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Enterprise headlines and summaries, 2009-08-09

  • Gartner: Some risk, minimal savings with Oracle Linux
    Oracle Enterprise Linux has failed to set the world on fire, perhaps in part, as Gartner highlights in a new research report (“Red Hat vs. Oracle Linux Support: When and How Does It Matter?”), because its cost and support advantages appear to be overstated.
  • America’s Cup – Bad Publicity?
    This ranges from the feeling that the Alinghi catamaran might benefit from the particular weather (lighter winds and flatter water), to business speculation on the Emirate’s plans to attract biotech (the main source of Alinghi’s Ernesto Bertarelli’s fortune) and Swiss-style banking, out to the fringe, with references to Ellison’s jewish heritage and travels to Israel, and speculation on how he might be recieved in the country. What isn’t speculation is that Ras Al-Khaimah has promised no lack of support for the race, including the building of an island specifically for the event.
  • Magic Quadrant for Web Content Management
    Organizations see Web content management as a pivotal solution component in driving new business value. Use this Magic Quadrant to understand the fresh vitality in the WCM market and how Gartner rates the leading vendors and their packaged products.
  • Are the Glory Days Long Gone for I.T.?
    In Mr. Siebel’s view, I.T. is a mature industry that will grow no faster than the larger economy. He contends that its glory days are past — long past, having ended in 2000.
  • NY Times Calls Out Tom Siebel on Death of IT Claims
    I had a few problems with it: * It struck me as unduly and anecdotally negative on the future of information technology. It reeked of a “the party’s over because I’m leaving” mentality.
  • The Mercury News Interview: Tom Siebel, chairman of First Virtual Group and the Siebel Foundation
    That being said, I think information technology as an industry is likely to grow going forward at about the rate of the economy. I just do not see the kind of innovation that we saw in the last two decades of the last century. In many respects, many of the interesting problems that we set out to solve have been solved.
  • WTF is Traction? A 6-Step Relationship Guide to VC
    The “more traction” feedback is a very typical scenario is a down market economy like the one we’re in. Investors are giving you a version of the “soft no,” which basically means that they’re not prepared to invest now.
  • Former HP employees sue over unpaid commissions
    A lawsuit filed by three former Hewlett-Packard workers claims the Palo Alto computer maker has failed to pay millions of dollars it owes its sales force, alleging the company used faulty software that didn’t keep an accurate record of sales and commissions.
  • HP Takes to YouTube
    Posted on YouTube, HP with its “HPEN Top Ten,” clip has spoofed the satirists. Usually Top Ten lists apply to areas of politics or entertainment — but, honestly, most of the IT departments I’ve visited have plenty of both. So it’s actually quite appropriate after all.
  • Cisco CEO Chambers: IBM a friend; HP a foe
    As the tectonic plates shift below the data center the vendor lines are becoming more clear. HP and Cisco are on a collision course and IBM appears to be playing Switzerland’s neutral act nicely.
  • SAP Unveils an On-Demand Software Strategy for Large Enterprise Customers
    “But this is very much a defensive strategy. SAP needs an offensive strategy that will allow them to build products that customers of Oracle and other competitors will want.”
  • IBM Offering Channel Partners Stimulus Funding Guidance
    IBM (NYSE:IBM) is holding education and networking events for solution providers about opportunities created by the $787 billion economic stimulus bill, part of the vendor’s efforts to help channel partners snag a piece of the stimulus spending.
  • Microsoft’s SharePoint Thrives in the Recession
    All told, more than 17,000 customers use SharePoint. In many ways, SharePoint mimics the strategy Microsoft took with Office by linking together numerous applications into a single unit. This approach appeals to customers looking to save money and also represents a real threat to a variety of business software makers.
  • EU Sets Sep.3 Antitrust Review Date For Oracle-Sun Deal
    The European Commission Monday set Sep. 3. as an antitrust review date by when it will decide whether to clear Oracle Corp.‘s (ORCL) proposed takeover of Sun Microsystems Inc. (JAVA), or launch a full fledged four month probe.
  • As Rivals Branch Out, SAP Is Sticking to Software
    “I think it will be harder and harder for SAP to remain independent.” [What would a combined SAP-IBM company be called? I B a SAP?-DBM]

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