Enterprise headlines and summaries, 2009-07-05

  • Sap’S Co-Founder Hasso Plattner Shares His Vision Of A New Concept In Data Storage
    According to Plattner, column databases have considerable advantages over conventional storage methods: * No redundant data, so less data administration * No redundant software codes, so easier upgrades * Data feeds directly into algorithms * Greater flexibility * Easy to add new fields in the customer database
  • As Oracle advances Fusion middleware, what’s SAP’s next move?
    In that light, it leaked a couple of weeks ago that SAP was looking at a big purchase – even somewhere in the neighborhood of $2.1 billion. There’s lots of speculation on who it may be, or whether there’s really any truth to the rumor at all. But there have been rumors swirling around SAP possibly acquiring Tibco or Software AG.
  • Why Sage may never get saas
    There are no easy solutions to this problem but there is one that could work. Sage could divert some of its investment into building a startup that is free of current management. It would need to be independent of Sage and be prepared to fail at some point. The investment need not be huge and could be ramped progressively as milestones are reached. It would need to acquire new DNA in the form of people who understand the dynamics of the saas market. All of that is do-able. The question must be, will management see things that way?
  • MySQL Workbench – A Superficial Review
    Is MySQL Workbench perfect? No, but it is good enough. The Community Edition (what I tested) gives you all the features you will need. I’m not sure what other advanced features that the non-free version has (if there is still a non-free version) but I couldn’t find anything that I need that it wouldn’t do out of the box. This version is much more stable than previous versions and everything I needed it to do, it eventually did. I am very pleased with this project, especially for free. It’s now one of my standard development tools. I recommend this tool to anyone doing serious database work with MySQL.
  • Useful Tips To Speed Up Your MySQL Queries
    If you are interested in how to create fast MySQL queries, this article is for you
  • MySQL vs PostgreSQL Benchmarks
    # MySQL 5.1.30/InnoDB 1.0.3 with Google SMP patch – Compiled by SUN and InnoDB compiled by ORACLE outperform PostgreSQL in some cases. # PostgreSQL 8.3.7-0lenny1 – Debian Stable version – It’s a top performer from the Debian standard distro and is out performed only by the latest InnoDB 1.0.3. # Differences between PostgreSQL and MySQL 5.1.30/InnoDB 1.0.3 are very small # PostgreSQL is outperforming any MySQL version on Creating, Loading, Created Indexes operations (this can be very usefull on a DB recovery). # I don’t know why PostgreSQL is performing bad on bulk_delete() bulk_modify() querys … is possible to have a glitch in my configurations?
  • Cross-Database Admin Tool which can manage MySQL, PostgreSQL and Oracle
    Navicat Premium which can manage: * MySQL * PostgreSQL * Oracle
  • Alinghi’s America’s Cup catamaran may be ‘dangerous’ say designers
    The giant twin-hulled boat is estimated to have cost more than £6 million to build. It has been compared to Pete Goss’s revolutionary 120ft catamaran Team Phillips which famously broke up in heavy seas in the Atlantic in 2000.
  • Andreessen launches high-profile venture capital firm
    The duo, who previously have made more than 40 “angel” investments using their own money, said pension funds, foundation endowments and other investors have committed $300 million to the fund. It was “oversubscribed,” as VCs put it, meaning the duo agreed to take on more money than they were initially seeking — a remarkable feat in a recession that has even prominent venture firms delaying or scaling back on new funds. Andreessen Horowitz will focus on the computer industry: “Anything with a chip, anything with software,” Andreessen said in an interview. And most of the money — in investments ranging from $50,000 to as much as $50 million — will be close to home, he said. “Silicon Valley is still the most target-rich environment.”
  • Cisco Missing the Point?
    You can actually hear those old ‘network equipment’ roots at Cisco wrapping around and strangling the neck of Cisco’s potential in new markets.
  • IE8’s “Get the Facts Marketing Gets It Wrong
    When did Microsoft hire Oracle’s marketing team?
  • The Executive Summary on Oracle’s Fusion 11G
    a sort of “Fusion 11g Cliff Notes for Executives,” if you like. You can skim it and then spend the rest of your Fourth of July weekend doing something better, like golfing with your buddies, holding a cookout, or figuring out SOA.
  • What an impressive launch–Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g
    By Brian Dayton, Senior Director, Oracle Fusion Middleware
  • Does SAP’s SaaS News Impact Their Java Strategy?
    To get to the bottom of this, I talked to a few folks inside of SAP to find out if the Wookey announcements had changed the conversation inside of SAP. Bottom line: not much – except for some surprised folks who were not in the loop with what Wookey was up to until he went public. “I was just as surprised as you were” was one such reaction…Wookey’s group is basing its SaaS development on the Frictionless Java technology SAP acquired in 2006 by purchasing Frictionless Commerce, which is a Java-based platform…SaaS will present another way for companies to plug into the ABAP-based Suite.

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