Enterprise headlines and summaries, 2009-08-05

  • Understanding MySQL Appliances and Hardware Acceleration
    MySQL and memcached appliances have appeared on the market. These tend to be 2U rackmount servers that you treat as a black box (or something approaching one) and reap some sort of substantial performance benefitstorage devices aimed squarely at improving MySQL performance that you can drop into your commodity servers, thus making your own appliance. along the way. Most of these appliances have a mix of commodity hardware and some “special sauce” on both the hardware and software layers. In addition, there are specialized
  • Panaya scores $5 million
    Panaya, which sells web-based software-as-a-service for automating SAP upgrade processes, raised $5 Million in second-round venture funding.
  • European Regulators to Review Oracle-Sun Deal
    The European Commission plans to release its first opinion on Oracle’s proposed acquisition of Sun Microsystems on Sept. 3.
  • Rivals taking advantage of delay in Oracle-Sun merger
    An extended review by U.S. and European officials is making it less likely that Oracle will be able to finalize the Sun acquisition before the end of summer, as the two companies had planned. That’s created opportunity for big tech vendors such as Hewlett-Packard and IBM, as well as smaller companies, which have launched campaigns to win over Sun’s clients and distributors.
  • Yachting Oracle opposes choice of UAE for America’s Cup
    Golden Gate Yacht Club believes Societe Nautique de Geneve?s choice of this venue, without our mutual consent, is contrary to the Deed of Gift and the decisions and orders of the New York courts,” the GGYC, which represents Oracle, said in a statement.
  • America’s Cup Heads to Persian Gulf
    After training in the U.A.E. this winter, team officials said they felt it was the best fit for this race, which features what should be the two fastest boats in the competition’s 158-year history. Alinghi, which is owned by Swiss pharmaceutical heir Ernesto Bertarelli, will face off in three head-to-head races against rival BMW Oracle, backed by software mogul and Oracle founder Larry Ellison.
  • This Decade in Tech
    There are three stories in IT journalism: 1. New product is set to unseat market leader 2. Company is about to be bought by another company 3. Apple might be doing something cool, but we don’t know for sure All other stories must be spun until they fit one or more of these narratives.
  • SaaS Legal Questions
    I asked Cary if he wouldn’t mind addressing a number of common legal issues that SaaS companies are faced with and he was kind enough to oblige.
  • Reports: HP cutting more EDS salaries
    HP is reportedly cutting salaries of EDS workers again. It’s the second round of salary cuts for EDS staffers since HP acquired the services giant.
  • DFTC: would you work for this firm?
    This Australian company is looking to hire 32 people. Recession? What recession!
  • Coupa – Movie
  • IBM Could Face Bidding War For SPSS
    Conversations lead us to believe that SPSS could get another bid,” said Cowen & Co.’s Peter Goldmacher in an investor’s note.
  • After a Massive Tech Project Failure: What IT Can Expect
    “For some reason,” he adds, “we haven’t learned as an IT industry about driving incremental planning and change, which, in my mind, would help to mitigate the high rises and high falls of project failures.”
  • Schedule Builder Is Live ( Oracle OpenWorld Blog )
    The Oracle OpenWorld 2009 online Schedule Builder is live. If you’ve already completed your Oracle OpenWorld, Oracle Develop, or Primavera Program registration, you can start creating your Oracle OpenWorld schedule now.
  • Enable the Eco-Enterprise
    Is your company using Oracle products to help protect the environment while reducing costs? For example, you may be using Oracle Self-Service E-Billing for paperless invoicing or Oracle Advanced Compression for reduced disk space and power usage. If so, submit this nomination form for an ‘Enable the Eco-Enterprise’ award. These awards will be presented to selected customers and their partners (system integrators, consultants, ISVs, etc.) who are using any of Oracle’s products to not only take an environmental lead, but also to reduce their costs and improve their business efficiencies by using green business practices.

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