Enterprise headlines and summaries, 2009-10-20

  • SAP Chief Operating Officer Gunst On Temporary Medical Leave
    It wasn’t possible to say how long Gunst will require medical leave, and his responsibilities have been distributed among other executive board members, the spokesman added. He declined to elaborate further.
  • Americas` SAP Users` Group`s Interim CEO Accepts Permanent Post
    The Americas` SAP Users` Group (ASUG), the world`s largest customer-run community of SAP professionals, announced today that Bridgette Chambers, who joined the organization as Interim CEO in June 2009, will assume the role of ASUG CEO on a permanent basis effective immediately.
  • Mark Your Calendar – R ‘Ray’ Wang to Keynote at Sapience 2009
    Sapience 2009, an independent conference produced by Sapientia GmbH and OnTrack Communications will present viable alternatives to a single-vendor enterprise application suite. The conference explores strategies for moving to a more heterogeneous environment by leveraging existing investments. Featuring best practices from companies who have already started the process, sessions on the legal implications as well as the impact on maintenance contracts, and other key considerations such as augmenting SAP through cloud offerings, the conference is designed for IT executives looking to reduce expenses and their reliance on a SAP as their sole ERP vendor.
  • Who is Steve Ballmer?
    At age 8, Ballmer was told by his father that he was headed for Harvard University in Cambridge, Mass. He did well in school academically, earning valedictorian honors at Detroit Country Day School. Ballmer also wanted to excel in sports, but ended up being the basketball team’s manager. Today, Ballmer often escapes from the Microsoft campus on time to play basketball with his sons.
  • Sun cutting up to 3,000 jobs as awaits Oracle deal
    The layoffs Sun outlined Tuesday in a regulatory filing are the latest in a series of job cuts at the world’s No. 4 server maker. Sun, a dot-com-era star, was banking on the $7.4 billion deal with Oracle as a lifeline after a decade of financial struggles. As delays have mounted, Sun has had to fend for itself, losing ground to rivals, including IBM Corp. and Hewlett-Packard Co., which have exploited uncertainty about the deal to poach customers.
  • Sun Microsystems to Cut 3,000 Jobs
    The hardware and software maker has been reducing its work force over the years because of declining revenues, and additional job cuts have been widely expected to happen after Oracle buys the company. That deal, announced in April, was originally expected to close over the summer. But a review by European regulators has been holding up the transactions.
  • Teradata: We still rule over Oracle, IBM in analytics
    Darryl McDonald, chief marketing officer at Teradata, which is hosting its annual Partners conference in Washington this week, claimed that Oracle’s alleged customer wins have been mostly confined to “uncontested” situations, such as customers running the Oracle database on Hewlett-Packard servers that are being switched or upgraded to the Exadata appliance.
  • Challenges Await Head of New SAP User Group
    Interim CEO Bridgette Chambers will take leadership of ASUG, which represents about 70,000 individuals at 2,000 member companies. Chambers assumes the role previously held by Steve Strout, who was ousted by ASUG’s board in November 2008 for undisclosed reasons. Like Strout before her, a key issue before Chambers is SAP’s controversial decision to move all customers to a fuller-featured but pricier Enterprise Support service.
  • #OOW09 Video: Oracle ADF: Oracle Fusion Applications Teams’ Best Practices
    Steve Muench session – Oracle ADF: Oracle Fusion Applications Teams’ Best Practices. You can download slides from Steve Muench blog. Thanks to Justin Kestelyn and his approval to post those videos.
  • Integrate Oracle Business Rules with Siebel CRM/SOA Suite 11g
    Oracle Business Rules (OBR) is a component of both SOA Suite and BPM Suite and offers seamless integration with BPEL processes in SOA applications via rules and decision tables. This integration is achieved via the use of JDeveloper as the single tool for modeling business terms, rules and processes. A business rule has an IF part and a THEN part. The IF part tests one or more business terms. If the tests pass, one or more actions are performed in the THEN part, such as adding or changing business terms. For instance, assume there exists a rule that computes the discount percentage based on the account type. Using OBR Designer, you can model this rule as shown:
  • Oracle vs. SAP: Like Mac vs. PC, Without the Funny Ads
    (Think: Mac vs. PC; I’ll let you figure out who’s who.) SAP and Oracle both sell Big Boy software, of course. But that’s about where the similarities end. In my experiences in watching and dealing with them, the differences are stark, obvious and intentional: How they each treat customers, partners and the media; how they refer to the other; their marketing tactics; their CEOs; and the company culture as evidenced at their corporate get-togethers, such as the OpenWorld show and SAP’s annual Sapphire show (last year held in Orlando). Just look at this year’s OpenWorld and Sapphire conferences. Here’s your sizzle at OpenWorld: Larry Ellison’s constant thrashing of IBM and grandiose stage theatrics; Aerosmith in concert (leading with “Eat the Rich,” by the way); and a glitzy appearance by California’s Governator Arnold Schwarzenegger. Your razzle-dazzle at Sapphire: Hmmm…a rather dry keynote by CEO Leo Apotheker titled “Seeing Your Way Clear in the New Reality.”
  • Fusion – Further reflections
    I remain skeptical about the impact Fusion Applications will have on the JDE customer set over the next 3 to 5 years. At the same time, I am excited to see Oracle introducing a new generation of applications and see no reason why it won’t be successful.
  • AT&T Packages Enterprise Mobile Apps
    [AT&T competing in the mobile enterprise apps space?!?-DBM] For these “repeatable” use cases, AT&T can build ready-made applications, he said. A MEAP pharmaceutical sales application has been available for several months already. On Monday, the carrier introduced AT&T MEAP: Merchandising for the Consumer Goods Industry and AT&T MEAP: Maintenance and Repair for Hospitality. Both are hosted by AT&T and designed to run on Windows Mobile and BlackBerry devices. The iPhone isn’t often used by workers in these fields, Glubochansky said.
  • Oracle Enterprise Manager Minds The Data
    A car rental chain is using Oracle Enterprise Manager 10g to monitor 400 database systems, taking the burden off its DBAs.

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