Enterprise headlines and summaries, 2009-05-02

  • Oracle Office, MySQL, and other dreams
    Most people don’t know this, but at one time Oracle Corporation ran an extensive internal beta adding a pretty good word processorOracle Office communications product most recently renamed Oracle Beehive and now positioned against both Exchange and Domino. At the time I didn’t see the combination as competitive with Applixware or even Q-Office, but recommended it for sale because it did one thing better than any competitive product I knew of: it stored everything as rows in the standard database. … If Sun and Oracle now recreate the full Oracle Office by combining Beehive with StarOffice, ensuring standardized database storage for all data, and open sourcing some of Oracle’s forms based development tools into the bargain, almost everyone stands to gain.
    and spreadsheet to the
  • Larry Ellison has a picnic
    Perhaps the biggest question is this: What will Oracle, the largest business software developer in the world, do with a company that derives more than 90% of its revenue from hardware? Ellison’s company, after all, generates an operating margin of around 45% from its multiple software lines, a figure most hardware makers can only dream of.
  • Analysis: Oracle/Sun Acquisition Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats
    In a move that will have significant ramifications for their customers, partners, and competitors, Oracle announced its pending acquisition of Sun Microsystems. In addition to Sun’s server and disk technology, Oracle will also now own or control the future direction of the MySQL database, the Java programming language, the Solaris operating system, and the StarOffice user productivity suite.
  • Microsoft’s Ray Ozzie on devices, startups, IP and open source
    Here’s a clip, below, of Ozzie talking about the difference in approaches at startups and established companies such as Microsoft.
  • 21 Trademarked Domain Names Registered by Salesforce.com
    Realizing that it can be difficult finding particular pages on its site and its channels on social networking sites, it registered over 20 direct navigation domain names to make it easier. For example, it registered FeatureComparisionChart.com to direct visitors to its page that compares Salesforce.com editions. That’s smart. But then it went another level, registering domain names including famous trademarks such as YouTube and Facebook to direct people to its social networking channels. For example, the company registered: YouTubeSalesforce.com FacebookSalesforce.com LinkedInSalesforce.com FlickrSalesforce.com
  • SuccessFactors, Inc. Q1 2009 Earnings Call Transcript
    Over the past quarter you mentioned competing against SAP in a few deals. I was wondering if you could comment on how competition there is evolving and what are the key items the customers are focusing on when comparing the two offerings. Lars Dalgaard We’re continuing to take SAP’s ass and we just do that consistently in Germany proper and that obviously involves the whole team in Europe to continue to do that.
  • Salesforce.com CEO gets first 7-figure pay package
    Most of Benioff’s compensation for the year ended in January consisted of 600,000 stock options valued at $7.7 million when they were granted. Benioff, who already owned a 10.9 percent stake in Salesforce.com ( CRM – news – people ), had never before received stock options from the San Francisco-based company he started in 1999. Benioff’s inaugural stock option award resulted in an eye-popping 77.5 million percent increase from the previous year when his pay was limited to a $10 salary. Salesforce.com also paid Benioff a $10 salary in its most recent fiscal year.

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