Enterprise headlines and summaries, 2009-08-29

  • Epicor Releases Service Enterprises 8.2 Software
    Epicor said the new release expands capabilities offered to professional services firms, such as audit and accountancy practices, engineering and construction consultants, and embedded IT services groups, allowing them to manage detailed, project-based businesses. It features in-context business intelligence, and functionality in the areas of finance, project planning, and sales management.
  • HP shows off the works in its labs
    Hewlett-Packard opened the doors of its famous research lab in Palo Alto on Friday, as the world’s largest technology company showed off some of the fruits of a scientific effort that was recently reorganized to align more closely with HP’s business divisions.
  • SAP Is Company At Crossroads As Huge Rivals Line Its Horizon
    “SAP is trapped in a 20th century business model, because that’s what got them this far,” said Bruce Richardson, an analyst with AMR, which counts SAP among its clients. “They’re around $15 billion in annual sales, so it’s fair to ask: How will they grow to $25 billion or $30 billion?”
  • Understanding SAP R/3: A Tutorial for Computer Scientists
    The goal of this tutorial is to present the distributed system architecture, the data model, the database programming language, the transaction and process model and the system evolution concepts of SAP R/3 from a computer science perspective and to relate them to established database and distributed system concepts. The presentation will help attendees understand how SAP R/3 relates to their own research and development work and will provide a well-structured foundation for a further study of SAP R/3’s innovative system concepts.
  • 4 Technologies That Are Reshaping Business Intelligence
    Predictive analytics is a white-hot growth segment that got hotter with IBM’s $1.2 billion deal to buy SPSS, a company that uses algorithms and combinations of calculations to spot trends, risks, and opportunities in ways not possible with historical reporting. Between the extremes of rearview-mirror reporting and advanced predictive analytics lies real-time monitoring. Front-line managers and executives increasingly want to know what’s happening right now–as in this second, not yesterday or even 10 minutes ago. This is where stream processing technologies are moving beyond niche industry uses. Real-time monitoring detects events or patterns of events as data streams through transactional systems, networks, or communications buses. Proven on Wall Street and in other data-soaked industries, stream processing technologies deliver subsecond insight that conventional BI can’t touch.
  • OracleMetaLink 3 Upgrade to My Oracle Support Begins August 28, 2009
    Oracle Global Customer Support is pleased to announce the launch of Oracle’s new online support portal, My Oracle Support. This coming weekend, August 28-30, 2009, Oracle will upgrade Oracle MetaLink 3 and officially change the name to “My Oracle Support.” This transition will migrate existing OracleMetaLink 3 customers and partners (those using PeopleSoft, JD Edwards, Siebel, and Hyperion products) to My Oracle Support at https://support.oracle.com.
  • The Leading Cause of Startup Death – Part 1: The Product Development Diagram
    In hindsight both you and your investors were idiots. Following this diagram religiously will more often than not put you out of business. The diagram was developed to be used by existing companies doing product line extensions – not startups creating new markets or resegmenting existing ones. Most experienced entrepreneurs will tell you that the model collapses at first contact with customers. VC’s who still believe in the product development model in the 21st century offer no value in building a company other than their rolodex and/or checkbook.
  • Will your production MySQL server survive a restart?
    Since debug symbols weren’t shown in the stack trace, we needed to generate a symbol file (binary was unstripped) to use with the resolve_stack_dump utility. The procedure for obtaining this is detailed in the MySQL manual. With a good stack trace in hand, we were able (with assistance from an old friend, thanks Dean!) to narrow the crash down to bug 38856 (also see 37027). A little further investigation showed that the right conditions did exist to trigger this bug: * expire_logs_days = 14 # had been set in the my.cnf * the binlog.index file did not match the actual state of log files (i.e. some had been manually deleted, or deleted by a script)
  • VMware Competitors Microsoft, Citrix Will Exhibit at VMworld
    VMware has changed its rules and is limiting its two biggest competitors to 10-foot-square booths at VMworld, the world’s largest virtualization show. VMware also is restricting the movement of Microsoft and Citrix Systems
    employees by requiring them to remain within the boundaries of their booths. [Smart move on VMware’s part!-DBM]
  • Citrix, Microsoft Complain About Being Marginalized At VMworld 2009
    “Exhibitor agrees that it may not use any Organizer event to leverage or promote any other event in which Exhibitor is a sponsor or participant, and therefore agrees that it may not, during the period from two days before until two days after the Event, conduct, promote, endorse, or sponsor any functions, classes, seminars, exhibits, or similar marketing activities within 50 miles of any event similar to the Event that is the subject of this agreement, other than Exhibitor’s participation in the Event under this Agreement.”

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