Enterprise headlines and summaries, 2009-09-29

  • Twitter For the Enterprise
    Twitter has no plans to adapt its platform for the corporate market. It turns out that the financial promise of secure, business-friendly micro-blogging would only get in the way of the altruistic Twitter’s larger goals. “There’s still so much to do on the broader consumer-facing product,” Twitter’s lead developer, Alex Payne, told me. “The founders are interested in enabling a big, global conversation.” It’s hard not to admire sticking to one’s ideals, but once the VC funds run out, the lack of a revenue-generation plan is going to force Twitter’s hands. Nonetheless, for the time being, Twitter is content to let others do the corporate bidding.
  • Getting ready for SAP TechEd 2009 with tips from Jon Reed
    On Oct. 13 through 16, thousands of SAP IT managers, developers, administrators and business process experts will descend upon Phoenix for what is for many the best SAP conference of the year – SAP TechEd. Will you, or should you, be among them? In this podcast, SAP Mentor and SAP analyst Jon Reed, who runs the popular SAP-focused website JonERP.com, lends some advice on getting ready for the event. He’ll share his thoughts on making a business case to the boss to be able to attend, what some of this year’s hot topics will be, and some of the can’t-miss sessions. Preparing ahead of time for the event will help ensure there’s time to catch everything from the sessions on SAP’s business intelligence roadmap, to the new Process Design Slam that showcases BPM methodologies, to the Demo Jam – affectionately referred to as the “American Idol for geeks.”
  • Exigen Insurance Solutions to Provide Innovative SaaS Enterprise Solution to New Global Insurance Joint Venture
    “A business process utility is a rapid path to business transformation for insurers. The joint venture combines an advanced process outsourcing delivery model with access to an industry-leading core system suite provided by Exigen Insurance,” said Exigen Capital Partner, Yuri Shtivelman. “Insurers get the huge upside of being able to rapidly develop, launch and manage insurance products and their distribution, in addition to receiving the traditional outsourcing benefits of reduced and variable administration costs and improved business efficiency.”
  • Flowers and HCM Systems Architecture
    Cactus In this architecture, everything is from one vendor, and integration with third party applications is rather difficult. Typical ERP /HRMS pitch of the mid-nineties. Why do you need other software? We can do everything.
  • No more employee rationalisation, selective hiring on: Satyam
    What we have actually done is recall more than 1000 associates from the virtual pool back to the company in the past 2.5-3 months. I also anticipate that there are going to be select niche skills that we may have to hire. I am starting to see the traction, in fact pressures on me to go ahead and look at the market for a few select skills which we do not have internally. So I do not think there is anymore rationalisation that will be required and I do clearly see the need for additional hiring. Probably in a more enhanced and I would say expanded state by December-January but it will start in a trickle now.
  • Mahindra Satyam can now bid for govt deals
    IT exporter Mahindra Satyam has been exempted from providing financial statements in bids for government projects enabling the company to participate in tenders called by government units, which have one of the highest IT spends in the domestic market. A majority of these tenders require the financial statements of the bidder to be provided as prerequisite.
  • Oracle buys reporting software maker HyperRoll
    Oracle Corp. said Monday it has agreed to acquire financial reporting software maker HyperRoll Inc. Terms of the acquisition, which is expected to close later this year, were not disclosed. Mountain View, Calif.-based HyperRoll has been privately-backed by venture capital firms Sequoia CapitalGreylock Partners. Redwood Shores, Calif.-based Oracle is expanding its corporate software portfolio with a steady diet of acquisitions. Customers in the retail and financial services industries are currently using HyperRoll software, Oracle said in a statement.
  • How Cuts to Maintenance Costs Can Cause On-the-Job Stress
    It can create a negative work environment that is a breeding ground for poor morale and angry technicians and, worst of all, alienate those you need most when times are good: the IT staff.
  • Tech Jobs in Better Shape than Overall Private Sector
    To say it’s been a bad year for IT workers is an understatement. It has been bad, says the industry group TechAmerica Foundation, but government data shows that it’s faring better than many industries.
  • Microsoft Cuts Into Executive Pay For Tough Year
    While the company’s compensation committee believes that Chief Executive Steve Ballmer is “underpaid,” Microsoft said he nonetheless saw his total compensation reduced to $1.28 million, down from $1.35 million in fiscal 2008. However, Ballmer retained 4.8% of the company’s common shares as of Sept. 4, a holding second only to that of Chairman Bill Gates among company officers. Based on his performance evaluation, Ballmer received 90% of his base salary as an incentive award, though the limit set by the compensation committee was 200%. Factors included in his award were Microsoft’s progress in “Windows and online search,” according to the filing. Elop, formerly chief operating officer at Sunnyvale, Calif.-based Juniper Networks Inc. (JNPR), was hired in January 2008 to head Microsoft’s business division, which includes the strategically important Office software franchise. Elop received 60% of his targeted incentive award for fiscal 2009, as the business division – like other aspects
  • Ingres and VectorWise Claim Database Speedup
    Database systems today are written “for the machine of 20 years ago,” says Bill Maimone, Ingres’s chief technology officer. They can’t easily take advantage of a modern processor’s ability to perform a single instruction on a large set of data, and they’re at the mercy of the relatively slow movement of data on and off the CPU.
  • Data Monster
    For the past few years, first at the University of California, Santa Cruz, and now at Oracle, we have been looking for ways to leverage the power of these graphics processors, known as graphics processing units (GPUs). These special-purpose chips are designed to be paired with a central processing unit (CPU) for applications like games and scientific visualization, which demand high graphics performance. GPUs are the progeny of the old video cards, which did nothing but display memory contents on the screen. They ease the computational burden on the CPU by handling the calculations and other simple, highly repetitive operations necessary for rendering the lines, polygons, and surfaces of a full-motion graphics scene. For the price of a low-end computer, high-end graphics cards condense into a single PC card the processing power that just 10 years ago required a supercomputer.
  • Former MySQL CEO Marten Mickos Joins Benchmark As Entrepreneur In Residence
    In the tweets announcing the move, Mickos says he likes Benchmark because they care about the needs of entrepreneurs and because they can ‘think big’. He will be joining Keith Krach, Mike Cassidy, Bret Taylor, Jim Norris, Dan Finnegan, Sarah Leary and Nirav Tolia as EIR at the Silicon ValleyMint.com and FriendFeed.
    VC firm, which is behind a number of high-profile investments in web startups like Twitter, Gigya, Prosper, OpenTable,
  • Benchmark hires MySQL’s Marten Mickos as Entrepreneur-in-Residence
    I just reached Mickos on the phone, and he says he’s not necessarily going after an open source business, and that he’s willing to entertain any business as long as it means working with “brilliant people…that’s the most important thing in life.” He said he loves “building businesses and building teams.”

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