Enterprise headlines and summaries, 2009-06-21

  • Expect Tech Mergers to Increase
    Thus far in the 2Q09, there have been 612 deals for a total value of roughly $43Bn versus 646 deals done in 1Q09 for a measly $9Bn. Clearly the big deal is back and while the first quarter was the first quarter in years to not have a $1Bn dollar deal, we’ve had 8 thus far in the June quarter (including eBay (EBAY)/Gmarket, Oracle (ORCL)/Sun (JAVA) and now Data Domain (DDUP)).
  • Predictions and info for Oracle Fusion Middleware launch
    Oracle will explicitly or implicitly reveal its plans (and post-merger org structure) for Java in the post-Sun-acquisition period for Fusion Middleware at the Fusion Middleware (FMW) launch on July 1. # Oracle will deprecate Eclipse (which they don’t control) quickly, trying to move Java developers to JDeveloper (which they control). JDeveloper will have tight links to FMW components as well as generic Java, which Oracle will tout as benefits. My $0.02: this is a futile and silly effort, as Eclipse is so much more than just a Java development environment, with an ecosystem that creates enormous value around it. Oracle should come to some “understanding” with IBM and just adopt Eclipse. # Oracle will show a lot about how Fusion Apps will adopt FMW on July 1 (especially the Java Platform and WebCenter). This is likely to be a real game-changer. I am not certain that other ERP vendors will be able to deliver anything like the compelling user experience, social capabilities, and productivi
  • Honey, I shrunk the VCs
    If entrepreneurs learn to get along without VCs, that might indeed be the death of venture capital.
  • SAP ABAP + Java Stacks on Amazon Cloud Computing
    In this post, I describe how I setup the windows environment used to install relatively modern SAP ABAP and Java stacks, using the Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) to store persistent data. I needed to: * install appropriate the Windows 2003 Server environment, * get copies of the install SAP ECC6 IDES software for Netweaver 7 / DB6 / windows
  • Used Software Rights Upheld In SusenSoftware Win Over SAP
    Enterprises seeking to optimize enterprise software costs should consider the used software or secondary market as an option. It appears that the legal precedents have been set. Now’s the time to pick up additional SAP R/3 4.7, Oracle 11i EBS, or Infor Baan 4CIV licenses! Resellers, VARs, and distributors should take the opportunity to create this new market. Pressure from vendors will most likely be limited as the sentiment in the courts now side with the customer.
  • Free Is the New SaaS
    Well, SmartRecruiters is an end-to-end recruitment solution for companies with up to 2500 employees. And it allows organizations to manage their recruitment processes — create requisitions, post them, source candidates, assess candidates, screen them and hire them — automating the whole process, as well as giving organizations a career website so they can post their own jobs on their site. So it is a fairly complete recruitment solution, specifically designed for SMBs.
  • Used Software Licences | Purchase & Sale | Second-Hand Market
    usedSoft trades with second-hand software licences, which have been resold at least once by developers or dealers directly to users. Those licenses handle non-material copyrights for software. Used software is traded basically for two reasons: First, applications may run out of use, e.g. after mergers and insolvencies. Second, software licences are purchased, but do not get to be used. For instance, the market research company Gartner estimates that 42 percent of the CRM software licences are unused. According to Meta Group, 15 percent of the sold business intelligence tools have never been used at all. Thus, the purchase of second-hand licences offers the user companies significant saving perspectives compared to the initial software acquisition – without having to cope with any disadvantages in exchange, since * software cannot wear out. * usedSoft guarantees and notarises the legal security of an acquisition by purchase and sales invoices, respectively licence certificates
  • Oracle Unveils New Release of Oracle’s Agile Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)
    Product Risk Management – Supplier performance changes, component shortages, price reductions and other global value chain uncertainties contribute to the high-risk environment companies face today… Enterprise PLM Backbone – Many existing design and document management applications fail to deliver strategic business value because of difficulties in integrating them with other business applications. In contrast, Agile PLM 9.3 provides a complete Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) that allows companies to integrate it’s various components to existing engineering and enterprise systems. This enables companies to seamlessly deploy these PLM services and achieve their business objectives while managing costs. Some of the key features introduced in this release are: … User Productivity Tools – Agile PLM 9.3 enhances user productivity by leveraging a Web 2.0 User Interface. Lab tests of Agile PLM 9.3 using real product data from a large global customer showed a 70 percent reduction in cl
  • Indian ADRs shed $5 bn in market valuation in one week
    Among the entities listed as American Depository Receipts (ADRs), Sterlite Industries and Wipro, together lost little over USD 3 billion. Sterlite’s market capitalisation dropped by USD 1.70 billion whereas that of Wipro declined by USD 1.36 billion.
  • TechM set to announce major decisions in Satyam today
    Eighteen top officials of Tech Mahindra, including its Chief Executive Officer Vineet Nayyar and global operations head C P Gurnani, who joined the Satyam board on June 1, were already camping at Satyam’s Infocity campus in Hyderabad since the last three days. They were engaged in meetings and discussions with Satyam’s top 90 leaders for charting the IT outsourcing company’s future road map, going ahead. “Taking stock of Satyam’s new businesses, re-branding the IT outsourcing company while maintaining a ‘joint virtual integration’ of both the companies (Tech Mahindra and Satyam) strengths, considering a second preferential issue for picking up the remaining 20 per cent stake in Satyam in the event of its stock surging past the offer price of Rs 58 to nearly 80, and on how to fully utilise the capabilities of the existing staff under the ‘Virtual Pool Programme’ will be the main decision-making issues at tomorrow’s meet,” sources said.
  • Mahindra renames Satyam, unveils new business plan
    Mahindra Satyam brand would be based on values of good corporate citizenship, professionalism, quality focus, and the dignity of the individual
  • Tech Giants Ramp Up Their Online Offerings
    But now the Redwood Shores, Calif., company is developing more than 10 online software programs, including ones that track employees and job applicants, say people briefed on the matter. Oracle declined to comment. Meanwhile, Germany’s SAP says it expects to release an online purchasing tool later this year, plus two other applications next year. H-P said earlier this month it will develop online versions of almost all its business software. And Microsoft Corp. and International Business Machines Corp. have also moved into online software over the past year.
  • Microsoft shares look ‘super cheap’
    “With both Windows 7 and Bing, Microsoft for the first time in eons is giving off the aura of a company that is innovating and listening to users. That has helped the stock rebound more than 50 percent off the March low — but there should be plenty more to come,” it said.

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