Enterprise headlines and summaries, 2009-09-05

  • Elephant Attacks Tech Legend Tom Siebel (And Gets Away With It)
    The billionaire (estimated worth: $US 1.9 billion as of 2008) had to wait three hours before the radioed medical assistance team showed up and gave him treatment, but is now recovering from his injuries in his Woodside home and expects to make a full recovery after reconstructive surgery and physical therapy. Siebel told the Mercury News Wednesday that he doesn’t know what became of the elephant that attacked him. He added that authorities in Tanzania searched for it, but as far as he knows it was never found. Not able to come up with a good joke using the phrasing ‘elephant in the room’, I’m just going to conclude by saying we’re all glad Siebel is ok, and we hope the same is true for the animal.
  • America’s Cup rules spat headed back to court
    “It’s just another step in our fight for fair and competitive rules,” Ehman said. “The last thing we want to do is spend more time and money in court, but we have no choice. They’re trying to use rules to disqualify us.”
  • Outdoors blog: Will America’s Cup legal disputes ever end?
    “This is the sixth time that they’ve taken the Defender to court. It is possible that Larry Ellison continues to revert to the courts to draw attention away from the fact that their boat does not meet the dimensions as per their Certificate of Challenge,” he said.
  • SAP BusinessObjects Explorer Brings BI To Masses
    SAP BusinessObjects Explorer is a product which broadens access to BI. “It’s a solution designed for the casual information user,” he said. “Typically, BI solutions are geared toward the power user.” BusinessObjects Explorer presents those relatively newbie users with an intuitive interface, enabling them to pull up data, charts, and trend information using simple keyword queries. The objective is to “explore the information to derive insights so they can make quick decisions,” Shah says. “It’s combining the speed and simplicity of search, along with the analytic power of business intelligence.”
  • Compare the best SaaS companies
    [How can the #1 be something that isn’t available???-DBM] #1 SAP Business ByDesign (Top 25 for 3 months) Summary Designed specifically for midsize companies that want to grow profitably, the SAP® Business ByDesign™ solution is the world’s most complete and adaptable on-demand business solution.
  • Upside vs Downside focus
    squeezing entrepreneurs unnecessarily for that extra nickel isn’t worth it when the probability of upside is what you’re trying to increase and having more rights in a failure is really not going to make you rich. I think that all good investors understand this focus on upside vs. downside and I struggle with partners, co-investors and entrepreneurs who seem to live in a downside minimization model. Downside minimization may save you money here and there, but over the long run, will never really provide the kind of returns that an upside oriented model will.
  • Front Ends & Portal Plasticity: glue to putty, SAP to Adobe
    One way to think about first generation portals is as management interfaces rather than user interfaces. SAP Portal is a management interface, offering access control, single sign on and so on. But its not something you’d necessarily expose to end users. Deloitte’s play was particularly impressive. The slideware may not have been as slick as Accenture’s – but Jaco Von Eeden, the guy that runs the practice, was outstanding. Here are a couple of quotes from his presentation:
  • Oracle the Innovator (and Ecosystem Contender)
    The Analyst Summit was, in sum, an impressive, though perhaps overloadingly so, event that highlighted one of Kurian’s other points from our conversation. No company in the apps business has transformed itself in the last five years as much as Oracle has. And, judging from what we saw this week, that transformation promises to continue for some time.
  • Salesforce.com Aims Service At Individuals, Smallest Businesses
    It’s worth pointing out that at the same time SFDC has launched this cut down offering at $9/month, the previous product at this price point, Salesforce.com Group Edition, has increased from $9 to $35/month. The net? Fewer features for the same money; or you need to pay nearly four times the amount to get what you could have had before!
  • How companies are benefiting from Web 2.0 – McKinsey Quarterly – Business Technology
    The heaviest users of Web 2.0 applications are also enjoying benefits such as increased knowledge sharing and more effective marketing. These benefits often have a measurable effect on the business.
  • Comments on Non-competes from Forrester Research
    However, I wouldn’t start my business here today if non-compete contracts didn’t exist to protect our goodwill and intellectual property. At Forrester, that’s all we’ve got. Nearly 400 analysts and advisors create our research and analysis and advise our clients about the impact of technology – trends, issues, products, services – on business, government, and consumers. We don’t invest in factory machinery, tools, or assembly lines; Forrester is an idea factory and we invest in people, which we are only too happy to do knowing that non-compete agreements help protect our investments. This is a realistic and practical perspective especially in today’s ultra-competitive global business environment. Now is not the time to change a practice that has supported some of the biggest brands and most successful Massachusetts companies.
  • Will Oracle kill MySQL ? Why they Can’t and Why they Wouldn’t
    Today, 70% of Webservers use MySQL as their database of choice. Reason being lightweight, speed and reliable for most online solutions. It’s not limited online systems, SMEs also found MySQL cheap and attractive alternative to hefty databases and thanks to Recession, it’s even more in demand. MySQL is NOT limited in features even when you compare it with Leading databases like Oracle. It supports Clustering with load balancing/sharing, disaster management, Grids, table-spaces, partitioning and you name it And that’s why it has been a choice of many Enterprises. What’s more is the world’s best search engine, Google, also uses a customized version of MySQL. (though they open sourced a part of it.)
  • MySQL’s query cache
    When enabled, the query cache is before the parser. This means that in order for your query to be a cache “hit”, it must match a cached query exactly (e.g., it is case-sensitive and even white space matters).
  • Boss’ Day Out: Ranjan Das of SAP India
    NDTV spends a day with the managing director of SAP India.

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