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Enterprise headlines and summaries, 2009-08-10

  • VMware to Acquire SpringSource
    virtualization, modern application frameworks and cloud computing
  • Why Virtual Conferences Suck
    We can do this better. So far, we are failing even to do it as well as we have so far. As we say on Twitter: FAIL.
  • VMware Getting into PaaS with SpringSource Acquisition
    I’d say it’s all about planning for the future, a future where the OS no longer matters, a future where all applications are built, deployed and consumed via the Internet. Yes folks, I’m talking about Platform as a Service.
  • VMware to acquire SpringSource
    A Common Mission: Simplify IT Since our founding 11 years ago, VMware has focused on simplifying IT; removing the rigidity baked into today’s desktop and datacenter infrastructure to save on capital and operating expenses while simultaneously allowing enterprises to move faster towards their business needs. Companies typically spend 70% of their IT budgets just on keeping their datacenters going… replacing failed components, troubleshooting outages, repelling security attacks, and doing other tasks that are focused on keeping the lights on. Our mission (and in fact, the promise of “Cloud Computing”) has been to shift the spending of this 70% budget towards activities that move the business forward… creating new applications that generate revenue, make them more competitive, or just improve the bottom line. The most recent deliverable on this mission is VMware vSphere 4. This is our datacenter offering that simplifies IT by severing the tentacles that unnaturally tie software to hardwa
  • YouTube – Submit Your Video – Win a Trip to Dreamforce!
    To enter the contest, click the video response button down below and YouTube will give you the option of recording a video, uploading a video, or linking a video to your account.
  • You Call Them Business Partners But Your Contract Says Otherwise
    Shame on you if you’ve let the following happen to your contracts:
  • SPSS, IBM Negotiated For 6 Months
    Two other companies talked to SPSS about an acquisition of the predictive analytics technologies firm, SEC filings reveal.
  • Where’s my wedding invite? SAP and Tibco?
    With merger rumors, remember the old investment banker advice “Buy on the rumor, sell on the deal”.
  • Tibco shares rise after report says SAP mulling bid
    On Aug. 8, the weekly, Wirtschaftwoche, cited its source as saying the two companies were in “very advanced talks” but that the outcome was not yet certain
  • Microsoft workers unveil Office suggestion site
    MakeOfficeBetter.com, an unsanctioned suggestion solicitation site, was created by Steve Zaske, a planner on the Office development team, and Luke Foust, a Microsoft developer in the test group.
  • Make Office better
    Got a great idea for Office? Add your idea
  • U.S. CTO outlines nation’s IT strategy
    At a Churchill Club event held at the Computer History Museum in Menlo Park, Calif., United States CTO Aneesh Chopra describes President Obama’s plan to spur innovation through investment, align the nation’s domestic priorities, and upgrade the government’s own operations.
  • Down Rounds Rule As Startup Valuations Fall
    According to the report, down rounds exceeded up rounds 46% to 32%. This was the second quarter since 4Q03 in which down rounds have exceeded up rounds.

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