Enterprise headlines and summaries, 2009-07-31

  • SaaS At SAP
    At a time when Oracle’s CEO Larry Ellison was skeptical about the profitability of the SaaS model, SAP launched a SaaS solution, Business ByDesign for SMBs. […and proved Larry right! :) -DBM]
  • Would you like chips with that?
    A lot of people are unaware that Ingres in the second largest open-source vendor (after Red Hat). Its core offering is the well-proven Ingres relational database, but today Ingres announced an interesting new direction. Called VectorWise, the new technology is a columnar database kernel aimed at rapid performance for query processing (it still uses the Ingres database optimiser).
  • workday.com Blogs » Tipping Points in Enterprise SaaS
    The key analysis, based on real customer experience, is that SaaS for Human Resources showed a 26% ROI over a 5 year period. That analysis is very impressive, but it important not to overlook the other two points.
  • workday.com Blogs » On Payroll: Talking with Mark Newsome, Sr. Corporate HR Manager at McKee Foods
    Our ERP system was increasing in cost and our expectations were that we would more than double our costs in our next upgrade. We simply couldn’t sustain those increases any longer.
  • IBM, HP use big discounts to woo Sun customers
    Sales programs designed to poach rivals’ customers are commonplace, but IBM and HP have become significantly more aggressive since the April 20 announcement that Oracle is buying Sun.
  • Dissecting Microsoft`s First Bad Year
    The Golden Child The Server & Tools division is the lone group in the company to escape relatively unscathed, yet still saw its sales decline. But this group, which includes Windows Server, SQL Server, BizTalk Server, along with developer tools, has been positioned as a growth driver for the company and is the core platform that legions of Microsoft’s devoted ISVs use. What’s more, as analyst firm Ovum points out, the group’s results look even stronger in the context of a server hardware market that is down more than 20%. • Revenue for the division was down 6% for the quarter but up 8% for the year.
  • Silicon Valley’s Jobless Unplug From Tech
    By June, the area’s unadjusted unemployment rate was 11.8%, worse than California’s 11.6% and the national rate of 9.7%, according to the latest figures from California’s Employment Development Department. The rate of job losses was particularly steep in sectors such as semiconductor manufacturing, where employment dropped more than 13% in June from a year earlier.
  • Microsoft, Oracle – this is NOT how to sell a secure service
    In this presentation we are going to present an Oracle Pentesting Methodology and give you all the tools to break the “unbreakable” Oracle as Metasploit auxiliary modules. We’ve created your version and SID enumeration modules, account bruteforcing modules, ported all the public (and not so public) Oracle SQL Injection vulnerabilities into SQLI modules (with IDS evasion examples for 10g/11g), modules for OS interaction, and modules for automating some of our post exploitation tasks.”
  • Oracle-Sun Deal Waits On DOJ Approval
    Oracle would like to close the acquisition by the end of its first fiscal quarter on Aug. 31.
  • NetSuite Financial Results: SaaS Reality Check
    So don’t believe the hype about SaaS. The rising SaaS tide won’t lift all boats. But do sort out a SaaS strategy. I suspect a large number of your customers want to leverage a range of SaaS services — with our without your help.
  • Business Planning and Predictive Analytics
    Predictive analytics” covers a variety of techniques including statistics and data mining aimed at making predictions about future events. Models make use of patterns and relationships found in historical and transactional data to identify opportunities and risks to a business. These models also enable decision makers to assess the potential outcome associated under a particular set of conditions so they can explore contingencies.
  • Judge OKs engines to trim sails on cup boats
    In a departure from nautical tradition, a New York judge ruled Thursday that it is OK for the giant multihulls that will sail for the America’s Cup next year to use engines to trim sails and move water ballast.
  • Researchers say search, seizure protection may not apply to SaaS data
    “In cloud computing, you will not have the ability to fight seizure before it happens,” said Alex Stamos, co-founder and partner of security consultancy iSEC Partners Inc.. “You may not even know. There are no legal requirements for [SaaS providers] to notify you, and in fact, they may be gagged from doing so.”
  • Global CIO: Have Oracle & SAP Hit Tipping Point With 22% Fees?
    And in this other corner we have Rimini Street, a four-year-old company that says it offers equivalent or better support and maintenance services on Oracle products but charges only 11% per year. That model, by some estimates, could give Rimini revenue this year of between $250 million and $300 million.

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