Enterprise headlines and summaries, 2009-09-16

    “We grew faster than SAP in every region around the world, including Europe, where our applications business grew 3 percent in constant currency versus negative 39 percent for SAP’s most recent quarter,” said Oracle President Charles Phillips. “Our applications team also executed especially well in North America, where our applications business grew 8 percent in constant currency versus negative 50 percent for SAP.”
  • ORACLE REPORTS Q1 GAAP EPS OF 22 CENTS UP 8%, NON-GAAP EPS OF 30 CENTS UP 3% Operating Margins Up Over 500 Basis Points
    Oracle Corporation (NASDAQ: ORCL) today announced fiscal 2010 Q1 GAAP earnings per share were $0.22 up 8% compared to last year. First quarter GAAP total revenues were down 5% to $5.1 billion, while quarterly GAAP net income was up 4% to $1.1 billion. GAAP new software license revenues were down 17% to $1.0 billion. GAAP software license updates and product support revenues were up 6% to $3.1 billion. GAAP operating income was up 14% to $1.7 billion and GAAP operating margin was up 590 basis points to 34%. GAAP operating cash flow on a trailing twelve-month basis was $8.8 billion, up 10%. First quarter non-GAAP earnings per share were up 3% to $0.30. Non-GAAP total revenues were down 7% to $5.1 billion, while non-GAAP net income was flat at $1.5 billion, compared to the same quarter last year. Non-GAAP operating income was up 7% to $2.3 billion and non-GAAP operating margin was up 570 basis points to 46%.
  • Deutsche Tel T-Systems To Buy SAP’s Hosting Business
    Deutsche Telekom AG’s (DT) business customer unit T-Systems Monday said it will buy SAP AG’s (SAP) external hosting business. T-Systems will host SAP software solutions for around 90 customers in its computer center, it said. Financial details weren’t disclosed. T-Systems and business software manufacturer SAP anticipate the transaction will be completed in early October, subject to clearances from antitrust authorities. A person familiar with the matter, however, said the deal volume is in a mid-two digit million euro range.
  • Good Move for SAP to Sell European Hosting Business
    Although SAP declined to explain why they are selling 90 European hosted customers, this appears to be a good move on several fronts: 1. These are single-instance hosted customers. The hosting service maintains a separate instance of the application for each customer – this is a non-scalable model best handled by hosting service specialists. 2. This is not a core business for SAP whereas T-Systems, the buyer, specializes in hosting services. This should be good for the customers, SAP and T-Systems. 3. Getting rid of managing these non-core hosted customers, will allow SAP to focus on their Business ByDesign product delivery which uses a SaaS hosting delivery model.
  • Dispatch from ‘Disneyland’
    Looking for new ways to innovate, the major HCM vendors are focusing their energies on talent management and Web 2.0. Here’s a report from a weeklong tour of Silicon Valley’s HCM software vendors.
  • A Peek in the Valley
    Workday admits that its typical implementation costs half the price of a three-year service contract. Better than the old price quote of two-to-10 times the cost of a perpetual license, but more than pocket change.
  • SAP Endorses Copenhagen Communiqué on Climate Change
    In support of the worldwide carbon reduction movement, SAP AG CEO Léo Apotheker joined other global business leaders in endorsing the Copenhagen Communiqué on Climate Change sponsored by the Corporate Leaders’ Group on Climate Change.
  • The Big Deal: Informatica’s Souhaib Abbasi
    In other words, by refocusing the company and challenging ourselves to grow our core market, we were able to expand our addressable market fivefold. That idea set into motion a process with which we have effectively increased our addressable market by one new technology category every year for five years. That big decision, to re-focus on our core market, also ended up redefining our market and has helped us to expand it every year since.
  • Oracle Database Upgrade Could Provide A Boost To Channel Sales
    And while the new software is packed with whiz-bang features, such as the 10x performance improvement in query performance for data warehouses, many — if not most — of the new capabilities are designed to help control IT costs through server consolidation, reduced data storage requirements, and improved database administrator productivity. “The time savings and the people savings are phenomenal,” said Gartner analyst Donald Feinberg, of the potential payoff to users of the new database.
  • Oracle F1Q10 (Qtr End 8/31/09) Earnings Call Transcript
    This is a result of two factors — a very tough year-over-year comparison and the impact of some of our software company resellers, most notably SAP, who is selling less database because its applications business is down 40%.
  • Microsoft pulls covers off Project 2010
    Project 2010 will also be the latest Microsoft application to adopt the Office “Fluent” user interface, better-known as the controversial “Ribbon.” Finally, Microsoft is cutting the number of versions of Project from four to three, injecting portfolio management capabilities from the short-lived Project Portfolio Server into Project Server 2010.

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