Enterprise headlines and summaries, 2009-06-04

  • Google I/O Sessions Live
    Some of the sessions from Google I/O have been posted, including the Wave breakout sessions . I know one of these conflicted with Rich’s panel session, “OpenSocial in the Enterprise”. Rich was both bummed he had to miss it and worried that after the morning’s rousing keynote, no one would show up for his session.
  • Advanced Oracle Troubleshooting Seminar list for 2009
    This is the final list of seminars planned for 2009. Except these I won’t be doing any more public AOT seminars this year as my calendar is almost full up to January 2010. So if you like my writing, Oracle internals & OS touchpoint, and want to troubleshoot better, check out events in this list
  • RESTful Services with Oracle Service Bus
    Why use OSB for REST? Using the Oracle Service Bus to provide an interface as simple as REST may seem odd at first. There are several good reasons for this approach though. 1. You automatically get all of the monitoring, reporting, security and more provided by OSB for your RESTful services 2. You keep the benefits of mediation. For example, of our company in this example purchased another company that provided different products, you could use the OSB to act as a façade over both product catalogs while providing a single, unchanged REST interface. 3. You can REST-ify existing, non-service enabled assets like EJBs
  • Details On The SUGEN KPI’s For SAP Enterprise Support
    More details have emerged on the actual 10 or 11 KPI’s that SUGEN and SAP have agreed to as well as the SAP’s targets for showing value. To start with, here are the main KPI’s for each category: SUGEN KPI’S Business Continuity * Increased business solution availability * Reduced amount of work related to all SAP incidents (including reduced mean time to resolve and reduced overall SAP incidents) Business Process Performance * Reduced number of emergency changes. * Reduced amount of work for post-go-live stabilization and optimization. * Reduced number of failed changes, which must be backed out of business solutions in productive use. Protection of Investment * Deployment of the latest innovation for application and technology stacks. * Reduced maintenance costs by elimination of unnecessary modifications. Total Cost of Operations: * Decreased hardware costs (e.g. CPU). * Decreased sto
  • Informatica Announces Ninth Annual Innovation Award Winners
    Informatica Corporation (Nasdaq:INFA), the leading independent provider of data integration software and services, today announced the business, technology and vertical winners of the 2009 Informatica Innovation Awards competition. The annual awards recognize innovative organizations who have achieved exemplary business value through their use of the Informatica Data Integration Platform. Judges chose eight individual business and technology enablement category winners, eleven vertical industry winners and one overall award for “A Strategic Approach to Data Integration” from over 3,600 customers. The overall honor goes to Carnival Cruise Lines for its strategic approach to data integration which plays a significant role in ensuring its passengers’ safety.
  • IBM Announces New, Updated Tools
    IBM Rational Insight is a new project management solution designed to help business stakeholders measure and manage team performance and project results across an entire organization. Built using IBM Cognos software, Rational Insight provides metrics and dashboards that help businesses quickly find and focus on cross-organizational issues that delay or derail software and systems projects, ensure the right people are collaborating, and then take real-time action to continuously improve results. IBM also announced a beta release of Focal Point for Project Management, an updated version of an existing tool from Telelogic, a company IBM recently acquired. Focal Point for Project Management is intended to manage changing priorities by enabling communications, workflow, and collaboration across geographical and organizational boundaries. Other upgraded products include IBM Rational Focal Point for Product and Portfolio Management, Requirements Composer, and System Architect. Upgrades to T
  • SAP gets closer to open source with Eclipse
    Today ,SAP extended its open source commitment by upping its membership status within the Eclipse Foundation. SAP is now a Strategic Developer (up from being a Strategic Consumer). With the new membership level, SAP is set to provide at least eight full-time development resources as well help lead an open source project within Eclipse. Basically it means that SAP will become more active in open source development at Eclipse. SAP has actually also proposed a new Eclipse project codename Pave, that will be a template-based application framework for complex application development. SAP is no stranger to Eclipse and is in fact a founding member of the foundation and uses Eclipse as the basis of its NetWeaver technology.
  • IBM Helps Clients Manage Information Throughout Its Lifecycle
    IBM (NYSE: IBM) today announced new offerings within the Optim Portfolio to enable organizations to work leaner and more efficiently with capabilities to work across disparate data platforms as well as reduce development and administrative costs. In addition, IBM also announced new InfoSphere Foundation Tools, which will speed access to critical business information and manage information as a strategic asset. The Optim and InfoSphere portfolios combine to help organizations easily embrace IBM’s Information Agenda approach by allowing them to manage the complete lifecycle of information regardless of the complexity of their data infrastructure.
  • Smart Move: IBM Adds To Analytic Application Lineup
    Topping the list of new apps is InfoSphere Clinical Analytics for Healthcare Providers, software that integrates health-care information from multiple operational and financial data sources for analysis. A hospital analyst, for example, could examine data from billing, lab, pharmacy and electronic medical record systems to identify best practices, such as finding the most effective treatment for a particular condition. Upcoming releases of IBM’s Cognos business intelligence and performance management software will include business performance analysis tools for life sciences, financial services and the government sector, the company said. A pharmaceutical maker, for example, could use the software to spot trends and anomalies in key products and services and the processes that support them. IBM is building statistical analysis algorithms from SPSS into Cognos to support those new capabilities. IBM also has developed new industry models that financial service companies use to manage t
  • Hewlett-Packard’s Move Into Software
    All of this puts HP squarely in the path of other one-stop tech shops like IBM and soon Oracle. … Hogan, 49, who worked at IBM and Siebel Systems before Vignette, first helped engineer a $4.5 billion acquisition of Mercury Interactive, a company that helped big businesses test and troubleshoot software. A year later HP bought business software outfit Opsware, founded by former Netscape whiz kid Marc Andreessen. … Hogan also changed the sales philosophy in his group, encouraging reps to court high-level executives at big accounts rather than the managers often relegated to buying hardware. He got the okay from Chief Executive Mark Hurd and Hogan’s boss, Ann Livermore, to do away with compensation caps. He now expects 5% of his sales force to be earning $1 million a year. In November he held a glitzy sales kickoff event at the Venetian in Las Vegas.

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