Enterprise headlines and summaries, 2009-07-27

  • SQL Server 2008 Value Calculator
    Considering a better data management solution? Consider SQL Server 2008 Enterprise to efficiently manage your business-critical applications. And with Oracle raising their prices, you can still get a solution based on SQL Server for around a third of their cost.* Do the math on SQL Server value and you’ll see the efficiencies add up.
  • Oracle-Sun Creating Churn – Forbes.com
    IBM and Hewlett-Packard are both winning new business in a market that has been relatively flat for years, and not because the total market size is growing so quickly. They’re taking business from Sun Microsystems in the looming shadow of an acquisition by Oracle.
  • SAP Offer For SAF AG Values Co At Around EUR64 Mln
    The company has around 100 employees and booked earnings of EUR2.1 million on sales of around EUR13.4 million in 2008.
  • Cloud Computing: Amazon’s Cloudy Future
    “They kind of backed into being a cloud provider,” said Jeffrey Breen, CTO, Yankee Group. “They had all of this excess capacity because of their core business: e-commerce.”
  • Zoho’s winning strategy: open source + cloud
    But it’s doubtful that it could give so many different services away for free if built on pricey, proprietary software. Without open source I can’t imagine SaaS [software as a service] taking off. The economics simply wouldn’t work.
  • Introducing New Terms of Service To Users – A Comparison
    Before releasing the final version, the SCN team reached out to a group of people called the SAP Mentors (disclaimer: I am an SAP Mentor), to get their feedback and input on the new Terms of Service. This process started in October 2008 and the final version was introduced to the users in May 2009 just to give you a picture of how much time we needed before all parties involved agreed. The final version was pushed out to the users on May 27th and it almost went by unnoticed. Compared to Facebook’s ToU I didn’t hear anyone complain or feel that their interests were not taken care of. There were no loud outcries or no one warning other users.
  • Enterprise pricing for Azure cloud still unclear
    “We’ll make sure it’s integrated into enterprise agreements and not complicated,” Hauger said. “It will be just another page in the agreement. We want simplicity in how we license and [provide] access.”
  • Oracle grid update tied to emerging cloud middleware trend
    The Coherence product is one of the more mature in a market occupied by offerings from IBM as well as smaller companies like GigaSpaces and a number of open-source projects. Microsoft is also developing a system dubbed “Velocity.”
  • SAP unplugged: Vishal Sikka and John Schwartz on deck
    Overall I came away with the impression that we are starting to see the emergence of a new SAP under Leo Apotheker’s leadership. One that is getting back to being hungry rather than assuming incumbent status. How far that goes in a company I have felt has become conflicted between speed at the edges of innovation and ponderous at the core remains to be seen. However, if these two leaders are representative of that new face then we can look forward to a reinvigorated company that remembers its past but has its sights set firmly on the future.
  • Intuit creates open source community
    In essence, the community will serve as an extension to Intuit’s R&D, providing Intuit with visibility into the types of extended application that are most likely to prove popular over time. I like that idea because it allows Intuit and its partners to both experiment and spread the risk associated with new product development. It also means that developers could have a potential exit should Intuit choose to acquire code.
  • code.intuit.com
    Code.intuit.com is an Intuit sponsored open source community, whose projects are related to the Intuit Partner Platform. Our objective is to create an open software development community that follows open source best practices of collaboration and consensus based development to create high quality software for the benefit of small businesses.
  • Announcing code.intuit.com
    The community, at code.intuit.com, lets developers work with Intuit and each other to build better Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications that solve important small business problems via the Intuit Partner Platform (IPP).
  • Enterprise 2.0 2009 – Call for Papers
    Welcome to the Enterprise 2.0 San Francisco Call for Papers. The deadline has been extended to Tuesday, August 4th, 2009. There will be no further extensions to the deadline. August 4th is the final deadline for all Enterprise 2.0 submissions.
  • E-government 2.0 – McKinsey Quarterly
    three obstacles have…limited the impact of e-government efforts: ineffective governance, lack of Web-related capabilities, and reluctance to allow user participation in the creation of applications and content.

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