Enterprise headlines and summaries, 2009-08-03

  • CEOs Rake in Perks Despite Pay Backlash
    Read on to see which tech companies are paying more than $1 million in perks and which ones are anti-perk (notably Cisco and Microsoft). Items are arranged from the costliest to the least expensive perks, and our report includes extras doled out to CEOs at eight of the largest non-tech corporations, for the sake of comparison. Data is drawn from companies’ proxy statements, as filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.
  • Why good projects go bad
    Insuring software companies and IT consultants against being sued for project failure has given Hiscox some insight in how to pre-empt disaster
  • Professional indemnity insurance for IT professionals from Hiscox
    Professional indemnity insurance for IT professionals covers you for compensation you have to pay to your clients because of problems with your work.
  • The next wave of BI acquisitions?
    A big unknown is what Oracle may do to address this opportunity. Just like IBM Oracle also has Oracle Data Mining (ODM) product built into its 11g DBMS. It also has a Real Time Decisions (RTD) engine that it acquired from Sigma Dynamics a few years ago – although this product is somewhat geared towards marketing analytics, specifically real time offer optimization. Will Oracle combine these two products and integrate them with their traditional BI suite (Enterprise Edition – OBIEE), or will they acquire a 3rd advanced analytics product? With Oracle, we never know.
  • Informatica Launches Data Integration Service in the Cloud
    PowerCenter Cloud Edition uses Amazon EC2, Amazon SimpleDB and Amazon S3 [storage] to provide access to enterprise data sources such as relational databases, flat files and SaaS applications.
  • Teradata 13 Focuses on Advanced Analytic Performance
    Teradata 13: * Performance (of course, performance is a point of emphasis for almost any release of any analytic DBMS product), especially but not only in the areas of aggregates, ETL (Extract/Transform/Load), and UDFs. * UDFs (User Defined Functions), especially but not only in the areas of data mining and geospatial analysis.
  • The Case Against Cloud Computing: Conclusion
    Quick, what is the biggest knock against cloud computing? Is it the difficulty of migrating existing applications? Is it the legal, regulatory, and business risk posed by using external computing power outside of a company’s own data center? Is it the lack of SLAs available from cloud providers? Is it the fact that cloud TCO is purported to be higher than running systems internally? Or is the lack of traditional system management tools for cloud applications?
  • The media sells the Google cloud. The enterprise buys Microsoft on-premises
    Google has gone on an advertising blitz to knock off Microsoft Office, as CNET reports, but it faces an uphill battle because the heart of enterprise computing is security. Security is boring, yes, but as ZDNet’s Larry Dignan writes, “If you’re in a heavily regulated industry you’re not going to be e-mailing Google’s help desk trying to track a 2006 e-mail to satisfy a Sarbanes-Oxley requirement.”
  • EC Queries MySQL Companies Over Oracle-Sun Deal
    September third. That’s the day the European Commission will determine whether or not to clear Oracle’s planned $5.6 billion merger with Sun Microsystems. And though there would seem, on the face of things, to be no serious antitrust objections to the deal, one never knows.
  • A letter from the European commission regarding the Oracle/Sun merger
    Last week I received a really extensive questionaire from the European commission. They investigate in the case of the Oracle/Sun merger and supplied a long questionaire how Mayflower sees the Oracle/Sun merger. One of the question, for example, is if the quality of InnoDB has increased or declined since Oracle bought Innobase Oy some years ago. I wrote to the commission and asked if I could distribute the two Word documents they delivered to me.
  • CBI to wrap up Satyam scam probe in two months
    The Central Bureau of Investigation is likely to complete the second part of its investigations into the Rs. 7300-crore Satyam scam by the end of September-October. Thereafter, the agency plans to launch joint prosecution against the accused in an exclusive special court being created for this purpose, CBI Director Ashwani Kumar has said.
  • Mahindra Satyam places another 500 associates on the bench
    Mahindra Satyam is on course to cut more flab to trim costs. After placing over 8,000 employees on the virtual pool, the company has now created a “corporate reserve” akin to a bench for over 500 associates. The move, however, sparked off speculation about possible exit of senior-level employees in the Hyderabad based outsourcing firm.

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