Enterprise headlines and summaries, 2009-07-26

  • MySQL Sandbox: Treat MySQL Instances like Virtual Machines
    MySQL Sandbox is a tool for installing one or more MySQL servers in isolation, without affecting other servers.
  • Vishal Sikka on SAP’s Challenges, Futures, and Realities
    “when you are SAP every new market is a niche” and that allows oxygen for other companies to develop offerings that shape the market to SAP’s detriment. I don’t think SAP is alone in this regard, the same could be said of Microsoft, but the question must remain at the forefront of Vishal’s thinking as he is responsible for all of the self-described innovation groups at SAP.
  • The Cloud, SaaS and BPMS
    [Includes Gartner “Magic Quadrant for Business Process Management Suites” – denser than the galactic cluster…-DBM]
  • Microsoft earnings report – bad for tech or bad for Microsoft?
    not so much provide a bad omen for the tech sector in general as they provide a bad omen for Microsoft itself.
  • CA SaaS tool helps state and local govs manage ARRA funds
    The software divides the grants life cycle into four areas: selection, acquisition, implementation and performance tracking. Based on CA’s Clarity Project and Portfolio on Demand platform, CA Clarity Grants Manager On Demand automates the whole grants management process. The software employs an integrated, Web-based methodology that’s targeted toward helping users meet the upcoming Oct. 10 reporting deadline for ARRA funds.
  • Is the party over for behemoth Microsoft?
    What’s shocking is that the cash cows, specifically the Windows operating system and the Office suite, have managed to finance all these idiotic efforts for so many years. While Microsoft’s profits and sales were way down this last quarter, it is only a matter of time before losses begin. Read more about the disappointing earnings.
  • Cisco CEO John Chambers Projects Strong Growth
    Despite taking the same hit as the rest of the computer industry earlier this year, Cisco’s stock is climbing (up 17% to more than $21.50 in the last month), the company has cut an incredible $1.5 billion in operating expenses, and earned an upgrade this week to “outperform” from Credit Suisse. It has also announced a major sponsorship of the 2012 Olympic Games in London.
  • Understanding Basis In SAP
    Basis is like an operating system for R/3. It sits between the ABAP/4 code and the computer’s operating system. SAP likes to call it middleware because it sits in the middle, between ABAP/4 and the operating system.
  • SAP’s John Schwarz on Analytics
    the first being “analytics for everyone” by delivering solutions that have a very refined user experience for reporting, ad hoc query, and historical and predictive analytics. The second axis is potentially more disruptive to the market but one that will most certainly present more headwind in the form of mature competition that SAP will have to overcome while on a steep learning curve, and that is unstructured data (free form text).
  • Oracle Users’ Gripes About Support Portal Going Unheeded
    More than nostalgia is behind the complaints. Many Oracle users say the MOS interface’s use of Flash, which is not installed on many corporate sites and client machines, makes it difficult for them to do their jobs and has resulted in sluggish performance.
  • MetaLink vs. My Oracle Support
    [Poll shows respondents prefer MetaLink to MyOracle, although the poll should be expected to produce a biased result. Actually, the fact that the poll shows only 2 to 1 in favor of MetaLink shows that huge opposition may not be there for the new system.-DBM]
  • Yanks might have last laugh in America’s Cup legal battle
    During the hearing Tuesday, Kornreich asked the Swiss pointed questions about the secret rules changes and what gave Alinghi the right to change the rules after the Americans challenged in 2007.
  • What Should I Send a VC Before the Meeting?
    So why is it important that I have your deck before you pitch if I’ve already agreed to see you? If you show up and I haven’t had a chance to process what your business does, think about competition, check out a few websites, look at your revenue projections, etc. then I’m doing it all in real time while you’re presenting.
  • Oracle protests lost Fairfax County tech contract
    Implicit in his argument was the suggestion that SAP’s contract would end up costing far more in the long run.

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  1. Hi Dennis, We are fellow Oracle Alums. If you readers want to know more about the CA Grants Manager On Demand solution, they can visit my blog at http://community.ca.com/blogs/ppm/archive/2009/07/17/grant-management-wisdom.aspx

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