Enterprise headlines and summaries, 2009-10-10

  • IBM Returns Oracle’s Fire With DB2 Upgrade
    IBM on Friday announced a new software solution that brings mainframe-level scalability to its rack-mount DB2 database servers. The news comes on the eve of Oracle Openworld and is aimed at returning a little fire at Oracle (NASDAQ: ORCL) for its claims against IBM database servers. IBM DB2 pureScale is a special version of DB2 that runs on its rack-mount 550 Express and p5 Power 595 servers and is designed to allow companies to “scale out” their DB2 clusters without sacrificing performance. IBM (NYSE: IBM) is clearly targeting Oracle’s Exadata 2 servers, built on Sun hardware. Oracle introduced the servers in September even as it struggles to get European approval of its $7.4 billion purchase of Sun. Throughout the introduction, Oracle CEO Larry Ellison made repeated jabs at IBM’s database servers.
  • Compiere launches enterprise ERP version
    The new enterprise edition offers customers the ability to deploy Compiere on multi-server configurations and supports hundreds of concurrent users as well as large transaction volumes, Compiere announced on Wednesday. The enterprise edition of Compiere 3.5 also offers management dashboards and patent pending web service support.
  • Who really has the most Linux users?
    Red Hat is the most successful business that supports its own Linux distribution, with Novell as number two and trying hard. Thanks to Google, there are hundreds-of-millions of people who use Linux ever day and never know it. And, as for individual users working and playing on a Linux desktop, I strongly suspect Ubuntu can claim the most fans.
  • Dell to market Salesforce.com in USA
    Dell has announced that they are collaborating with Salesforce.com and they would market their products and services in the US market. The two companies said that this collaboration would enable Salesforce.com to reach Dell’s small and mid sized corporate customers in the domestic market.
  • Preparing for the Cloud: Let the Sunshine In
    SAP’s Leo Apotheker lamented: “There are certain things that you cannot run in the cloud because the cloud would collapse. It’s simple. Don’t believe that any utility company is going to run its billing for 50 million consumers in the cloud. I believe, and John [Wookey] is there to help us, what we can do is to combine the two worlds.” In a nutshell, software companies can’t avoid adapting to the cloud, but it still represents a poorly analyzed niche market for them.
  • Pentagon backs off cloud availability claims
    Days after claiming 99.999% availability for its new cloud computing service, a U.S. Defense Department spokesman says he misspoke and meant to say the agency is achieving 99.99% availability instead.
  • A typical day in the life of two Oracle Interns in Switzerland (Oracle EMEA Campus Recruitment)
    Barbara Haller (Legal Intern working for the legal department), law student in the final year at the University of Zurich, working at Oracle since March 2009. Yudi Seren (Contracts Intern working for Consulting contracts), law student for 5 Semesters at the University of Lucerne, certified in Marketing and Communication, working at Oracle since May 2009.
  • Steps I take before upgrading mysql
    Here are my steps: # Check the change log # Ignore all the NDB changes… I don’t use it and that’s the majority of fixes. This is also, why I do not use it. # List the changes that will affect the production environment # Deploy the version that I picked on a few servers running my original config # Do data corruption tests (make sure my checksum scripts return the same data) # Verify that the problem I’m trying to fix is fixed # Deploy to more boxes # Let the new server bake for a period of no less than a week # Deploy everyplace
  • Former MySQL Boss Mikos Endorses Oracle-Sun Deal
    “Every new day of uncertainty is potentially very harmful to the various businesses of Sun, reducing competition in the market,” Mickos wrote. “A delay in the closing of this transaction is therefore only going to work against the respectable goal that you set out to achieve when launching the probe into this acquisition.”
  • Ingres Targets Database Rivals with New Release
    The database now supports pluggable authentication modules (PAMs), enabling it to support more authentication mechanisms than previous versions. In addition, Ingres Database 9.3 adds the ability to automatically start multiple Data Access Servers to enhance scalability in environments where large numbers of .NET and JDBC applications are connecting to Ingres. Setting up JDBC driver properties has been simplified with the addition of the Ingres JDBC Driver Properties Generator, which runs automatically during installation, the company said.
  • SAP versus NetSuite: Not so fast!
    It writes code and throws it over the wall to customers and systems integrators. And watches them spend years testing, integrating, training, uprgading. In many cases by charging even more for its consultants to “quality control” these projects. Wait till its ecosystem has to compete with new-age systems integrators that have emerged around salesforce.com and NetSuite.
  • Keynote Preview: Oracle Fusion Middleware
    At Oracle OpenWorld this Monday, be among the first see Oracle Senior Vice President Hasan Rizvi demonstrate how the latest release of Oracle Fusion Middleware delivers on the promise of the agile and intelligent enterprise. Hear how transformational technologies such as SOA, enterprise content management, business intelligence, and application grid provide the foundation for customer-driven innovation and Oracle Fusion Applications.
  • Oracle takeover of Sun to be center stage at OpenWorld #oow
    Never one to be intimidated by government regulators, Ellison will share the stage at Moscone Center with top Sun executives including Chairman Scott McNealy during an opening presentation that will focus on Sun’s products and technology. For the first time, Oracle is also providing a stage — though not a keynote speaking slot — to one of its most outspoken competitors, CEO Marc Benioff of upstart software provider Salesforce.com.
  • Sun and Oracle to pimp synergies at OpenWorld #oow
    At the same time, though, Oracle is “bending over backwards” to treat Sun as a separate company by not giving Sun too many favors at OpenWorld and by treating it like any other attendee. Oracle’s restricted the number of passes handed out to Sun staff and its show-floor presence. The speaking focus is on topics close to the hearts of both companies. Sun employees will conduct a total of 48 OpenWorld sessions on subjects spanning Java, virtualization and storage. They will also talk up running Oracle’s database and business applications on Sun’s Sparc hardware.
  • Microsoft and Capgemini Team on SAP Solutions
    Microsoft and Capgemini announced a partnership deal on Friday that aims to better integrate Microsoft’s software with SAP’s enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions. The partnership, called “ERP+,” centers on the integration of Microsoft Office, SharePoint, Windows phone and other Microsoft applications with SAP’s ERP and NetWeaver middleware solutions. Capgemini will create a Center of Excellence and train 1,000 of its architects on integrating the technologies. The Paris-based consultancy also will develop industry-specific solutions based on SharePoint and the Windows Mobile platform, according to the joint announcement.

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