Enterprise headlines and summaries, 2009-08-15

  • While Health Reform Debate Rages, Oracle Caters to Insurance Companies
    That’s a saying that enterprise software giant Oracle has apparently not taken to heart, because today, in the middle of hysteria by both sides of the reform debate, the company has unveiled Oracle Revenue Management and Billing for Health Insurance.
  • The Productivity Boom
    businesses are learning to do with less people, and don’t see the need to restart hiring.
  • Under All the Right Conditions, Latest Windows Upgrade Could Be a Breeze
    But you should run Microsoft‘s free Upgrade Advisor program to check for any complications.
  • PREVIEW-HP results offer crucial snapshot of IT demand
    Investors seek hints of improved corporate demand * Track record of matching or beating Street forecasts
  • H-P’s FY3Q Results Expected To Benefit From Services, PCs
    Wall Street expects Hewlett-Packard Co. (HPQ) to report modestly positive results for its third fiscal quarter next week, though a recent run-up on the tech giant’s stock suggests that investors may be baking in stronger numbers. Shares of H-P have surged nearly 75% over the last five months – vastly outpacing the broader market over that same time. The stock has regained most of the ground it lost after last year’s brutal market sell-off. The company is slated to report results for the July quarter on Tuesday, Aug. 18, after the closing bell.
  • Informatica offers data integration software by the hour on Amazon EC2
    Informatica PowerCenter Cloud Edition is available on Amazon‘s Elastic Cloud Compute (EC2) for $24.95 per hour. The company said the hourly rate is aimed at companies with only a few applications deployed in EC2 and which need only occasional data integration services. By hosting data integration software on EC2, customers can take advantage of Amazon’s vast infrastructure, according to Chris Boorman, Informatica’s head of marketing. When integrating data from one EC2-based application to another, he said, it only makes sense to put the data integration software on EC2 as well.
  • Infor Delivers CRM to IBM System i Users
    Recognizing this need for its base of 14,000 customers on IBM’s System i platform already utilizing Infor’s ERP offering, the enterprise software provider released its targeted solution, Infor CRM i Edition. The offering seeks to integrate ERP data along with CRM capabilities in order to increase sales and enhance customer service.
  • The diminishing returns on data
    Ultimately, on the network, applications win if they get better the more people use them.
  • Five Strategies for Customer Service Social Media Excellence
    Successful adopters of social media use 5 strategies to capitilize on social media; they: 1. Take Ownership 2. Determine Their Goals 3. Focus on the Customer Experience 4. Understand the Technology Landscape 5. Build the Business Case.
  • Lean & Forrester’s Business Technology Forum
    They are missing the point. People are going to spend a lot of money to attend this forum, and, especially those with limited knowledge of Lean thinking will leave with a complete misperception of what Lean is all about (based on the summaries in the brochure and on-line). Just because the “Forrester” brand is on it doesn’t mean they are experts on the topic.
  • Just keeps getting better
    Can you name an enterprise application that gets better the more people use it? And by better, I mean “better for the user.” CRM may get better for the manager, and Purchasing might get better for the CFO, but does your CRM application get better for the sales or service person as more sales or service people use it, or as one sales or service person uses it more? Does your Purchasing application get better the more people request Purchase Requisitions?
  • Microsoft has big impact in slimming Windows energy load
    One study estimated that changes in Windows Vista — primarily improvements in the operating system’s “sleep” mode — could benefit the environment as much as taking 380,000 cars off the road.
  • Microsoft set to escape government oversight in 2011
    Microsoft still has a backlog of 2,355 items remaining as part of a settlement with U.S. regulators that remain to be cleared if the company wants to exit its compliance oversight in 2011

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