Enterprise headlines and summaries, 2009-08-25

  • Business software provider QAD’s 2nd-quarter loss essentially flat, revenue down 26 percent
    Business software provider QAD Inc. said Tuesday its fiscal second-quarter loss was virtually unchanged from the year before as cost-cutting efforts offset a sharp drop in revenue. The company posted a loss of $1.4 million, or 5 cents per share, in the quarter, equaling its loss in the year-ago period.
  • Salesforce Opens Up Force.com Platform To Outside Partners
    Salesforce.com has continued to expand the capabilities of Force.com, its platform to build and deploy enterprise applications. The company recently rolled out Force.com Sites, which lets companies build and run their applications for internal use as well as for public use on Salesforce.com cloud computing platform. Today, Salesforce will be opening up an additional distribution channel off of Force.com: the Value-Added Reseller (VAR) program.
  • CA Launches New Services for Fast Software Implementations
    As part of its larger Lean IT strategy, CA is rolling out 17 new and upgraded Standardized Services designed to make the deployment and implementation of CA software projects easier, faster and more efficient. CA offers more than 70 such Standardized Services, which offer repeatable methods for implementation, which lead to faster ROI and greater IT value, according to CA officials. The new services touch on such areas as application performance management, infrastructure management and mainframes.
  • Amazon’s AWS Toolkit for Eclipse Makes It Easier to Develop for the Cloud
    The AWS Toolkit for Eclipse is a plug-in that allows developers to develop and deploy software to the Amazon Web Services cloud infrastructure. The plug-in provides full integration into Eclipse, offering complete control over managing remote instances, uploading code, running code remotely and even debugging remotely without leaving Eclipse.
  • SAP Improves Community Network
    The success of the SAP community network can be directly attributed to the openness and the ability of members to provide feedback on the content contributed by others. The rating and ranking features allow direct feedback from community members to help other members navigate through large amount of content available in the community network virtual library.
  • Microsoft Mobile Apps ‘Worth More’ than 99 Cents, Says Developer
    Microsoft is encouraging developers of mobile applications to charge more than 99 cents for the software they post on Microsoft’s Windows MarketplaceResearch In Motion have already boosted the minimum price for many mobile applications. Microsoft’s move can also be seen as a shot at Apple, whose App Store charges 99 cents for a wide variety of apps—something that could frustrate developers looking for better margins on their products.
    for Mobile. Rival companies such as
  • The Allure of Azure
    Another program has the potential to unleash a powerful wave of change upon Microsoft’s channel, and that’s the Microsoft Azure platform. Microsoft’s cloud-computing infrastructure will require partners to imagine new ways of doing business with their customers and with Microsoft, while facing competitors made more agile by the technology. Azure and its competitive cloud-computing models — from Amazon.com Inc., Google Inc., IBM Corp. and others — have the potential to upend the logistics of going into the computer business. No more will channel competitors have to find ways to fund large infrastructure outlays. Now, if you can come up with the idea — and hire the software development talent to execute it — you can leave the physical infrastructure to Microsoft or other cloud providers on a pay-as-you-go basis.
  • Microsoft Upgrades Virtualization Management Tool
    VMM 2008 R2 is a key virtualization component for Microsoft, which from an early stage has been playing up its ability to manage both Hyper-V and VMware environments. Microsoft recently began trotting out the idea of a ‘VMware tax’ to depict the virtualization market leader’s products as an expensive and unnecessary additional layer of network infrastructure.
  • Sybase IQ technical highlights
    General highlights of the Sybase IQ technical story include: * Sybase IQ is an analytic DBMS with a columnar/column-store architecture * Unlike most analytic DBMS, Sybase IQ has a shared-disk architecture. * The Sybase IQ indexing story is a bit complicated, with a bunch of different index kinds. Most are focused on columns with low cardinality, and it least in some cases are a lot like bitmaps. (Sybase IQ when first introduced was a pure bitmap index product, with a single index type “Fast Project”.) But one index kind, “High Group” — designed for columns with high cardinality – is an exception to most generalities about other Sybase IQ index kinds, and instead is more akin to a b-tree.
  • Sybase IQ business notes
    The way Sybase breaks down its different target markets is somewhat confusing, but so far as I can tell: * A whole lot of Sybase IQ installations are focused on straight reporting. * Sybase is beefing up its efforts and penetration for IQ in “advanced analytics.” How advanced that is to date is a little unclear. * Sybase claims 80-90+ Sybase IQ customers in the “data aggregator” business, counting fairly narrowly. * Financial services is, unsurprisingly, a special-case market of particular focus.
  • Billion-Dollar Donors
    Three others including SAP co-founder Dietmar Hopp, mutual fund guru James Stowers and former banking billionaire Herbert Sandler qualified for this top givers club though their donations helped knock them out of the ranks of the world’s wealthiest. “I’m surprised there aren’t more,” says Sandler, “It’s a shame there aren’t a lot more.”
  • Top CIO Salaries: Eastern U.S.
    Wondering how much your peers in other cities are making? Technology staffing firm KForce gathered data on IT salaries from their consultants in various cities across the U.S. Here’s what they estimate as the going rate for new hires in the eastern region of the U.S.
  • Oracle Shareholders Not the Only Ones to Complain About Ellison’s Salary
    Larry Ellison currently holds a moderate 63% approval rating and a 13% disapproval rating, and interestingly, he falls among the top 100 highest rated CEOs on Glassdoor.com as of today (ranking #85 among CEOs with more than 25 reviews).
  • Mahindra Satyam senior VP quits
    Keshab Panda, senior vice-president of Mahindra Satyam, has put in his papers, marking another high-profile exit from the tainted IT firm, the erstwhile Satyam Computer Services. Rakesh Soni, chief operating officer (COO) of Mahindra Satyam, has now been given additional charge of business development and delivery operations of the US market and for the manufacturing, commercial and services verticals, said Sridhar Maturi, spokesperson of Mahindra Satyam.

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