Enterprise headlines and summaries, 2009-10-03

  • Amazon Web Services Blog: New Elastic MapReduce Goodies: Apache Hive, Karmasphere Studio for Hadoop, Cloudera’s Hadoop Distribution
    Elastic MapReduce now suports Apache Hive. Hive builds on Hadoop to provide tools for data summarization, ad hoc querying, and analysis of large data sets stored in Amazon S3. Hive uses a SQL-based language called Hive QL with support for map/reduce functions and complex extensible user defined data types such as JSON and Thrift. You can use Hive to process structured or unstructured data sources such as log files or text files. Hive is great for data warehousing applications such as data mining and click stream analysis. We’ve got some great resources to help you to get started with Hive including a Hive and MapReduce Articles and Tutorials, a video, and a sample Advertising tuning application. You may also want to read Cloudera’s article on Grouping Related Trends with Hadoop and Hive. This article examines the Hive and Python code used to implement the Trending Topics site.
  • Is Hadoop Champion Cloudera the Next Red Hat?
    Cloudera, a startup based in Burlingame, Calif., today announced the release of its first commercial product, Cloudera Desktop. It’s a graphical interface for managing Hadoop, the open-source framework that is catalyzing the data mining renaissance. Cloudera’s Hadoop now works on almost all major cloud platforms: Amazon Web Services, Rackspace and soon, VMware’s vCloud.
  • IBM’s M2 corrals massive data sets with Hadoop
    M2, announced today at Hadoop World in New York, aims to help organizations better gather important government and business data. It was built using Apache Hadoop, an open-source Java framework that enables applications to work with large sets of data. M2 is IBM’s latest Web 2.0 technology, joining the ranks of the Mashup Center mashup platform and WebSphere sMash Web application development environment. Rod Smith, vice president of IBM’s emerging technologies unit, said M2 is different from other data analyzers because it is flexible and able to scale to large data sets. It can also integrate with other visualization and analytic engines, such as IBM’s Cognos business intelligence software.
  • The Many Flavors of Platform Services for Cloud Computing
    PaaS solutions have particular appeal for startups, projects with ambitious deadlines, and organizations with a limited budget for capital expenditures. PaaS can remove the capital expenditure roadblock without the burden of diminished functionality. The richness and variety of development environments is one reason the PaaS model has appeal for system integrators and developers, particularly those building web applications. Suites such as SAP and Epicor will undoubtedly increase cloud adoption among business users, but PaaS has much to offer today to those who are building and integrating systems. PaaS users can create custom solutions and make full use of business process modeling, workflow tools, object modeling, data modeling and packaged applications.
  • Amdocs Offers Retailers a Helping Hand
    Amdocs’ Retail Experience Solution is a productized set of services and functionality geared toward managing customer interactions in service providers’ retail stores, including: * integration with pre-existing CRM, order, billing, service activation, point of sale, and ERP applications; and * Retail Interaction Manager, helping store representatives handle sales and service interactions with a mobile, process-driven user interface.
  • Microsoft CEO’s Compensation Down 6 Percent In ’09
    Ballmer received a pay package valued at $1.28 million for the year that ended in June, according to an Associated Press calculation of figures disclosed in a regulatory filing Tuesday. Ballmer’s salary, which is set at the beginning of the year, increased by 4 percent to $665,833. The CEO’s bonus was cut by 14 percent to $600,000 from $700,000 in 2008, according to the company’s annual proxy statement filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission. According to the filing, the company’s compensation committee evaluates Ballmer’s performance in the fiscal year, looks at what other Microsoft executives will be paid and “exercises its judgment” in recommending his bonus. Ballmer could have received up to 200 percent of his base salary, or about $1.3 million. The balance of Ballmer’s pay came in the form of $7,350 in company matches to his retirement savings account and $3,444 in imputed income from life insurance, disability insurance and athletic club membership, or payments in pla
  • Uniloc will appeal loss of $388m verdict against Microsoft
    We are disappointed by the decision the trial judge has made to overturn the jury’s unanimous verdict in Uniloc’s patent infringement case against Microsoft. We believe that the jury’s verdict in April was thoughtful, well reasoned and supported by the evidence presented. Since the patent status remains unchanged, Uniloc will continue to protect its intellectual property and appeal the Judge’s decision to override the jury’s verdict to the US Court of Appeals. We are confident that Uniloc will ultimately prevail.
  • IBM Aims at Google, Microsoft With New Webmail
    Pricing starts at US$3 per user per month, undercutting Google Apps Premier Edition, which costs $50 per user per year. IBM is aiming the software at large enterprises that want to migrate an on-premise e-mail system to SaaS (software as a service), particularly for users who aren’t tied to a desk, such as retail workers. It is also hoping to win business from smaller companies interested in on-demand software but with concerns about security and service outages, such as those suffered by Gmail in recent months.
  • How Microsoft Will Lift Us Out Of the IT-Spending Dumps
    Now, with a bit of a loosening in the credit markets, IT departments are going to be upgrading en masse, causing a surge in PC sales and sales of attendant products like drives, memory, and monitors.
  • SP1 Adds Improvements to Dynamics NAV 2009
    The real differentiator in the package is the visualization process, according to R. “Ray” Wang, an enterprise strategy partner at Altimeter Group. “Typically, specific visual configuration for micro-verticals takes place in the last mile,” Wang explained in a telephone interview. “Prior to this release, smaller companies with 100 to 250 employees relied on partners to develop user interface enhancements. Now, they have a much simpler platform to begin that process.” Wang added that Microsoft’s announcement shows its continued commitment to creating role-based personalized experiences critical for small-to-medium organizations.
  • Oracle SES11 in Beta : Beyond Search
    In short, the white paper struck me as a modest update to the previous Oracle white papers. I did not see a reference to the vertical vocabularies that were once available for Oracle content processing systems. The architecture did not strike me as significantly different. Performance gains probably come from using Intel’s multi core processors and the larger memory space enabled with 64 bit support.
  • America’s Cup challenger opposes venue choice
    Citing “grave safety concerns” for its U.S.-based crew that would be sailing a massive trimaran named USA within miles of Iran, challenger BMW Oracle Racing on Friday asked a New York court to reject Ras al-Khaimah, United Arab Emirates, as the port for the 33rd America’s Cup. BMW Oracle Racing filed a motion with the Supreme Court of the State of New York asking that the Persian Gulf port be replaced with Valencia, Spain, as the site for the best-of-3 showdown against bitter rival and two-time defending champion Alinghi of Switzerland for the oldest trophy in international sports.
  • SAP starts surprising Customer Loyalty Program in Germany
    SAP will enforce a hitherto never used clause in their maintenance agreement. This clause allows for a salary-index based increase of maintenance. SAP plans to apply this clause retroactively. This means: old agreements will see a higher increase. Hence, loyalty is not rewarded – rather, it is penalized — a first in the industry. Another rather bizarre effect is that customers will pay different percentages – even though they have purchased the same product. The only comfort is that SAP will cap the increase to prevent standard maintenance from getting more expensive than Enterprise Support.
  • What is wrong with SAP TechEd Demo Jam 2009?
    A past winner even mentioned a pickup in business of 500% after Demo Jam victory. There have always been home-grown SAP contributions to Demo Jam in the past, but this year’s SAP landslide is a bit much. There should be no deterrent for SAP’s own staff to take center stage, but 4 out of 7 entries appears too much to me.

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