Enterprise headlines and summaries, 2009-09-19

  • IBM Program to Help Students Gain Critical Mainframe Skills Grows to More Than 600…
    IBM Program to Help Students Gain Critical Mainframe Skills Grows to More Than 600 Universities Schools in Emerging Markets Join IBM Academic Initiative for System z; Program Now Reaches Students in 61 Countries
  • DEMOfall Presenters Revealed
    Lifetime Achievement awards given to some high-power individuals, including (I wonder how many will actually show up!): 1. Shai Agassi, Founder, TopTier Software, currently Founder and CEO, Better Place 2. Marc Benioff, Chairman and CEO, salesforce.com 3. Donna Dubinsky, Founder, CEO & Board Chair, Numenta 4. Jeff Hawkins, Founder, Numenta 5. Subrah Iyar, Founder and former CEO, WebEx 6. Keng Lim, Founder, Chairman and CEO, NextLabs 7. Kevin Lynch, Chief Technology Officer, Senior Vice President, Experience & Technology Organization, Adobe Systems 8. Andy Rubin, Co-founder, Danger Inc., currently Vice President, Engineering, Google 9. Mike Cassidy, Co-founder, Xfire, currently Co-founder & CEO, Ruba.com 10. Diane Greene, Co-founder, VMware 11. Colin Angle, Chairman, CEO and Co-founder, iRobot 12. Helen Greiner, Co-founder, iRobot, currently Founder, The Droid Works 13. Teresa Meng, Founder, Atheros Communications, currently Reid Weaver Dennis Professor of Electrical Engineering at Stan
  • Oracle Human Capital Management
    THE place to find out what’s new and what’s happening with the Oracle HCM product line.
  • Oracle OpenWorld 2009 Special Report
    To help you prepare for Oracle OpenWorld 2009, SearchOracle.com has compiled some of our own Oracle resources to get you on track before the show even starts. Read our news and resources on the OpenWorld conference streams, including Oracle applications, databases and middleware. SearchOracle.com will also be reporting live from the conference, so be sure to bookmark this page and stay tuned for breaking news and frequent updates during and after the show.
  • Guest list
    Other guests on “The Colbert Report”:..electric-car entrepreneur Shai Agassi on Tuesday… “The Colbert Report” airs at 11:30 p.m. on Comedy Central.
    [Court rejects Oracle’s request to include damages beyond lost support revenue-DBM] Fundamental fairness as well as effective case management require that damages discovery not be dramatically expanded at this late date; otherwise, this already complex case may never be ready for trial.
  • Micro Focus Wishes COBOL Happy 50th Birthday
    The name COBOL (COmmon Business-Oriented Language) was agreed during a meeting of the Short Range Committee, the organisation responsbile for submitting the first version of the langauge, 18th September 1959. This followed a meeting at the Pentagon where guidelines for COBOL were first laid down.
  • VC Funding Is Dead? Tell That To Eight Newly Wealthy SaaS Startups
    Here are eight SaaS companies that have publicly announced VC funding so far this month; certainly there are others:
  • Software License Audits Come in Multiple Flavors
    And it is “never advisable” to agree to an audit conducted by a software vendor itself before looking into every possible alternative, it adds. These types of audits are “the most intrusive and least impartial of all,” it states.
  • 21 Million Reasons For Mint To Sell
    In contrast, as an entrepreneur, you’re stuck with a one-company portfolio. The only way to manage your risk is focus on the risk-adjusted return.
  • Microsoft discloses exec salaries, sort of
    The proxy only lists the base salaries and stock awards, not the cash bonuses based on performance. Where the bonuses should be listed the report says “TBD” for to be determined.
  • Condoleezza Rice protested in San Jose
    Rice, now a fellow at Stanford’s Hoover Institution, was the keynote speaker at a conference organized by the business software company SAP at the San Jose Fairmont Hotel. She had just finished a half-hour talk about the recession’s effects around the world, and was preparing to answer questions, when the protesters stood and held small signs in the air.
  • Condoleezza Rice Stumps for Capitalism at SAP Event
    Her remarks earned her a standing ovation from the audience of SAP employees, partners and customers, though she was heckled after her speech by protesters who shouted “torture is illegal.” Rice responded by saying, “You know, I’m certainly glad that the people of Baghdad and the people of Kabul can now say what they think as well.”

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