Enterprise headlines and summaries, 2009-10-22

  • SharePoint 2010 Conference Review Dashboards, Social and User Configuration
    The main reason SharePoint and other enterprise collaboration vendors are having considerable success is that it’s easier to create high ROI collaborative sites today than any other time in history.
  • Oracle: Ellison Reportedly Meets With EUs Kroes On Sun Deal
    The piece says Ellison tried to convince Kroes that the deal did not create any antitrust concerns. The EU is expected to issue a ruling on the pending deal by January 19. In particular, the story said Ellison met with Kroes to discuss Oracles acquisition of MySQL, an open source database softwaredatabase software. business owned by Sun, the leading provider of
  • Intel announces Intel® SOA Expressway R2.3 and partnership with Sophos for Highly Regulated, Secure SOA
    Intel SOA Expressway also offers support for XACML based fine grained authorization using Oracle® Entitlements Server as PDP/PAP (Policy Decision Point/Policy Application Point). The implementation has been validated on Oracle Enterprise Linux. Deployment of Intels SOA Expressway security gateway is now the recommended way to apply perimeter security for B2B services deployed on Oracle Fusion Middleware.
  • HP CEO Flails Cloud with Faulty Firewall Logic
    So when Hurd or any other company bigwig says, ‘We won’t put anything material outside *the* firewall,’ what he actually means is, ‘We won’t put anything material outside *our* firewall.’ It may not be as rigorously tested and continuously validated as a cloud provider’s firewall, but hey, it’s *my* firewall, and if it goes down, well, I only have myself to blame.
  • HP’s Hurd: Cloud computing has its limits (especially when you face 1,000 attacks a day)
    HP wouldnt put anything material in nature outside the firewall. The message: The cloud has its place, but theres a vast difference between private and public computing. Hurds talk, a Q&A with Gartner analysts David Cearley and Donna Scott at the IT Symposium, came amid a weak enterprise technology spending forecast for 2010, the integration of EDS and a scrum over the architecture of the next-generation data center. Hurd chose to stand during the interview and dabbled on a white board to make his points.
  • Ingres Joins Universities to Support Students in Open Source
    “The collaboration between Ingres and leading universities to help students begin working with open source has offered major benefits to students,” said Greg Wilson, assistant professor of computer science, University of Toronto. “Financial support has allowed us to bring students from different universities in North America together face-to-face and offer them projects and mentors for the students to work with. Furthermore, as an open source company, Ingres gives students the opportunity to not only add to the project, but also to dive in and see how the database really works.”
  • Siemens Renews Maintenance Contract with SAP. Now For the Real Issue
    Importantly, when a company signs on with an SAP or Oracle, they do so with multiple goals in mind, only one of which may be lowest cost. Indeed, that goal may be foremost in the CIO or CFOs mind, but for many line of business users, lowest cost is irrelevant to getting the job done. Discussing issues like maintenance costs feed into the needs of the buyer, for whom lowest cost is the goal, but that discussion has little or no relevance to the line of business user, who is looking at his or her P&L and wondering how the hell theyre going to get the job done, software costs be damned.
  • mySQL founders fork on the post-Oracle future
    If Europe wants to build a mySQL fork that truly competes with Oracle in the enterprise market, the way forward is to collect the funds needed to make that happen. There is more at stake here than competition in the database market. [I’m sure this prospect would have no one at Oracle quaking in their boots!-DBM]

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