Enterprise headlines and summaries, 2009-09-22

  • Seed Stage Capital: The Care and Feeding of Advisory Boards
    There is no real trick to recruiting advisors– you simply ask them. Most people are flattered by the request and by the lure of being associated with a new successful company. It’s a soft sell, and taps the ego-drive for recognition as an expert.
  • Microsoft Buys Software to Bolster Its Core ERP Product
    Microsoft is buying technology from four of its partners in order to bolster its Dynamics AX ERP… Microsoft is buying additional functionality for manufacturing from Fullscope, a company that specializes in customizing Microsoft’s Dynamics AX product, which is aimed at the upper midmarket, Read said. The technology will add a capability for manufacturing processes that don’t deal with discrete components, such as formulas for food and chemical products, he said. The technology for retail comes from two companies, LSRetail and To-Increase Denmark. It will add new features for retailers, but not functions tailored for a certain type of retailer, such as restaurant or fashion house, Read said. Some of those features cover store management, point-of-sale and merchandising. The last bit of software for professional services comes from Computer Generated Solutions. It is a system for managing resources, executing financial transactions and billing customers.
  • Reality check
    Business intelligence and analytics are in demand again as organisations hunt for insight by which to navigate adverse economic conditions
  • Microsoft Dynamics AX Acquires IP For Three Industry Solutions
    Building off the experiences from Industry Builders Initiative (IBI) and Certified for Microsoft Dynamics (CfMD), the latest strategy by the Microsoft Dynamics team to accelerate industry vertical innovation for customers and partners provides a pragmatic approach. Customers expect Microsoft to take the lead in orchestrating common industry capabilities while also providing a stable platform for core Microsoft Dynamics AX capabilities. Acquiring the IP of proven solutions in the market plays to Microsoft’s strengths by leveraging the ecosystem for innovation while embedding key common business processes. The result – a more predictable roadmap and a single architecture for customers and partners to expand on. Pending the success of these IP acquisitions, one can expect more to come as this becomes the model to most efficiently deliver on industry vertical innovation.
  • MrTed Signs Massive Talent Acquisition Software Contract with Chinese Government
    MrTed Ltd, the global leader in Talent Acquisition Solutions, today announced it has signed a major contract with the Chinese Talent Association (CTA) of China’s Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security (MOHRSS) to build up a nationwide online Talent Acquisition System (TAS) and develop value-added services to help companies throughout the country improve the process by which they attract and hire the right talent, and help millions of talents in China to find the right job.
  • Oracle CEO Larry Ellison: We Won’t Spin Off MySQL
    “Sun has fantastic technology. We think it’s got great microprocessor technology–it needs a little more investment, but we think it can be extremely competitive. It’s got the leading tape archival systems. We think the Open Storage on their new disk system is absolutely fantastic. Java speaks for itself. Solaris is overwhelmingly the best open-systems operating system on the planet….Sun has been a national treasure for the last couple of decades.”
  • IBM, Microsoft Back Zend Open Cloud API
    The Simple API is intended to provide a common API set from which developers may call application services, regardless of which cloud they reside in. Files generated by an application running in one cloud could be stored on Amazon’s S3, Rackspace’s Cloud Files, Nirvanix Storage Delivery Network, or Microsoft’s Azure Windows blobs. Rackspace and Nirvanix are also members of the project.
  • Lotus goes after Microsoft’s ‘ridiculous and fabricated’ figures
    “Microsoft is making claims in the marketplace around 4.7 million people have exchanged e-mail from Notes to Exchange and that is just a ridiculous fabricated figure,” said Picciano, who took the reins at Lotus in 2008. “Every time they sell a [client access license] they count that as a competitive migration.”
  • Using the Cloud to Design Your Startup Computing Infrastructure
    AWS is going to make this much easier and much more cost effective for us, if this was 5 years ago, our initial startup seed money of 15K would have been sucked up by servers alone with no money left over for development. If you are doing a startup and you are not using cloud computing, you are seriously missing an opportunity to save money, and have the room to scale later on if your company catches with the general public.
  • 20 Things You Might Not Know About COBOL (as the Language Turns 50)
    The name COBOL was selected during a meeting of the Short Range Committee, the organization responsible for submitting the first version of the language, on Sept. 18, 1959. This committee, formed by a joint effort of industry, major universities and the U.S. government, was known as CODASYL (Conference on Data Systems Languages). CODASYL completed the specifications for COBOL as 1959 ended. These were approved by the Executive Committee in January 1960 and sent to the government printing office, which edited and printed these specifications as Cobol 60. COBOL was developed within a six-month period, and yet is still in use more than 50 years later.
  • SaaS 2.0: Dogfood is Yummy
    We’ve got no on-premises software to speak of in the company outside of Microsoft Windows and Office. Supporting all of this, we’ve got one person in IT – Jason is kind of like our maytag repair guy – he spends most of his time setting up laptops for our new hires and waiting for PCs to break.
  • Behind the Creative Scenes, Part 1
    Eventually, we refined that message down to this simple statement: Oracle OpenWorld turns IT into a competitive advantage.

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