Enterprise headlines and summaries, 2009-09-21

  • The 10 biggest moments in IT history
    Some of the milestones on my list are debatable (depending upon where you are looking from), but some of them most likely are not. Read on and see what you think.
  • ERP: The Slumbering Enterprise Giant Is Awakening
    A mature market that has served as the backbone for enterprise computingenterprise resource planning industry is not characterized by rapid change. So, when a “game changer” appears — that’s how Frost & Sullivan More about Frost & Sullivan analyst David Boulanger characterized SAP’s (NYSE: SAP) More about SAP AG ongoing Business ByDesign rollout — it pays to sit up and take notice. SAP intended to introduce the application two years ago, but there were delays, reportedly with its architecture design. Now, the product is being quietly rolled out on a limited basis, Boulanger told CRM Boost customer satisfaction + retention with Salesforce.com Service Cloud 2. Click to learn more. Buyer, and the search is on for early adopters. for many decades, the ERP More about
  • Dell-Perot Deal Augurs Well for Customers
    In a marriage of convenience, Dell just announced the acquisition of Perot Systems — a deal that, while not particularly awe-inspiring or exciting, has very positive implications for customers and the combined businesses. … The acquisition price has been set at $3.9 billion — a nearly 70% premium over market value. Combined sales will be around $57 billion, but the more pertinent number is as follows: the combined services revenue for Dell and Perot Systems will be about $8 billion.
  • Dell to buy Perot Systems for $3.9 billion
    Specifically, Dell said Perot would help it: * Provide a broader range of IT services and solutions and optimize how they’re delivered; * Extend the reach of Perot Systems’ capabilities around the world; and, * Supply leading Dell computer systems to even more Perot Systems customers.
  • 10 Best Places for Technology Jobs in 2009
    It’s not surprising to see Boston, San Francisco and Seattle on this list, but Houston, Phoenix and Huntsville, Ala.? Now there are some nontraditional places for technology work. Why is that?
  • Innovation Strong Despite Recession: Human Resource Executive(R) Magazine Receives…
    The winners of Human Resource Executive(R) magazine’s 21st Annual Top HR and Top Training Products of the Year will be recognized at a special awards luncheon during the 12th Annual HR Technology(R) Conference at McCormick Place in Chicago, September 30, 2009. The editors of Human Resource Executive spent hundreds of hours reviewing product demonstrations and conducting research in order to select their picks for the best HR products of the year. Products were judged on innovation, user-friendliness and the value they add to the HR profession.
  • Taleo and SuccessFactors Go to War
    When Talent Management started, we were all agape at the different application origins of the competing vendors. Five years ago, none seemed more separated than Taleo and SuccessFactors. But now they have clearly broken away from the pack — and the greatest weapon they bring to their coming war is lots of new products announced in September.
  • What Have VCs Really Done for Innovation?
    But seriously, the NVCA numbers aren’t even remotely credible. How can VCs claim credit for the revenue of a company which they cashed out of twenty or thirty years ago? And even then, claiming credit for 81% of tech jobs and 21% of GDP? More to the point, would those jobs never have been created if the VCs had never appeared on the scene? How can the NVCA prove causality?
  • 100 Best Global Brands
    [This list is preposterous!-DBM] The recession has presented marketing executives around the world with the toughest test of their careers. Some brands have prospered amid the hard times—or at least held their own. Others have slipped a surprising number of places on our ninth annual ranking, compiled by consultancy Interbrand. But for seven brands, impressive performances saw them race up the charts to take their place on this year’s list. Here are the numbers behind the rankings. Rank 2009 Rank 2008 Employer 2009 Brand value ($millions) 2008 Brand value ($millions) Percent change (%) Country of Ownership … 2 2 IBM 60,211 59,031 0.02 U.S. 3 3 Microsoft 56,647 59,007 -0.04 U.S. … 7 10 Google 31,980 25,590 0.25 U.S. … 9 7 Intel 30,636 31,261 -0.02 U.S. … 11 12 Hewlett-Packard 24,096 23,509 0.02 U.S. … 14 17 Cisco 22,030 21,306 0.03 U.S. … 24 23 Oracle 13,699 13,831 -0.01 U.S. … 27 31 SAP 12,106 12,228 -0.01 Germany

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