Enterprise headlines and summaries, 2009-08-26

  • Optimizing ERP support staffing in smaller companies
    I have seen or heard of MS Axapta or QAD sites of 50-100 users that are effectively managed by one full time IT person. But you rarely see that with Oracle or SAP, for example. Our report shows that Tier I systems simply have a bigger footprint, requiring more ERP support staff.
  • Microsoft interns get perks, pay, play
    Microsoft had rented the museum for a private party and a screening of the new “Harry Potter” movie. After the screening, about 600 attendees received a free Xbox 360 video-game console. The recipients of this VIP treatment? Microsoft’s summer interns.
  • MySQL – Using the “IN” clause
    I was helping someone debug a slow query today when I noticed a common mistake that a lot of developers do. He was trying to get a list of users given a list of user id numbers. The query looks something like this:
  • Enterprise 2.0: what a crock
    can someone explain to me the problem Enterprise 2.0 is trying to solve? [I don’t think it’s a single problem-DBM]
  • Amazon Launches Private Cloud Service
    Using a few API calls, customers will be able to create an isolated network, specify an IP address range, and launch the Amazon cloud into that network. They’ll then create a VPN to bridge Amazon to their existing IT infrastructures. Existing security and networking technologies will apply to any traffic moving between a customer’s private clouds within the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) and the public Internet, Amazon said.
  • Taleo has $50 million to spend
    Dublin-based Taleo Corp., a maker of software used to hire and evaluate employees, may spend as much as $50 million to acquire companies with comparable technology, Chief Executive Officer Michael Gregoire said. Taleo, whose clients include JPMorgan Chase & Co. and Starbucks Corp., spent $128 million last year to buy competitor Vurv Technology Inc., Gregoire said in an interview Friday. To finance buyouts, Taleo would use some of its $62 million in cash and might seek an equity or debt offering if more were needed, he said. Taleo has no long-term debt.
  • What happened at Quest West?
    # Oracle’s top management structure has recently changed in a way that could benefit the JD Edwards community. Ed Abbo, who ran Oracle’s application business, has left. Application development now reports to Thomas Kurian. JDE executive Lenley Hensarling now reports directly to Kurian. # Chuck Roswat has gone walkabout (technically a leave of absence but likely a de facto retirement). Roswat was a direct report to Ellison and the executive in charge of all product development including applications. Kurian has taken his place making him a peer of co-presidents Safra Catz and Charles Phillips. # A future posting will try to sort out the meaning of the organization change but the bottom line is that Hensarling (and therefore JDE) is no longer buried far down the Oracle org chart. # Apparently Oracle Founder and CEO Larry Ellison has become especially excited and energized by the Sun acquisition that looks like it will close formally before OpenWorld. Time spent by Ellison on hobbie
  • SAP SaaS for all of us
    End of summer. This is when the “hibernating bear” – as Hasso PlattnerInformationWeek: “(SAP) is testing the software-as-a-service suite with 90 customers, and SAP hopes — but can’t guarantee — that it can accelerate the rollout next year” NetSuite might as well change the webinar title to say it is delivering the missing-in-action-for-years-now SAP SaaS product for all of us.
    called SAP’s SaaS Business By Design product at Sapphire earlier this year – was supposed to come out. But while they announced Feature Pack 2.0 recently, they are still keeping the rollout very selective.
  • JBoss Middleware Wins Key Fed Security Certification
    Red Hat’s JBoss’ open source Enterprise Middleware now has security certification for government projects thanks to receipt of the Common Criteria certification. The Common Criteria certification, now awarded to JBoss’ Enterprise Application Platform 4.3, is often required by government agencies and firms doing business with them to illustrate products comply with security standards.
  • SAP AG – Annual Report 2007 – (24) Litigation and Claims
    In April 2007, U.S.-based Versata Software, Inc. (formerly Trilogy Software, Inc.) (Versata) instituted legal proceedings in the United States against SAP. Versata alleges that SAP’s products and services infringe one or more of the claims in each of five patents held by Versata. In its complaint, Versata seeks unspecified monetary damages and permanent injunctive relief. SAP submitted its answer to the complaint in July 2007. The trial has been scheduled for August 2009.
  • Eastern District of Texas Federal Court Practice: Patent verdict in Versata v. SAP
    The Marshall jury in Judge Everingham’s court rendered a verdict in the Versata v. SAP, 2:07cv153 case this afternoon. The jury found all six submitted claims infringed, inducement and contributory infringement of one claim, found that the defendant has failed to prove one patent invalid for failure to satisfy the best mode requirement, and $138,641,000 in damages.
  • The 10 Most Expensive iPhone Apps
    2. MATG – SAP BusinessOne – $449.99 iTunes link Hooks into SAP’s BusinessOne financial management software. Designed for sales reps or marketing/finance execs. Also available for Microsoft Dynamics GP.
  • Microsoft Apologizes for Racially Charged Image Alteration
    The edit of the Microsoft ad for its Polish division was crude. The U.S. ad depicted three people at a conference table: an Asian man, a black man, and a white woman. When localizing the marketing image for Poland, Microsoft replaced the black man’s with that of a white man.

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