Enterprise headlines and summaries, 2009-09-04

  • The greatest open source software of all time
    The Linux kernel was not the first open source software (some argue that GNU Emacs was), but it is certainly the most famous and successful — the prime mover behind the popularization of open source development and the use of free open source products. Today the Linux kernel is the foundation of a rich variety of operating system distributions, the poster penguin of open source software, and the number one inductee into our open source hall of fame. If the Linux kernel is the star of the Linux scene, the underappreciated redheaded stepchild of the Linux family is the collection of GNU tools and utilities that transform the Linux kernel into a full operating system. From code that manipulates the contents of a hard drive to utilities essential for server automation, the GNU commands and utilities are as necessary for the Linux operating system as the Linux kernel itself.
  • Salesforce.com: Is the Glass Half Full or Half Empty?
    Salesforce.com “pulled a Tropicana” with the announcement of their $9 Contact Management edition, and the funny thing is, nobody seems to have noticed it. No, the media duly buys what Salesforce.com PR sells, welcoming the new edition as “giving something back to the little guy” , “breaking through a price barrier”, “making it affordable for SMBs to get in the Cloud”.
  • Ex-Microsoft exec, subject of court fight, now leaving Google
    “Kai-Fu has made an enormous contribution to Google over the last four years — helping dramatically to improve the quality and range of services that we offer in China and ensuring that we continue to innovate on the web for the benefit of users and advertisers,” Google’s Alan Eustace said in the news release. “He’s also recruited some of China’s best and brightest engineers to Google, and served as a teacher and mentor to thousands of university students across China.”
  • More Microsoft layoffs, a resignation and other pre-Labor Day tidbits
    A Federal Court of Appeals is allowing Microsoft to continue to sell Microsoft Word, in spite of a patent-infringement case against it. Microsoft is appealing a ruling, which found the company to have infringed on a patent involving Custom XML code owned by plaintiff i4i. The appeal is set for September 23. I’ve heard Microsoft has an patch that would remove Custom XML from Word waiting in the wings and ready to be pushed to customers immediately if it loses the appeal.
  • 7 Facts About SQL Azure
    3. SQL Azure supports T-SQL. SQL Azure supports most T-SQL statements as well as a full range of DML and DDL commands. It doesn’t support commands that affect the underlying hardware, such as the resource governor. SQL Azure also supports most SQL Server data types including bigint, bit, decimal, int, money, numeric, smallint, smallmoney, tinyint and char, varchar, but not the LOB data types and not the newer geo-spatial data types. 4. SQL Azure uses TDS. Just like on-premise SQL Server, SQL Azure supports client connections using the native SQL Server tabular data stream (TDS). You can create SQL Azure applications using a variety of development tools including Visual Studio, and you can use such middleware as ODBC, OLE DB, ADO.NET, or PHP. SQL Azure uses SQL Server authentication, not Windows.
  • Sams Teach Yourself MySQL in 21 Days
    Download Description An accessible, detailed tutorial on using the most popular open-source database to develop powerful applications. Covers MySQL 4.1, the new version due out in mid-2002 that will add significant new functionality to MySQL. Written completely from scratch with a new author-this edition features fewer errors, a better structure, and greater depth. The most accessible, detailed MySQL tutorial available on the market. MySQL is the most widely installed open-source database. Approximately 3.5 million MySQL servers are in use and more than 45% of databases used on Linux worldwide are MySQL databases. Its latest version, MySQL 4.1, closes the gap between MySQL and other, more sophisticated databases. The second edition of Sams Teach Yourself MySQL in 21 Days has been completely rewritten by a new author. The book enables a reader to create powerful databases using MySQL. He will not only learn how to integrate MySQL into a database-driven Web site, but also how to embed My
  • Teach Yourself MySQL in 21 Days
    [2.68MB PDF of book]
  • The Future of Enterprise Software: My Checklist on the Economics of Cloud Apps
    More consumer-like user interface Pay for actual usage Analytics included – no separate charge No CapEx approval Faster time to deploy No data center impact No server costs No database costs No storage costs No hardware/DB provisioning or capacity worries
  • Valuations and financials of SaaS vs. traditional enterprise software vendors
    The 28 SaaS vendors averaged $160M in total revenue (14 were over $100M) and had an average operating loss of ($6.8M) – only 8 the vendors were profitable. However, their free cash flow was very strong and averaged $14.6M – 21 of the vendors were cash flow positive.
  • Making High Tech Mergers Work
    Featuring John Schwarz, CEO of SAP BusinessObjects. Attendees will learn first-hand about the pre-merger strategic planning process, the operational challenges of merger execution, and leadership qualities required to successfully manage change. Event Date: Thursday, October 1st, 2009 at 6:00pm
  • Researchers find a new way to attack the cloud
    A side-channel attacker looks at indirect information related to the computer — the electromagnetic emanations from screens or keyboards, for example — to determine what is going on in the machine. The researchers were able to pinpoint the physical server used by programs running on the EC2 cloud and then extract small amounts of data from these programs, by placing their own software there and launching a side-channel attack. Security experts say the attacks developed by the researchers are minor, but they believe side-channel techniques could lead to more serious problems for cloud computing.

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