Enterprise headlines and summaries, 2009-10-14

  • Social CRM Technology Rears an Actual Head #OOW09
    But what makes this toolkit particularly important is that its got APIs based on RESTful architecture. This is big for Oracle. The reality is that Sage led the way in the effective use of RESTful architectures and builds their current products on this simplified and yet powerful architecture. Unlike Sage, Oracle, and most of the other major vendors has been relying on service-oriented architectures which use far more commands than a RESTful architecture for their messaging and are considerably more complex. For the Siebel toolkit to use REST to deliver Siebel metadata is an important step forward in the world of CRM. It will allow for more effective and easily consumable applications when combined with the other piece of the Siebel puzzle – a visualization toolkit to change the interface to be appropriate to the delivery channel.
  • NetSuite OneWorld for Oracle Delivers Benefits of Cloud Computing to Divisions of Large Enterprises While Retaining Investment in Corporate-Level ERP Systems
    NetSuite OneWorld for Oracle Delivers Benefits of Cloud Computing to Divisions of Large Enterprises While Retaining Investment in Corporate-Level ERP Systems New Software Enables Divisions of Large Oracle Legacy Accounts to Manage Multinational, Multi-Sub Business Operations in Real-Time
  • HR Technology Conference 2009 Thoughts
    There are still functional differences in solutions out there (especially across the broad suite), but the messaging from vendors has become very similar. Feedback I received from attendees was that finding true innovation on the Expo floor was difficult. I think it exists, but much of it is coming from specialist vendors that offer innovative candidate sourcing, assessment, workforce planning and analysis (and other) solutions.
  • SAP to Resell Open Text ECM Under SAP Branding
    SAP will now be able to resell Open Text Enterprise CMS under SAP branding. This is the second major expansion of the original reseller agreement between SAP and OTEX. Let’s not forget that SAP is already reselling Open Text’s Document Access and Archiving and Invoice Management products.
  • SAP Helps Energy Providers Prepare for Transition to Smart Grids
    SAP AMI Integration for Utilities Connects Metering Data With SAP® Business Suite Software Smart meters provide real-time information about energy consumption and enable communication between a utility company and its customers. A challenge associated with the technology is finding a way to make efficient use of the large amounts of data collected by the meters. SAP AMI Integration for Utilities enables utility companies to integrate the collected data with critical business processes, such as those included in SAP Business Suite, which is made up of enterprise technologies such as the SAP® Customer Relationship Management and Billing for Utilities package, as well as SAP® Customer Financials Management for Telecommunications package and the enterprise resource planning (ERP) application SAP® ERP for financial performance and operations management. As a result, consumers can benefit from quicker responses to outages and real-time information on their energy consumption.
  • Workday’s Bhusri on SaaS ERP
    One of the reasons why the margins are so high for the [legacy ERP vendors] is that they are at the tail end of the technology life cycle. They are not really innovating. They are collecting maintenance payments. We all know that maintenance is very, very profitable. Well, when you start in a new technology, it’s mostly investing. Usually, when the profitability rates get that high, it means that there is a new technology around the corner that will start cutting into those profitability rates.
  • Oracle Formally Announces Fusion Apps
    Should Oracle successfully deliver on Fusion Apps to customers in 2010, SAP will have to play catch up in mind share as many sources state that there are no plans for a new product until 2013/2014. Other vendors will have to leverage or partner for middleware and PaaS options in order to sustain key Web 2.0 innovations in the enterprise.
  • Oracle Finally Takes The Covers Off Fusion Applications
    For functionally equivalent migrations, in theory, there will not be additional fees, but there will likely be embedded platform components and net new functionality that will enable Oracle to generate additional revenues.
  • Larry Ellison Unveils Fusion 1.0
    It’s definitely a beautifully designed system.
  • Sun, Fujitsu Unveil New SPARC64 Chips as Oracle Challenges IBM
    The enhanced SPARC64 VII processors from Sun and Fujitsu offer 25 percent better performance than previous version as well as an upgraded memory controller. The announcement of the new chips comes as Oracle and Sun host Oracle OpenWorld and Oracle CEO Larry Ellison challenges IBM in the hardware business. Oracle is still awaiting approval from European regulators on its proposed $7.4 billion acquisition of Sun.
  • Redmond’s Regret: Ray Ozzie Fizzles at Microsoft
    Ray Ozzie, the creator of ground-breaking software such as Lotus Notes and Groove, has been anything but a hit at Microsoft. In fact, going by what Microsoft’s chief software architect has been able to accomplish at the company, you’d have to say his tenure has been a bust. Most surprising of all is that pre-Microsoft, his greatest accomplishments were all about networking and collaboration, and that’s where Microsoft continues to be beaten by the competition.

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