Enterprise headlines and summaries, 2009-10-02

  • The Big VC Thaw – Why The Market is Moving Again (part 2 of 3)
    It’s true that we may be at the “beginning of the end” of the recession. But we may also be at the “end of the beginning” (to quote Churchill) of the deep recession. I believe the data are not yet clear. In my next post I talk about what worries me ahead and why I think you’re better off raising money now. To be clear, I don’t have a crystal ball that forecasts the future or I’d quit my VC job and purely be a day trader. But I do believe it’s too early to proclaim victory.
  • Anger up, visas down: Top 10 H-1B stories of last 12 months
    Even though demand for H-1B visas fell sharply this year, the debate over the program that lets employers temporarily hire foreign technology and other specialty workers has continued to intensify, especially in Congress. The federal government’s fiscal year began today with some 66,700 H-1B visas set to be issued, and nearly 20,000 still available under the cap of 85,000. A year ago, the available issues were reserved long before the start of fiscal 2009 after the government received 163,000 visa petitions within days of April 1, 2008, the first day applications were accepted. Thus the fiscal 2009 visa winners were selected via a lottery.
  • New ICANN agreement runs into criticism
    A new agreement between the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) and the U.S. Department of Commerce that creates international oversight of the nonprofit operator of the Internet’s domain name system may not provide enough accountability, some critics said.
  • After a few months’ rest, SQL Web attack spreads anew
    In a SQL injection attack, the criminals take advantage of database programming errors in order to trick Web sites into posting their attack code. With Asprox, the SQL injection process is automated, so it can add malware to a lot of Web sites in a very short time. Asprox places a bit of JavaScript code on the hacked Web site that generates an invisible HTML element, called an iFrame, which in turn launches the attack code. According to Warner, at least some samples of the Asprox code exploit a bug in Adobe’s Flash Player.
  • IE’s slide quickens as Firefox, Chrome add share
    IE plummeted by 1.3 percentage points in September, falling to 65.7%, it’s lowest level ever recorded and the largest one-month drop in almost a year, said Net Applications. In the last 12 months, IE has lost 8.5 percentage points and has dropped 2.6 points in the last three months alone. Unless Microsoft is able to stem the slide, its browser will slip under the 50% mark in the next two years.
  • IBM’s New Analytics Center Hits the Big Apple
    IBM has announced the launch of a New York-based IBM Business Analytics Solution Center. The New York analytics center follows on the heels of Big Blue launching a new Linux Innovation Center in the Republic of Kazakhstan.
  • Larry Ellison delivers cloud computing its annual spanking
    America’s third richest man is more of a comic than you might expect.
  • Open source groups to merge
    Paris-based OW2 Consortium, whose members include Alcatel Lucent, France Telecom, Red Hat and Thales, will merge with California-based Open Solutions Alliance, which represents organizations including Unisys and Ingres.
  • Red Hat Investors Are Overpaying
    But for now, the risk seems significant and any surprises will likely cause selling and not additional buying.
  • Red Hat Asks Supreme Court To Nix Software Patents
    “Our patent system is supposed to foster innovation, but for open source and software in general, it does the opposite,” said a Red Hat lawyer.
  • 2010 VC Funding Outlook for Startups – Prepare for Winter (Part 3/3)
    In the following post I argue that this increased pace may be temporary. I obviously don’t have a crystal ball so the economy could fare better than my gut, but here’s why I’m cautious for some time in 2010 or early 2011:
  • Venture Exits Might Be Down, But Total M&A Activity Is Definitely Picking Up
    The value of venture-backed exits (which is almost entirely M&A these days) might be down about 50 percent in the third quarter, but total M&A activity (including public companies) is seeing a noticeable uptick.
  • Wipro Inks Co-Development Deal with Oracle
    Wipro and Oracle will co-develop end-to-end industry process solutions for five different industries including communication, retail, consumer products, hi-tech, and industrial manufacturing. The co-developed Oracle Process Integration Packs includes campaign to cash for hi-tech, order to activate for communications and design to release for process manufacturing. Wipro is one of the first partners to sign an agreement with Oracle spanning such a wide range of industries.
  • Report: Rocky month for upstart Bing
    According to the Web analytics firm StatCounter, Bing slipped from 9.6 percent of the market in August to 8.5 percent in September. Meanwhile, Google inched from 77.8 percent in August to 80 percent of the domestic market in September.

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