscribe to this blog via e-mail at, or read it on your RSS reader at, or get the feed with tags and summaries on at ( for the RSS feed), or follow me on twitter at, or search the twitter hashtag #EnterpriseTweets. Is that enough ways to publish? Fortunately, services like FeedBurner and TwitterFeed and and Blogspot make all this syndication easy!

Anyone with any other suggestions of ways to publish this news aggregate, feel free to suggest them to me here in the comments … thanks!