Enterprise headlines and summaries, 2009-08-21

  • Survey finds that app dev budgets are increasing
    Despite current economic uncertainty across the globe, senior-level executives and software development professionals are seeing an increase in development budgets, according to a recent survey by software development outsourcer SoftServe.
  • Details and Setup of Other Flexfields in Oracle E-Business Suite
    The following are many of the key flexfields in Oracle E-Business Suite, as well as their codes and owning applications. We will include additional information about the flexfields in bold italics.
  • inding the Business Value of Consolidation
    Data quality and quantity issues, although generally related, are best analyzed separately. Data quality is an area that has been well studied by the likes of the Data Warehousing Institute, which in a recent study showed that business drivers related to improved analysis and customer satisfaction – as well as other business issues relating to having a single version of the truth – were among the top five benefits from having high quality data.
  • Google’s New Enterprise Weapons
    The first, called Side-by-Side, is a free download that allows businesses to compare any two search solutions–like, say, Google‘s appliance against the ones from Oracle’s WebCenter or Microsoft‘s FAST. The second announcement is a new suite of “connectors” that extend Google Search Appliance to data repositories like Salesforce, a popular CRM system.
  • Apple Tops Customer Satisfaction Index, Again
    Apple‘s score of 84 on the latest survey, released this week, was down one point from the year before. However, it is a full nine points above the average score of 75.
  • Oracle invests in Israeli startup
    that is developing technology for managing telecom and Internet subscriber services. The investment, in a company called ComAbility, is an agreement between the Oracle Excellence Center for Startups and the Israeli Office of the Chief Scientist that promotes local companies.
  • WTF?!?
    Is there anyone reading this who knows how Google determined that my blog is “sp-m?” Is there anyone reading this who can ask someone at Google to ensure this gets resolved in the right way? [Google decided my blog is sp-m-DBM]
  • SAP Enterprise Service and Google Wave
    An example of how it is possible to use Google Wave in SAP is showed in the following video. In this video the user enters a command. The robot then responds with a list of orders this customer have.
  • Salesforce.com F2Q10 (Qtr End 07/31/09) Earnings Call Transcript
    Success Factors dropped Oracle On Demand after the application failed to deliver and sales reps pleaded to return to Salesforce. When sales teams are demanding your application to support their own success, you know that you’ve got a superior service and certainly that was a factor. Success Factor joins a long list of customers who failed with Oracle On Demand and then signed with Salesforce.com, including Motorola, Axion, Sun Power, GTSI, Xerox, and Barclays. And really, that’s just to name a few that have switched off of Oracle service.
  • Technically Women
    Technically Women comprises a group of women from all walks of technology. This blog presents our unique views on the current state of business.

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