Enterprise headlines and summaries, 2009-08-04

  • Building the Best of Consumer Apps into Enterprise Apps
    Fortunately, the gap between the richness and interactivity people experience using popular consumer applications and what they experience at work is narrowing.
  • IDC Future Scan
    The buyer intent indicator only dropped a little bit – 8 points – which is probably within the survey margin of error. At the same time, the market indicator jumped 41 points. Dare we use the “T” word? Turnaround? Our indicators are still predicting negative or flatIT spending growth in the next 12 months – minus 2.9% in the buyer intent indicator, and plus 0.2% in the market indicator. But the indicators have been getting closer to zero each month.
  • IT Spending Shows Signs of Stabilization
    The latest data shows the industry remains stagnant but purchases are beginning to recover. Its good news for software and may drive a market rally in the second half.
  • VMware-Microsoft War Heats Up
    The war between VMware and Microsoft over virtualization technology is heating up, with underdog Microsoft finally close to shipping a new version of its product.
  • Google Continues Losing Long-Time Employees To VMware
    Last month, we were first to report that Google Engineering Director Mark Lucovsky was leaving the company to join VMware. Lucovsky was with the company for nearly 5 years and was very instrumental in its APIs. And now they’re losing another long-time employee who worked in a similar capacity — and yes, he’s also going to VMware.
  • VectorWise, Ingres, and MonetDB
    As one might expect from the name, VectorWise does vector processing. I.e., the hard part of Marcin’s work was developing vectorized algorithms for one SQL operation after another. Vectorization, pipelining, and FPGAs might all seem to go together — XtremeData certainly seems to think so — but the VectorWise folks preferred to develop for Intel CPUs anyway, for pretty much the usual reasons. Another major theme is trying to get the right things into CPU cache, because in their opinion RAM cache is just sooooo painfully slow.
  • Microsoft, SugarCRM and the Future of Cloud-Based Development
    SugarCRM and Microsoft have worked together for years now – and we’re actually seeing more than 60% of Sugar deployments on the MS stack. But today’s announcement around Sugar Community Edition now on Microsoft’s Web Gallery opens up a lot of cool opportunities for developers of all kinds.
  • Emirate in the frame for 2010 America’s Cup venue
    But it is expected that Oracle will immediately appeal to the court to block the Middle East venue should Alinghi confirm the UAE emirate, race insiders said.
  • Social networking and reputational risk in the workplace Deloitte LLP 2009 Ethics & Workplace Survey results
    Sixty percent of business executives say they have the “right to know” how employees portray themselves and their organizations online, while 53% of the employees contend that “social networking pages are none of an employer’s business.” In fact, nearly one third of employed respondents say they never consider what the boss would think before posting materials online.
  • YouTube – What is Cloud Computing? by salesforce.com
    [Entertaining&informative video by SFDC-DBM] Traditional business applications and platforms are too complicated and expensive. They need a data center, a complex software stack and a team of experts to run them.
  • Get aggressive
    A few weeks ago, we met with Parker Harris, one of Salesforce.com’s founders. We had a wonderful conversation. He is passionate about driving down customer cost and keeping customers happy, topics I believe are key to saas/on-demand value propositions. That despite the fact the company is often looking for annual or multi-year deals. I do wish they’d make more of that in their presentations.

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