Enterprise headlines and summaries, 2009-09-23

  • The NetSuite Cloud Computing Seminar Series: The Business Cloud
    At this seminar, you’ll learn: * What the buzz around cloud computing is all about—and why it’s becoming a business priority * Why cloud computing is the more efficient, cheaper and greener way to reduce both IT costs and energy usage * How you can finally manage your multi-subsidiary and multinational operations in real time, gain local control and visibility, and simplify multi-currency financial consolidation * How real-time dashboards, analytics and continuous planning can give your company a competitive advantage.
  • Oracle Developer Builds His Own Twitter, On The Fly
    Noel Portugal, Oracle Senior Technical Analyst for CRM On Demand Operations, saw an opportunity to address this challenge, and used the Oracle Application Express web development platform to create OraTweet, an internal micro-blogging tool to encourage broad communication among Oracle employees. Think of it as Twitter, but operating only inside the company, allowing workers to post valuable information, ask questions, and debate issues with co-workers around the world who they may have never met. Now boasting more than 10,000 users, OraTweet has become a valuable tool within Oracle—and was built by one person using free Oracle software.
  • Only You Can Prevent Project Failure
    Asuret created a solution that collects information from stakeholders in different departments in the company as enterprise IT projects are company-wide initiatives that affect all departments and all people in the company. Asuret also collects information from the solution providers (consultants or integrators) and vendors if any of them are involved in the project. Using an electronic questionnaire that takes about 15-20 minutes to get through and all questions are multiple choice. This questionnaire has some “demographics” information (such as department, job function) but it also has thresholds built in to prevent an answer to become identifiable. In other words, this is all very confidential and results are only shared with the appropriate people in an anonymous manner.
  • A year on, Satyam has 50% fewer staff
    Nearly one year after Satyam Computer Services prepared its second-quarter results in 2008, the number of employees at the crisis-hit company (now, Mahindra Satyam) is put at 28,000, including 4,000 in subsidiaries.
  • HP And Informatica Expand Alliance
    “HP and Informatica have provided data integration solutions for more than 10 years,” said Sohaib Abbasi, Chairman and CEO, Informatica. “The new combined offerings will allow organizations to derive business value from their information assets while improving quality and IT efficiency,” he added.
  • NetSuite Executives Step Up Stock Sales
    Insiders at NetSuite have been busy sellers of late, unloading $3.3 million of stock in September, roughly 10 times the amount insiders at the software company had been selling in an average month.
  • Microsoft Data Center Exec Bolts To Cisco
    Debra Chrapaty, who ran Microsoft’s data center operations, is set to assume command of Cisco’s collaboration software group, according to a report on InformationWeek.com sister site ChannelWeb. The report was confirmed by Microsoft. Cisco has not commented.
  • California ‘In-Shoring’ Firm Systems in Motion to Hire in Michigan
    The Fremont, Calif., company calls itself an “in-shoring” provider, meaning it takes on IT projects for clients but does the work on American soil. Its chief executive, Neeraj Gupta, told the Detroit Free Press that it will kick off a training program for new and career-changing workers and expects to pay $30,000 to $80,000 for most of the positions, which it will hire over the next five years.
  • Warren Buffet, Oracle and SAP – Part Two
    # SAP has almost 5 percentage points higher ROE compared to Oracle (27.32% vs 22.43%). # However, as we discussed in part one, ROE could be misleading. We need to focus on the operational part – RNOA. Well, SAP has almost 6 percentage points advantage over Oracle ( 24.59 % vs 18.60%). In other words, operationally SAP is doing a good job of converting it’s operational assets into profit. Furthermore, for SAP, the non-operation return constitues only approx. 10% of the entire ROE versus 17% for oracle. # What about the non-operatinal (financial) part? Oracle has 1.1% advantage over SAP ( 3.83% vs 2.73%). Oracle CFO is definitely doing a slightly better job in his investments. # As we discussed, SPREAD is the difference between returns from borrowed funds and cost of borrowing. SAP has spread of 20.62% vs 13.00% for Oracle. Two reasons for SAP having higher spread: 1) SAP has higher RNOA as noted in #2 above and at the same time, effective rate of borrowing (net financial rate
  • Larry Ellison is right, but wrong, about the cloud
    Ellison’s cloud rhetoric is powerful because it is factual. There are very few new technical features in cloud computing. It is computers, memory, DBMS all running on standard networks.
  • HP renames EDS, now HP Enterprise Services
    “The name change marks the next major step in a year-long integration of EDS into HP and emphasizes the growing global role of enterprise technology services in HP’s portfolio,” HP said in a statement. HP also said its Technology Solutions Group, responsible for servers, storage, software, networking and technology services for businesses and government organizations, will be renamed the HP Enterprise Business.
  • Why Microsoft’s Elop Isn’t Afraid of Google
    Dynamics CRM — customer relationship management. We may be contracting as an industry in a particular business, but you say, “I have to get closer to my customer, I have to manage every lead for a sales opportunity tighter than I did before.” So it’s growing very substantially as well.
  • Over-Dressed for Oracle OpenWorld
    [Not sure whether to tag this as “humor” or not-DBM] Today, we kick off our new video series Over-Dressed for Oracle OpenWorld, highlighting the antics of a misguided conference attendee who favors style over substance.

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