Enterprise headlines and summaries, 2009-10-26

  • SAP Appoints New Head of Global Ecosystem and Partner Group
    In Mecker’s previous position as head of the Global Software and Technology Partner organization at SAP, he was responsible for managing all activities of SAP technology and software partners globally. In addition, he oversaw all business development activity with independent software vendor (ISV) and technology partners, including the global portfolio of third-party solutions driving revenue for SAP and its partners. Mecker has a long and distinguished career in enterprise software. Prior to joining SAP, he served as senior vice president of Global Solutions and Alliances for BearingPoint. Previously, he was CEO at Valdero Corporation (acquired by One Network). Mecker also has extensive prior corporate experience serving as a partner at KPMG Consulting and in various management roles at PeopleSoft and Oracle. Mecker holds a master’s degree in industrial engineering and management from Virginia Tech, in the U.S., and a bachelor’s degree in engineering from Punjab University, India.
  • A tribute to Ranjan Das, MD SAP AG
    he 42-year-old was known to be the youngest MNC head in the country. An Assamese by birth, Ranjan grew up in Guwahati. After his 12th standard, he joined the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the US with a full scholarship, where he obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Engineering. He later went on to attain an MBA from the Harvard Business School. … Ranjan relocated to Mumbai in July 2007 from SAP’s Silicon Valley office in the US to lead the Indian subcontinent region. Under his leadership, the region delivered its best-ever performance in 2007 by doubling software revenue and customer base as well as achieving record customer and employee satisfaction and became the fastest growing region globally for SAP and won the “Region-of-the-year” award.
  • MapReduce Online
    Our Hadoop Online Prototype extends the applicability of the model to pipelining behaviors, while preserving the simple programming model and fault tolerance of a full-featured MapReduce framework. This provides significant new functionality, including “early returns” on long-running jobs via online aggregation, and continuous queries over streaming data. We also demonstrate benefits for batch processing: by pipelining both within and across jobs, HOP can reduce the time to job completion.
  • Marc Benioff, CEO of Salesforce.com
    During my time at Oracle, I also embarked on a self-guided crash course reading the popular books by the 20th-century leadership gurus such as Stephen Covey, Tony Robbins and Dale Carnegie. I sought wisdom from the writings of Martin Luther King Jr., W. Edwards Deming, and I explored traditional spiritual texts about Eastern religion and philosophy. I listened to hundreds of hours of tape recordings by experts in corporate development. All of this was influential to me. But ultimately, you take all this stuff, everything you see, everything you read, everything you learn, and you interpret it and piece it together to help you make sense of things your own way.
  • The State of Enterprise Software Adoption
    The C-level blames the IT shop for lack of software success … IT organization 59.2% Software vendors 23.2% User/line management 13.9% Another group 3.7%
  • Red Hat investing in EnterpriseDB
    the official announcement is set for release on Tuesday October 27th. The official press release does not disclose the exact amount that Red Hat is investing, but it is part of a $19M series C round of funding. EnterpriseDB is one of the leading commercial backers behind the PostgreSQL(also known as Postgres) database.

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