Enterprise headlines and summaries, 2009-04-26

  • But rivals question Oracles’ motives
    “I have a feeling Oracle is starting to get to that position and fortunately they’re financially strong, but they do have all these brands out there. Some of them are conflicting, but at some point they will have to rationalise all that, and that’s going to be painful.”
  • In downturn, an opportunity for Silicon Valley tech giants to get stronger
    Oracle’s decision to buy Sun Microsystems was a surprise for many in Silicon Valley, but analysts say the deal is a logical outgrowth of two related trends that are reshaping the tech industry as it wrestles with a bruising global recession. With stock prices in the cellar, bigger and stronger companies are seeing opportunities to buy small or struggling ones at bargain rates. And tech giants such as Cisco Systems and Hewlett-Packard are expanding their businesses now, with an eye toward a future when the economy comes roaring back, by moving to become full-service suppliers of hardware and software for the big data centers that increasingly support commerce around the world. “There’s going to be that next wave, and the big vendors are positioning themselves to be ready to capture that opportunity,” said Jean Bozman, who follows the tech industry for research firm IDC.
  • MySQL 2009-2010 roadmap
    The development model for MySQL Enterprise took a big step forward with the new community process Karen Padir announced in her Tuesday keynote. This is great for both the open source server as well as enterprise customers, because the closer the tie between the community and the development path, the better the quality and faster the progress towards new functionality. I’m not entirely sure everyone at Sun still completely understands why a working community process is a benefit for the enterprise customer base, but I’m happy steps are made in the right direction, and it seems to me that Karen Padir is going to be a good leader for the product.
  • Oracle’s pursuit of Sun gives rise to job anxiety
    “We want to see Oracle do well with the acquisition,” Paul said. “But from a Denver and Colorado point of view, it’s probably not going to bode well. Unfortunately there are going to be a fair number of people who are redundant.”

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