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Enterprise headlines and summaries, 2009-07-17

  • The Hidden Cost of Microsoft’s ‘Free’ Online Office Suite
    So let’s recap this notion of a free online Office suite for business: * You need a SharePoint server and license in order to collaborate, and either: o You need to pay license fees for an on-premise version of Office 2010 or o You need to pay an as-yet-unspecified subscription fee.
  • SAP scores own goal with Business ByDesign
    Stefan Reid, an analyst at Forrester Research who used to head up the product management division for SAP’s Netweaver infrastructure, said that Business ByDesign is unlikely ever to be scalable because it is not based on a multi-tenant architecture. “SAP said that the architecture of Business ByDesign is multi-tenant, but it can’t be because SAP has also said that it is powered by Netweaver, which I know is not multi-tenant,” he said. “And if SAP wants to sell a software-as-a-service [SaaS] solution at a competitive price point, it has to be scalable.”
  • SAP scores own goal with Business ByDesign
    “It is a matter of terminology. I am not fluent in marketing jargon.”
  • Software Engineering: An Idea Whose Time Has Come and Gone? by Tom DeMarco
    The book for me is a curious combination of generally true things written on every page but combined into an overall message that’s wrong. It’s as though the book’s young author had never met a metric he didn’t like. The book’s deep message seems to be, metrics are good, more would be better, and most would be best. Today we all understand that software metrics cost money and time and must be used with careful moderation. In addition, software development is inherently different from a natural science such as physics, and its metrics are accordingly much less precise in capturing the things they set out to describe. They must be taken with a grain of salt, rather than trusted without reservation.
  • Mark Wilcox | Oracle Innovation Showcase
    Innovation is a process that results in something tangible that improves people’s lives.
  • SAP Sponsored Academic Research Conference 2009
    The SAP Sponsored Academic Research Conference features two special executive keynotes – Hasso Plattner, Chairman and Founder of SAP, and Ike Nassi, SAP Chief Scientist – examining the theme “Enterprise – The Next Generation.” Current joint-research projects in such areas as multicore, security, sustainability, computational logic, IT productivity, and supply-chain risk will also be presented, highlighting the latest in academia-led innovation.
  • Cloud / SaaS Total Cost of Ownership Framework
    The bottom line of this post is that an overall TCO analysis that makes true apples to apples comparison of SaaS / Cloud vs on-premises applications should include a thorough analysis of costs and return across at least three components – Capital expenditure, IT operations and Departmental /Business operations. The TCO model should extend over the total expected lifecycle of the applications – I’d suggest 7 to 9 years in the world of financial applications – and break the overall lifecycle into three sections – initial deployment, ongoing operations and upgrade/replacement in year 3-5.
  • Mark Cuban Scores in SEC Case
    A federal judge threw out the Securities and Exchange Commission’s insider-trading charges against Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban, and undercut the SEC’s legal argument in a way that could make it more difficult to prosecute similar cases.
  • What CIOs Should Know About Carbon Taxes
    Final legislation will increase data center energy costs by approximately $50 per commodity server. This equates to about a 10% increase in electricity per server. This is just a starting point and not likely to foster a fundamental societal change, such as the impact of high gasoline prices on SUV sales. So, I think we can expect additional carbon cost increases in the future, which will impact IT much more than other corporate functions.
  • InterWest Partners: Investing in Enterprise SaaS
    We recently spoke with Bruce Cleveland at InterWest Partners. Bruce has been part of InterWest’s IT team since 2006, focusing on investments in the software and services sector, with an emphasis on software as a service (SaaS) and analytical applications. He is a board member of Cloud9 Analytics, Marketo, Right90, and Signal Demand. Prior to joining InterWest, Bruce was one of the original members of the Siebel executive team. So, he knows enterprise software. Having just returned from the Enterprise 2.0 conference, we wanted to get the investor’s view of this market.
  • Q2 venture investing looks like it’s 2005 (and that’s a good thing)
    In Q2 (from April to June), venture capitalists invested a total of $5.27 billion in 595 deals. That’s pretty meager compared to the $8.33 billion invested in 726 deals during the same period last year but, as you may be aware, that was a very different time, economically speaking. It’s a big jump from the $4.00 billion invested last quarter, so we might even begin to start talking about a recovery. To look at it another way, last quarter’s investment numbers were the lowest since 1998, while this quarter is about on-par with 2005.
  • Federal IT Dashboard
    Welcome to IT Dashboard
  • Evidence-based decisions
    Today, the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), under the leadership of Secretary Shinseki and VA CIO Roger Baker, announced that it will temporarily halt 45 IT projects which are either behind schedule or over budget and work to determine whether these programs should be continued. We’re not talking about a trivial sum here—the Fiscal Year 2009 combined budget for the 45 projects is approximately $200 million. The worst offender of the bunch was 110% over budget and 17 months behind schedule.

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