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Enterprise headlines and summaries, 2009-08-17

  • Oracle Buys Intellectual Property Assets of Tacit Software
    Tacit Software’s unique automated profiling technology is an expertise location solution that helps organizations uncover new opportunities for collaboration. Oracle plans to integrate Tacit Software into Oracle Beehive, a secure, integrated, standards-based enterprise collaboration platform. The combined solution is expected to enable enterprises to make effective and immediate use of the knowledge present in their people, messaging and content. Financial details of the transaction were not disclosed.
  • Oracle Dumps Virtual Iron
    They will be providing official application certification , they were already providing their customers with different OracleVM templates which gave them different Oracle based Appliances and earlier this month they announced they will be providing the community with their own Open Source Virtual Appliance builder, based on yet another JeOS, (Just Enough OS) platform, this time one based on Oracle Linux.
  • Managing vendor performance: An IT failures virtual town hall
    We’ll examine issues such as: * Why managing vendor performance is a challenge * Improving requirements analysis and the business case * The role of misaligned expectations in IT failure situations * Conducting an effective vendor selection process * Avoiding failure by setting clear objectives * Tactical interventions to avoid meltdown
  • Oh yeah? Well my database is SMALLER than your database!
    It’s pretty cool too because it includes the O/S, web server, GUI and the engine all together on a 16GB thumb drive. How an engine like Vertica, designed around distributed MPP, can possibly operate representatively (using terabyte-size data) on a thumb drive is beyond me, and I’ve never heard of anyone actually using this gizmo but I’d sure love to get my hands on one and review it if it’s still available.
  • Ten Minutes That Mattered: Zach Nelson
    Zach Nelson, 48, became chief executive of NetSuite in 2002 and helped take the company public in 2007. His first job after finishing his degrees at Stanford University was running pulmonary and blood gas labs at the Palo Alto Veterans Medical Center. At night, he shucked oysters at Pearl’s Oyster bar.
  • Analyst sees growth at NetSuite
    NetSuite Inc.’s revenue growth should bottom out in the third quarter and continue expanding through next year, a Credit Suisse analyst said Monday, upgrading shares to “Outperform” from “Neutral.” In a note to investors, analyst Bryan McGrath said his short-term concerns, including a slowdown in revenue growth and new billings due to the recession, appear to be waning. He raised his price target for the San Mateo, Calif. company, which makes business management software for small and medium-size companies, to $18 from $14.
  • Bring Business Intelligence to All Your Users with SAP BusinessObjects Explorer
    The majority of information workers today are still underserved by traditional BI tools. Run through an example of how the new SAP BusinessObjects Explorer solution provides a sales executive with immediate answers to “on-the-fly” questions, a deeper data-driven understanding of the business, and instant access to relevant information.
  • i2 Looks to Spur Sales with SaaS on Managing Automation
    Supply chain software provider i2 Technologies managed to do something in the second quarter that few of its enterprise software competitors have been able to do lately: The company actually grew software revenue year over year, a feat that helped keep its total revenue from taking a steeper dive. For the three months ended June 30, sales of i2’s software solutions soared 21% to $15.3 million, a rarity among recent earnings reports from software providers. Even so, sizable drops in its services business — down 23% to $23.6 million — and maintenance sales — 16% off last year’s pace at $18.2 million — brought overall sales down 12% to $57 million, compared with $64.7 million in 2008’s second quarter.
  • Citrix: Virtualising Microsoft SQL Server 2008 with Citrix XenServer
    In this white paper Citrix demonstrate the benefits of virtualising Microsoft SQL Server 2008 with Citrix XenServer, including transaction processingSQL Server on XenServer 5.0, non-virtualised servers, and another industry leading server virtualisation provider. In addition to consolidation benefits, the study explores manageability and flexibility, availability and scalability factors.
    performance comparisons between running
  • Ideal first round funding terms
    My preference is to keep all terms as above and only negotiate over 2 things – valuation and amount raised. The amount raised should be enough to hit whatever milestones you think will get the company further financing, plus some fudge factor of, say, 50% because things always take longer and cost more than you think. The valuation is obviously a matter of market conditions, how competitive the deal is etc. One thing I would say is if you expect to raise more money (and you should expect to), make sure your post-money valuation is one that you will be able to “beat” in your next round. There is nothing more dilutive and morale crushing than a down round.
  • Gartner financial apps MarketScope
    Color me cynical but right now, the likelihood of Gartner drawing any significant revenue from the on-demand players is almost nil. Several vendors have contacted me recently complaining at the $25,000 to $40,000 ‘entrance fee’ which for many of these players is a tax too far. Some are withdrawing subscriptions altogether. This is a pity.
  • Terms, Terms, and First Round Terms
    both TechStars and Y Combinator open sourced their financing documents – TechStars were done in conjunction with Cooley Godward and Y Combinator’s were done in conjunction with Wilson Sonsini. On top of all of this, the NVCA (National Venture Capital Association) has had a set of model legal documents up on the web for a while (Jason was on the team that put these together).
  • The Ideal First Round Term Sheet
    There are multiple benefits to doing it this way. First, it leads to a very fast close. Second, the legal costs are minimal, certainly less than $10k and they should be less than $5k. And third, it sets the company up well for future rounds of financing because there is nothing funky in the docs.
  • SAP vs. Oracle in the BI Space: the Line of Business Advantage
    Overall, the IDC report gives the total market share prize to Oracle, which sits on top of an end-to-end solution set that spans the gamut from data warehouse to performance management and tools. This is a space that Oracle has dominated for the full three years of data in the IDC report, and, arguably for a number of years prior as well. While SAP’s growth in overall BI has been a point faster in the last two years than Oracle, this growth hasn’t been enough to make a significant dent in Oracle’s top billing. But if you move to the next level in IDC’s report, focusing specifically on business analytics, SAP suddenly takes the lead, and not because of its Business Objects acquisition (which mostly impacted the BI tool arena, to use IDC’s taxonomy.) Rather, through a combination of internal growth and some smaller acquisitions like Outlooksoft and Pilot, SAP has managed to keep its analytics business growing faster than the market and faster than rival Oracle, thus maintaining its #1

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