Enterprise headlines and summaries, 2009-07-08

  • 8 Things You Need to Know About the New SAP® Enterprise Support Program
    Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) Solution Manager, a lifecycle management tool that’s mandatory for all SAP customers, will be a critical part of monitoring the key performance indicators (KPIs) that are integrally related to the price increases associated with Enterprise Support. These price increases won’t go into effect until the KPIs are met by a group of 100 customers picked by SUGEN, the SAP User Group Network. This was a key point in the above mentioned joint press release.
  • Amazon.com (AMZN) Cloud Computing Saas Solution
    Usually known as one of the best E-commerce websites, Amazon.comcloud computing solution. SaaS is a rapidly growing and developing segment of technology, which follows a very different model than that of traditional perpetual license software sales.
    (AMZN) has been adding a new component to its business model. Amazon has become a software as a service (SaaS) provider for enterprise clients through its on-demand
  • Open Source Business Intelligence Software On the Rise
    Here are some details on resources and approaches for these four well-known Business Intelligence applications: Jaspersoft. Jaspersoft offers a set of open source business intelligence applications ranging from JasperAnalysis for analyzing multi-dimensional data, to JasperReports for creating detailed, and graphical reports on business processes and status. JasperSoft offers both a free Community Edition and a Professional Edition that includes support and services. You can find a breakdown of the differences between these editions here. Pentaho. The Pentaho BI Suite is also available in a free Community Edition or an Enterprise Edition that includes support and services. You can find webinars on its applications here, and look at what some business are doing with Pentaho here. Pentaho’s suite is modular, and you can either deploy the whole thing, or pick components, such as Pentaho Analysis and Pentaho Reporting. SpagoBI. SpagoBI is an integration platform for Business Intelligence
  • Open Source is Infiltrating the Enterprise
    What are some of the real success stories you’ve seen with open source in commercial settings? Jeffrey Hammond: Well, I just mentioned the one about the travel and transport provider, but I’ve seen open source used as the basis for in-store sales systems that are PCI compliant. So that would counter another fallacy that you often hear; you can’t build secure software with open source. And I defy you to find an example of a system which would need a higher level of governance and qualification than something that’s handling credit card data. And, yet, we see organizations successfully deploying software with things like OpenSolaris and networking stacks that are based on open source software. I’ve also seen it used in financial services organizations and by a major airline in Europe, which is using open source at the core of their operating system strategy. And they’re running their SAP installations on top of an open source operating system framework
    and saving a million dollars simpl
  • Forrester Expands ‘software Bill of Rights’
    Indeed, now is the time for customers to make the case for and lock in such measures, given the fact that vendors are struggling to make new license sales but also continuing to enjoy highly profitable maintenance revenue streams, Wang said.
  • Enterprise Software Licensing Negotiations: Insider Tips
    “Of all the assets that an enterprise acquires, enterprise software brings with it the most unusual, onerous and restrictive set of constraints,” notes Forrester Research VP and principal analyst Ray Wang, in a brand-new report on software licensing best practices.
  • Why Oracle bought Sun: 60% of enterprise software vendors rely on Java
    of the top 50 enterprise software vendors 33 offer applications that rely on Java. Add it up and this group represents more than $38.5 billion, or 77 percent of the top 50’s revenue. Anyone out there still think Oracle’s acquisition of Sun was about hardware?
  • A Growing Acceptance of Social Networking in the Workplace
    43% of the IT respondents said they felt social networking has no measurable business benefit and should only be allowed if it can be secured and controlled
  • Avis Budget Group, Inc. Improves Customer Experience with Service-Oriented Architecture
    Key Benefits: * Created a paperless process for rental returns, delivering greater customer convenience * Accelerated time to market * Increased flexibility and responsiveness * Enabled Avis to expand marketing initiatives * Gained the ability to easily process more than 60,000 transactions per day
  • PREVIEW-India IT firms Q1 net seen up, growth prospects cloudy
    India’s top software services companies are likely to report a rise in quarterly profits, but worries persist about the near-term outlook for the export-driven sector as technology spending falls and clients seek fee cuts. Analysts said a reduced pace of deal cancellations and signs of stability in the financial sector, a key customer base, was positive for India’s $60 billion outsourcing sector, but a pick-up in growth was unlikely due to fragile global economy.
  • Law Office of Brodsky & Smith, LLC Announces Investigation On Behalf of Shareholders of SoftBrands Inc.
    Law office of Brodsky & Smith, LLC announces that it is investigating potential claims against the Board of Directors of SoftBrands Inc. (“SoftBrands” or the “Company”) (NYSE:SBN) relating to the proposed acquisition by Golden Gate Capital and Infor. Under the proposed agreement, SoftBrands shareholders will receive $0.92 in cash for each share of SoftBrands they own. The deal is valued at approximately $41.3 million ($80 million including debt and preferred shares). The investigation concerns possible breaches of fiduciary duty and other violations of state law related to the SoftBrands board’s approval of the proposed transaction. Through the fall of 2008, the stock was trading at or close to $1.00 a share, higher than the current offer.
  • Asian Developers Moving to Cloud Computing
    More than one in four developers in the Asia Pacific region are using cloud services or expect to within the next six months, Evans Data officials said. According to the market research firm’s most recent Asia Pacific Development survey, 11.3 percent of respondents said they are currently using cloud services, with an additional 16.4 percent saying they plan to begin using them within six months. And over half of the respondents said they expect to be using cloud services at some time.
  • Fleeing Silicon Valley – Part 2
    Recently Tom Siebel, founder of Siebel System (sold to Oracle) told BBCSilicon Valley has been toppled from its pedestal… I think information technology is much less important in the global picture today than it was even 10-20 years ago.” Mr Siebel said there is a power shift taking place however, “Not many in the Valley have realized that their influence is waning.”
    News, “I think
  • State: Oracle data center still a go despite construction halt
    Work ended in late March after a public ground-breaking in November, but Oracle executives didn’t notify the GOED, which had agreed to provide up to $15 million in taxpayer-financed incentives, until May. And when Oracle finally acknowledged to state officials it had halted construction on the 200,000-square-foot data center at 6200 West 10120 South, it didn’t explain why or say when work might resume. “All they said was ‘we’re postponing.’ That is literally all I know,” GOED spokesman Michael Sullivan said Wednesday. “They absolutely used the word ‘postpone,’ and ‘we’ll let you know.'”

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