Enterprise headlines and summaries, 2009-09-08

  • The Productivity Problem
    A report Wednesday says productivity is rising at an astounding 6.6% rate. If it continues, in a decade, the average worker would be twice as productive as he or she is now.
  • Developing nations | IT offshore outsourcing destinations
    Not only do the offshore outsourcing stories of Egypt, Sri Lanka and Ukraine show in microcosm the challenges in building such an industry, they also reveal how global trends shape the IT sector, and vice versa. Egypt’s perception problems The raw materials are in place but Egypt suffers reputational problems A new start for Sri Lanka? The Sri Lankan government says its troubles are behind it and its IT sector is ready to boom The untapped potential of Ukraine Economic turmoil, brain drain and a lack of political impetus are holding back Ukraine’s considerable technological potential
  • Outback blackout
    The fragility of Australia’s Internet infrastructure was made apparent in September 2009 when the entire country was knocked offline for over an hour. Home, business and mobile Internet users, regardless of which Internet service provider (ISP) they used, found themselves unable to access sites outside the country on the morning of September 2. Domestic broadband forums, meanwhile, blazed abusively.
  • Many hands make software work | Crowdsourcing
    For Vadher, the economics of ‘crowdsourced’ testing are highly compelling. “If I wanted to hire a full-time tester, it would cost me £100 or £200 a day. And if we had one person doing these tests, it would have taken them three or four days,” he explains. “But [using U-Test] cost us just $560 (£328), and it is on a piece-wise basis; we switched it off after a few hours.”
  • Opinion: No more excuses for SQL injection attacks
    We should have eradicated SQL injection attacks by now. SQL injection should be the Internet generation’s smallpox or polio — gone for good. Countermeasures are readily available and understood. They’re easy to implement. And yet, I keep seeing headlines like “Huge Web hack attack infects 500,000 pages.” SQL injection attacks continue to be among the most fruitful against Web sites and applications. And why not? From an attacker’s perspective, the database behind many Web applications is where the really juicy targets live. That’s where you’ll find customer records, credit card numbers and other good stuff.
  • CEP + BI = Real-Time Event Analytics
    “How could your data-analysis software be improved?” such as 1. Better integrated with line-of-business/operational systems, 51.3% 2. Handle real-time data, 41.0% 3. Provider faster, real-time response, 41.0% 4. Access additional data sources, 28.2% 5. Handle data and message streams, 20.5%
  • Red Hat Launches Catalyst Program to Spark Innovative Solutions By Linking
    New program designed to connect community of Red Hat partners, offer marketing resources and fuel innovative solutions for customers the world’s leading provider of open source solutions, today announced the North American launch of the Red Hat Catalyst Program, aimed at leveraging all of Red Hat’s routes to market through a collaborative and innovative marketing program that plans to include an interactive web portal to facilitate the formation of a community around Red Hat’s entire partner ecosystem.
  • Red Hat Unveils Enterprise Linux 5.4
    Red Hat explained that Enterprise Linux 5.4 is the foundation of the Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization portfolio of solutions and delivers expanded virtualization capabilities with the inclusion of kernel-based virtual machine (KVM) technology and Intel Virtualization Technology for Directed I/O (Intel VT-d) and PCI-SIG SR-IOV, allowing multiple virtual machines in an Intel Xeon Processor 5500 Series-based platform to directly share I/O devices. While continuing to deliver a broad ecosystem of certified hardware and software to customers, Red Hat said that the release also features improved I/O throughput and the inclusion of additional tools for developers. Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.4 provides the integrated platform foundation for the Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization portfolio of solutions. With virtualization technology that is developed as an integral part of the Linux kernel, Red Hat Enterprise Linux offers the next generation of virtualization technology. Red Hat Enterprise Li
  • Red Hat wants one API to rule all clouds
    Red Hat launched the Deltacloud project late last week, which is aimed at creating an application programming interface (API) to unify the disparate cloud platforms out there. The objective, according to Red hat Chief Technology Officer Brian Stevens is to “foster an ecosystem of users, tools and products for the clouds. Developers can write to a common API to blend public and private clouds.”
  • Wipro Exec: Seeing Stability In Demand For Outsourcing Svcs
    He said billing rates aren’t going down now, though the company isn’t getting higher rates. “…there is some amount of stability in pricing realizations,” he said, without elaborating. Senapaty added that there is stability in the manufacturing, retail and financial services sectors, though the automobile sector continues to be weak.
  • Mahindra Satyam brings back variable pay
    Mahindra Satyam on Tuesday said it has reinstated the variable portion of salaries of employees, a move which indicates the revival of the once fraud-hit firm. “Variable pay is now being re-instated within 6 months (effective October 2009),” Mahindra Satyam said, adding various benefits like ESOPs and associate welfare programmes will also be reintroduced.
  • Sybase Offers Software For Amazon EC2
    The latest products enable developers to take Sybase’s SQL Anywhere, IQ or Adaptive Server Enterprise data-management products and use them to set up and allocate data and analytic servers in Amazon’s Elastic Compute Cloud.

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