Enterprise headlines and summaries, 2009-10-11

  • How IBM will compete with SAP and Oracle in the future?
    So, is this just speculation, or is this what IBM has been doing now for a couple of years?
  • BPM BlueWorks
    [IBM is open sourcing enterprise business processes at BPM BlueWorks. This could be the basis of how they will compete with SAP and Oracle in the future.-DBM] BPM BlueWorks provides an easy on ramp to the IBM BPM Suite, allowing users to author BPMN processes, and ultimately deploy them as working processes in their businesses. BPM BlueWorks consists of a Company Administration space and the Business Leaders Space. The Company Administration space is for managing your company subscription, member access and changing your personal information such as phone number and password. The Business Leaders space is where you define everything from business intent and direction such as strategy, goals, actions, and measures, through structure and planning (capabilities and organization), to the execution of tasks (processes). By using the Design widget in the Business Leader space, you can create Strategy Maps, Capability Maps, and Process Maps. You can use the BPMN widget to expand your process
  • The Golden Triangle
    The three current big megatrends in the web/tech sector are mobile, social, and real-time.
  • I think there is a world market for maybe five clouds
    Today, industry pundits make similar flawed predictions, claiming that all the market needs is maybe five clouds: Amazon Web Services, Force.com, Google AppEngine, Microsoft Azure, and whatever IBM comes up with. However you define Cloud Computing, this revolutionary step in the 50 year-long evolution of distributed computing (kudos to Daryl Plummer) goes far beyond the few public clouds available today. And while simple principles of economy of scales will most likely limit the number of general purpose public clouds, most of the action will take place on private and virtual private clouds, served from private and virtual private networks.
  • Microsoft predicts cloud computing will burst with growth, opportunity
    Within a decade, if Microsoft is guessing right, practically all data and software will be run from buildings like this one. Unremarkable facades will house servers by the thousands, providing vast amounts of processing power and storage capacity available to all comers through the Internet. Instead of managing systems of their own, government agencies, companies and millions of individuals will tap into a one-stop shop for their digital needs.
  • Microsoft’s Week: Mobile 6.5 Launch, Ozzie’s FUSE, And Bing Drops
    Microsoft had a busy week, one that saw the launch of its new mobile operating system, Windows Mobile 6.5. Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer used a European trip to downplay Windows 7 ahead of the much-anticipated operating system’s Oct. 22 release. And chief software architect Ray Ozzie highlighted the future importance of social computing by starting FUSE Labs, designed to quickly exploit developing trends in connectivity software and services.
  • YouTube – Thousands Entering Moscone Center for Ellison-McNealy Keynote Oct. 11, 2009
    Thousands of attendees at Oracle Open World, 2009, entering to hear Ellison-McNealy Keynote, Oct. 11, 2009
  • Event Report: Oracle Open World Day 1
    Other interesting tidbits from the Day 1 include: * Oracle tells SaaS providers they can use a new SaaS/Cloud computing model to purchase a limited number of Oracle products in a “pay as you grow” manner. * Attendees propagating rumors about Fusion Apps being announced on Wednesday in Larry’s keynote. * Customers discussing how Oracle now leads CRM sales with CRM OnDemand before any other on-premise product. * DellSalesForce.com products in the SMB channel. * EBS customers who have upgraded to 12.1 still having a tough time getting the new account and multi-org structures down right. Many system integrators suggest that its best to do a reimplementation. * PeopleSoft customers buzzing about the new 9.1 release. * Oracle waiting for Sun deal to close to make next set of acquisition. Charles Phillips tells partners, there’s more to buy. * The roving Rimini Street billboard is back!
    confirmed to be selling

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