Enterprise headlines and summaries, 2009-05-12

  • 3 Stock Ideas for the New Microsoft
    Netflix (Nasdaq: NFLX). An obvious choice, insofar as CEO Reed Hastings sits on Microsoft’s board and the two companies have cooperated to deliver movies through the Xbox 360. Plus, as a retail partner, Netflix would be ideal — drop off your videos at the Microsoft entertainment center in exchange for your favorite Xbox games. Twitter and Facebook. Any serious run at Google (Nasdaq: GOOG) would necessarily include social search in some form. Microsoft already has $240 million committed to Facebook, whose 200 million users gush data daily, and Twitter is apparently talking with everyone except for Google. That’s a huge opportunity. VMware (NYSE: VMW). Remember the old Microsoft mantra: “Embrace and extend?” When it comes to cloud computing, data centers are what you embrace, and virtualization — the practice of transforming one server into the equivalent of many, dramatically boosting productivity in the process — is what you extend. VMware is the market leader in virtualization, b
  • SAPPHIRE09: a view from the cloud
    Apotheker was quick to ensure the analysts understand SAP does not believe it is out of the dark economic woods just yet. Full marks for getting that one down. He then carefully laid out SAP’s long term strategy of having a mix and match, cloud and on-premise play that allows the company to sashay, or is it swoop? between evolving delivery models but with a gradually increasing focus on delivering services while continuing to focus on the goal of a 35% operating margin. “That [cloud] should not be confused with on-demand,” said Apotheker, noting that the boundaries between on-premise and private clouds is ‘fuzzy.’ He also said that the 30% reduction in TCO demanded by the KPI’s agreed with SUGEN would be “a walk in the park” from SAP’s perspective. This lends weight to at least one argument that at least some of the KPI’s are stacked in SAP’s favor.
  • I can see clearly now the rain is gone..
    He then spent some time on clouds – private and public. BusinessByDesign is looking better and better. Multi-tenancy economics are improving. They have learned a lot about data center operations and pesky stuff like patch management in shared application platforms from the first 80 or so early adopters. They are learning about “low-touch” customer management. He cringed a bit when I asked what if your larger customers want that at those economics? But recovered – it’s about customer choice. As we are coaching Wall Street we have a steady and rising base of subscription revenue.
  • Salesforce Summer Ups Collaboration, Workflow
    Perhaps the biggest change is workflow optimization. This new feature rolls out immediately to both Sales Cloud (CRM) customers and to Service Cloud (contact center) customers. It allows companies to program event triggers that ensure that the right procedures are followed.
  • Microsoft Readies ‘Madison’ Data Warehouse Appliance CTP
    Microsoft plans to release its first community technology preview for “Project Madison” in early July. Project Madison is the code name for Microsoft’s new data warehousing technology for SQL Server. Madison builds off technology Microsoft acquired when it purchased DATAllegro in 2008. The goal of Madison is to use MPP (massively parallel processing) to deliver high performance and scalability on SQL Server 2008, Windows Server 2008 and industry-standard hardware. The appliance partitions large tables across multiple physical nodes, with each node having dedicated CPU, memory and storage and running its own instance of SQL Server. The query processing takes place within one physical instance of a database. A Control Node routes queries from applications to all Compute Nodes and then collects and returns the result… Microsoft has dubbed the product’s parallel design “Ultra Shared Nothing.”
  • Microsoft to Begin First Technology Preview for Project “Madison”
    We are on track to release the first Technology Preview for Project “Madison” in H2 2009. A select group of customers will deploy a prototype MPP data warehouse on Madison. Download the first Project “Madison” data sheet. And, view the on demand webinar, “An Early Look at Kilimanjaro and Madison.”
  • SAP CEO sees signs of economic recovery
    SAP Co-Chief Executive Leo Apotheker said the next few months may bring ‘glimmers of hope’ for the global economy, in comments that briefly turned the Nasdaq positive on Monday. Apotheker also said he believes the business software maker should stay independent, following fresh speculation in European markets that Microsoft Corp could bid for the German company. The talk was sparked by Microsoft’s plans to sell a multibillion-dollar debt issue. … ‘We’re probably starting to see a stabilization of the situation,’ Apotheker said at a news conference in New York. ‘We’ll probably start to see some glimmers of hope in the second half of the year for the global economy.’ … Apotheker, who will become the sole CEO of SAP when Henning Kagermann’s retires later in May, declined to comment on the Microsoft speculation, but said he believed it is in SAP’s interest to remain independent.
  • Material Issues for SAP and Our Stakeholders
    We look forward to continued dialogue and invite you to join us on our journey. Vote > Survey Results > Join the Dialogue >
  • SAP Unveils Interactive Sustainability Report and Invites Collaboration on Sustainability Strategies
    In its 2008 Sustainability Report, released online today, SAP AG (NYSE: SAP) details its activities in support of its ongoing strategic commitment to deliver superior sustainability solutions to customers and improve its own sustainability performance. The new SAP 2008 Sustainability Report is the company’s first independently assured report, having achieved a B+ Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) rating, and features a unique role-based interface that uses Xcelsius(R) software from the SAP(R) BusinessObjects(TM) portfolio to allow readers to interact with and use SAP’s data in an intuitive and engaging way. As a framework to actively encourage continued stakeholder collaboration around future sustainability solutions, SAP also released an extensive “Sustainability Map” in the report. For the first time, the map catalogs the full landscape of the customer’s business processes and IT activities related to sustainability. SAP invited stakeholders to collaborate in improving the map going
  • Our job is to think how we go beyond $10 bn: Wipro Jt CEOs
    What has made the joint CEO model work? Girish: One of the things which helped before we started this model was that we spent some time in thinking about it, how will it work? There are some things for which we are jointly and severally responsible and we cannot walk away from it. When it has to do with company strategy, brand, people policy and financial outcome, those are indivisible. Both of us are fully responsible. Apart from that there are business lines, service lines, geography, functions. For these we did a neat division among ourselves with some balance. How is the work divided? Girish: If you look at industry verticals, Suresh looks at manufacturing, retail, energy and utilities. I oversee telecom, financial services, media and technology. But prior to this joint roles did you work together? Suresh: He has been in Wipro for 18 years. I have been there 23 years. The connections have been there at different points of time at different levels. So we know each other.
  • Four top officials leaving Satyam
    Four top guns are on their way out of the scam-hit IT major Satyam and buzz is that many senior functionaries of the firm will soon follow suit. Possibly speculating a realignment of roles by Tech Mahindra, senior vice presidents Virender Aggarwal and Gary Teelucksingh have put in their papers, according to sources. Aggarwal is the regional business unit head for Asia Pacific and Middle East and Teelucksingh is the senior vice president for Satyam Americas that includes Canada, Latin America and the Caribbean region. Sources in the company said that two other important people, Krish Kumaraswamy, the SAP Technology Practice head and Ramesh Babu, the second in command for the SAP business unit have also quit. Senior industry analysts said that Kumaraswamy could have quit to join HCL that has recently bagged a major SAP project.
  • Otellini: Sparc Uncertainty an Opportunity for Itanium
    Oracle’s decision to acquire Sun Microsystems has created a larger market opportunity for Intel to put its Itanium chips into more enterprise servers, Intel CEO Paul Otellini said on Tuesday. There is uncertainty surrounding the fate of Sun’s Sparc chip, and Intel could fill that void to extend the reach of Itanium, Otellini said during at an investor conference webcast over the Internet.

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