Enterprise headlines and summaries, 2009-09-14

  • Oracle’s enforcer – Safra Catz
    “Make no mistake,” says a prominent tech industry CEO. “She’s running the company, not Charles Phillips. When Larry and I are discussing something that goes beyond us, out comes the cellphone, and Safra is on the other end.” In one sense, Catz is the model corporate executive. Every ounce of her energy is focused on serving two, and only two, interchangeable masters: Larry Ellison (who owns almost a quarter of the company, a stake recently worth $26 billion) and Oracle, which sells $23 billion a year in software and services. If Catz has a personal agenda — such as becoming CEO of Oracle or another company one day — she’s done an artful job of hiding it.

  • Users nervous about Oracle’s acquisition of MySQL
    Thus far, Oracle has said little about its intentions for MySQL and declined to discuss the issue with InfoWorld. On its Web site, Oracle merely notes that “MySQL will be an addition to Oracle’s existing suite of database products.” “I wish that Oracle would broadcast its intentions a little bit more” on the Sun acquisition, says Duane Kimble, a Linux technologist who works in the banking industry. For him, Oracle’s ownership of MySQL is a specific cause for caution.
  • Oracle, Sun set to light FlashFire
    Now, on Tuesday afternoon, Larry Ellison, Oracle’s chief executive officer, and John Fowler, the general manager of Sun’s System group, are going to unveil “an innovative new product” which the two are billing as “the world’s first OLTP database machine with Sun FlashFire technology.”
  • Sun Microsystems: An Invitation
    You are invited to attend an exclusive webcast event where Oracle CEO Larry Ellison will unveil an innovative new product, the world’s first OLTP database machine with Sun’s brand new FlashFire technology. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn firsthand how the partnership between Oracle and Sun can benefit your business now and in the future. Who: Larry Ellison, CEO, Oracle Corporation and John Fowler, EVP, Sun Microsystems, Inc. When: Tuesday, September 15, 2009, 1 p.m. PT Register: Register here for the Webcast.
  • You Are Invited To Celebrate Rajeev Motwani’s Life On September 25
    On September 25, 2009 there will be a celebration of Motwani’s life at Stanford University, and you are invited. Details are here – the event is free but you must RSVP by September 21. Thousands of people are expected to attend. A memorial service opens at 3:30, followed by a reception and concert. The celebration ends at 8 pm. If this man touched your life, this is a wonderful way to say goodbye. I hope you can attend.
  • Oracle Bolsters Berkeley DB Embeddable Databases
    In Oracle Berkeley DB 4.8 and Oracle Berkeley DB XML 2.5, Oracle has bolstered its embeddable database products with new features to improve performance and help developers build more scalable application.
  • YouTube – Force.com Sites: Run your Web sites in the Cloud (by salesforce.com)
  • Microsoft Demonstrates Data Interoperability in the Cloud
    We told you about their new PHP Toolkit that helps PHP developers access ADO.NET Data Services. Now Microsoft demonstrates a cloud interoperability scenario where data stored in the cloud can be accessed via PHP using that toolkit. This Azure cloud scenario was demonstrated at Gov 2.0 Summit last week to “explore how technology can enable transparency, collaboration and efficiency in government”. So how does it work?
  • IBM CIO Study Cites Business Skills as Key Priority
    The best IT leaders are strategic thinkers, they drive change and help solve problems with the business—not just IT. But it also revealed something somewhat surprising in this economic climate: That CIOs spend 55 percent of their time on innovation-related activities, such as managing non-technology business issues and getting buy-in for innovation programs, while the remaining hours go to more traditional CIO tasks—specifically, running the IT operation.
  • New IBM Study Highlights Analytics As Top Priority For Today’s CIO
    Other key findings of the survey include: * CIOs also are continuing on the path to dramatically lower energy costs, with 76 percent undergoing or planning virtualization projects. * 76 percent of CIOs anticipate building a strongly centralized infrastructure in the next five years. Furthermore, more than half of CIOs are expecting to implement completely standardized, low-cost business processes. * Even as they build these standardized low-cost infrastructures, CIOs are able to focus 55 percent of their time on activities that drive innovation and growth, whereas traditional IT tasks like infrastructure and operations management now consume only 45 percent of their time.
  • Avaya Selected to Acquire Nortel Enterprise Solutions
    Avaya today announced it was selected to acquire Nortel Enterprise Solutions for US $900 million in proceeds to Nortel and an additional pool of $15 million reserved for an employee retention program. Today’s announcement follows the completion of an auction, and the final transaction is subject to court and customary regulatory approvals in Canada and the United States.
  • Salesforce.com vs. Microsoft CRM Demo Returns
    Salesforce.com vs. Microsoft CRM: Side-by-Side Demo.” This webinar, originally delivered on May 28th, had over 300 registrants with numerous requests for a follow-up webinar. The webinar will pit the world`s most popular Customer Relationship Management (CRM) applications, Salesforce.com (www.salesforce.com) and Microsoft CRM (http://crm.dynamics.com), against each other in a battle to the death.
  • $358 Million Jury Verdict Against Microsoft Overturned
    Microsoft is once again making headlines in a high-profile patent infringement case. This time the patent infringement case in question is the long-running legal proceedings between Microsoft and Alcatel-Lucent. The case in question has to do with a $358 million damage award a jury granted to Alcatel-Lucent as part of a multi-billion dollar suit against Microsoft. A federal court jury awarded Alcatel $358 million in damages over Microsoft’s violation of a patent that is dubbed the “Day” patent.

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