Enterprise headlines and summaries, 2009-07-11

  • What if Salesforce.com weren’t multi-tenant?
    1,000 servers for 55,000 customers and 1.5 million individual subscribers…it’s apparent that it costs salesforce.com $0.12-$0.13 per $1.00 of revenue to deliver its service for a total of $127 million for the year on roughly $1 billion in subscription revenue.
  • The Efficient Cloud: All Of Salesforce Runs On Only 1,000 Servers
    all of Salesforce.com runs on only about 1,000 servers. And that is mirrored, so it is really only 500
  • New Vine assets set for Tuesday sale
    New Vine assets part of the July 14 public sale Assets listed for auction from New Vine’s offices in Napa and Oakland, fulfillment warehouse in American Canyon and data co-location center in San Francisco include the following: … o order management and financial system: Oracle software, four Sun Microsystems servers … o warehouse management systems: Provia and Oracle software with three Sun servers … o networking and back office systems: Microsoft, Solarwinds and Noetix software with eight Dell servers; three Sun servers; two custom-built servers; one Sun and 1 Dell storage array; six Cisco routers; six D-Link router/switches; three Juniper Netscreen firewalls; four APC uninterruptable power supplies
  • SaaS: Shifting Clouds
    The trend toward cloud computing is growing, but not all cloud players are benefiting equally. Some of the early trailblazers have already disappeared, having failed to attract the investments needed to stay alive, or having been gobbled up as larger competitors lumbered onto the playing field. Best-of-breed innovators are going to have to be nimble and quick to survive.
  • IBM May Keep 2Q Profits Steady Despite Sales Decline
    IBM doesn’t give quarterly earnings and revenue forecasts, but in mid-May, the company reiterated that it expects to earn at least $9.20 a share for 2009 and between $10 and $11 for its 2010 fiscal year.
  • CrunchUp Live: Real Time Business
    Marcouillier: Enterprise applications have always been lacking. Previously, the things you did at home have nothing to do with work. Now you can compare the things you do at home to things you do at work. ES: To what extent are other data streams impacting businesses? Ham: It’s definitely more prevalent and people understand the value proposition. I see it as a trend. I see some creative use cases for enterprises, mashups for conferences.
  • Office 2010 The Movie
  • Microsoft Launches Silverlight 3 Ahead of Worldwide Partner Conference
    Microsoft has launched Silverlight 3, its Rich Internet application (RIA) technology competitor to Adobe Flash. The new version of the application includes increased support and new features such as enhanced video performance. It will be just one product demonstrated at Microsoft’s Worldwide Partner Conference in New Orleans from July 13-16, along with Windows 7, Microsoft Office 2010, and Windows Server 2008.
  • Microsoft Office 2010 — where’s the part where they get paid?
    Microsoft Office 2010, which gets its official debut at Microsoft’s international partner conference in New Orleans on Monday, will be based around a free, ad-supported Web version of Office. And it’s not a jokey one, from what our embargoed friends in the press have told us.
  • SAP IDES 4.71 Installation Software. Get it Install it & Practive for ever, SAP ABAP
    “OFFER “Only for You 1. The Cost of Sap R/3 4.71 (3 DVDs) is now for a limited time Rs. 1400 + Rs 100(Courier Charges). (A great discount offer only upto 30th July 2009) 2. SAP HR Full tutorial step by step with live screenshots & configuration guide at a great price of Rs. 1300 + Rs 100 (Courier Charges). (A great discount offer only upto 30th July 2009) 3. If you Order for both the above 2(two) you get a lumpsum discount i.e both the above at Rs 2500 only in a single courier.
  • SAP Executive John Wookey Details Large Enterprise On-Demand Strategy at SIIA On-Demand Conference
    # All large enterprise on-demand applications will be powered by the Java-based Frictionless platform SAP gained through the Frictionless acquisition three years ago. # For large enterprises, SAP currently offers the SAP® Customer Relationship Management (SAP CRM) on-demand solution, the SAP® E-sourcing on-demand solution, and cap and trade software through the Clear Standards acquisition (see “SAP to Acquire Carbon Management Solution Leader Clear Standards, Inc.”). Additionally, expense management software is expected to be launched in mid-2010. # The on-demand offering for large enterprises is part of a portfolio of solutions dedicated to different target groups, also including the SAP® BusinessObjects™ OnDemand offerings— the SAP® BusinessObjects™ BI OnDemand solution, the crystalreports.com application and the SAP® BusinessObjects™ Information OnDemand portal—dedicated to business users small to large, and SAP® Business ByDesign™, an integrated, complete on-demand solution dedicat
  • Infosys Profit Climbs 17%, But Rupee Hurts Outlook
    Infosys, India’s second-largest software exporter by sales after Tata Consultancy Services Ltd., also raised the lower end of its full-year earnings guidance in dollar terms, mainly due to the fall of the U.S. dollar against European currencies, Chief Executive S. Gopalakrishnan said. Bangalore-based Infosys is the first major Indian technology firm to report quarterly earnings, and its results are often considered an indication of how rivals will perform. The results are raising expectations that TCS, Wipro Ltd. and HCL Technologies Ltd. will also likely report stronger-than-expected numbers.
  • Microsoft To Launch Surface Partner Program AT WPC
    That’s important, given the costs involved with getting up to speed on Surface development: Microsoft Surface units are priced at $12,500 per unit, and the developer-focused Microsoft Surface unit is priced at $15,000 and comes with an SDK, training and 5 seat licenses.

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