Enterprise headlines and summaries, 2009-07-25

  • Google Wave: A Complement or Replacement for Google Apps?
    “But I think the crucial thing is that it will all be open source, and the API looks very clean so it will not be long before people are writing apps for it that build on top of the platform.”
  • IT Spending Priorities
    On average, respondents reported using 63% of their budgets to keep the lights on and 37% for innovation.
  • IT Employment Forecast
    Based on the Harris/Technisource survey, the IT Employee Confidence Index rose by 6.1 points to 45.8 in Q2 of this year.
  • Wintel Is Dead: Why Intel Is Up and Microsoft Is Down
    This isn’t a recession story. It’s a disruption story.
  • NetSuite Acquires QuickArrow To Expand PBS Presence
    the addition of QuickArrow will extend NetSuite’s support of professional services verticals such as business and IT consulting, legal, accounting, and government contracting. NetSuite’s services resource planning (SRP) capabilities include investments in key processes such as marketing, sales, quotes/orders, projects, services delivery, charges, invoices, and revenue and finances.
  • Oracle Extends Grid Computing Beyond the Database to Application Infrastructure
    Now the Oracle application grid brings these same principles of dynamism and automation to the entire application environment. In a traditional application infrastructure, an application is tethered to a dedicated set of hardware resources. To meet service-level agreements, the application must be backed by a stack large enough to support peak demand.

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