Enterprise headlines and summaries, 2009-07-24

  • MIX Online’s Gestalt: Write Ruby, Python and XAML in your HTML pages.
    Gestalt is a library released by MIX Online Labs that allows you to write Ruby, Python & XAML code in your (X)HTML pages. It enables you to build richer and more powerful web applications by marrying the benefits of expressive languages, modern compilers, AJAX & RIAs with the write » save » refresh development model of the web.
  • The Cloud Is Just the Beginning
    The cloud is not the destination for a software company looking to optimize its business processes — it’s merely the launchpad for a transformational journey. One of the chief benefits of SaaS is that companies don’t have to commit to it wholesale. Instead, they can dip their toes in and gradually figure out how best to improve operational efficiency and move the bottom line.
  • Can the U.S. Government Help Cloud Computing Reach a Tipping Point?
    If Kundra is successful in his efforts, then the sheer buying power of the government is going help cloud computing reach a tipping point.
  • Where tech jobs are now, and the skills you need to get them
    Dice.com recently compiled a list of the skill sets most in demand among employers.The top 5:
  • NetSuite To Buy QuickArrow
    QuickArrow will be integrated into NetSuite’s OpenAir business. NetSuite claims the combination will create North America’s leading professional services automation (PSA) software company with more than 80,000 subscribers and a customer base that includes Symantec, Salesforce.com, Thompson Reuters, Genesys, Informatica, Proxicom, Siemens and Software AG.
  • SAP World Tour unveils “CLEAR” Enterprise strategy for Indian companies
    “In today’s business environment our customers need to see clearly, think clearly and act clearly to thrive. Gaining clarity and then acting upon it, both within their organisation and across their wider business network, ensures our customers become Best-Run businesses,” said Ranjan Das, Managing Director, SAP Indian subcontinent. “The SAP World Tour 2009 provides business-oriented decision makers with valuable insights and best practices, to help them solve key business challenges.”
  • ORACLE USA, INC., et al., Plaintiffs, v. SAP AG, et al., Defendants
    This motion is necessary because until very recently Oracle has refused or otherwise failed to produce documents and other discovery relating to certain new categories of damages Oracle has recently disclosed that it intends to seek in this case.
  • SAP Serves Your Industry — But to What Extent? Q&A with SAP’s Bob Stutz
    Did you know that SAP solutions drive production of 40 million barrels of oil per day? And defense forces across 107 countries? In this interview, SAP’s Bob Stutz advises how you can leverage SAP resources to address the unique challenges and opportunities presented within your industry.
  • Joe Fuda | Oracle Innovation Showcase
    Whom do you consider the most innovative person at Oracle? A:Of the people I’m familiar with, two come to mind. Number one is Tom Kyte. I spoke earlier about dogma. Well, Tom’s not afraid to challenge dogma, and his answers sometimes end up doing that. When Tom offers a solution that isn’t traditional, he always backs it up with proof, so it’s very hard to poke holes in his arguments and I give him big credit for doing that. The other person who comes to mind is one of our developers, Vadim Tropashko. I’ve communicated with Vadim on some of the discussion forums, and he’s so smart, it’s almost frightening.
  • Sybase to enter cloud through mobility
    Sybase’s mobile platform may provide a cloud-based lifeline for the likes of SAP, Microsoft, and Oracle, providing those legacy enterprise application vendors an entry into the mobile-computing world of the future.
  • Informatica Advances Cloud Data Integration With Support for Amazon Web Services
    Informatica Corporation (Nasdaq:INFA), a leading provider of data integration software, today announced the beta release of Informatica PowerCenter Cloud Edition, an innovative cloud computing data integration product running on Amazon EC2. Complementing this new product is the latest Informatica On Demand offering, PowerCenter Service, to enable IT and business users to remotely execute and manage data integration jobs on Amazon EC2, simply by using an Internet browser.
  • Indian outsourcers vie for $1 bln BP deal-report
    India’s top outsourcers, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS.BO) and Infosys Technologies (INFY.BO), are vying with global rivals for up to $1 billion deal from oil major BP (BP.L), the Economic Times reported on Friday.
  • HP Takes Data Center Transformation Services on the Road
    Using their own experiences in consolidating 85 data centers into six, HP officials have spent the past year meeting with customers to help them start thinking about what is involved in transforming their data centers into dynamic, efficient and cost-effect facilities. Most customers talk about virtualization and cloud computing, but HP officials say there is a lot more to it than that.

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