Enterprise headlines and summaries, 2009-04-22

  • Arbitrage Analysis: Oracle’s Acquisition of Sun
    Thus regulatory risk and potential deal closing time probably the key variables to be watching for this arb. Should the deal close within the next five months, then there is potentially a decent spread remaining to be captured despite the run-up-on-news today. Arbitrage metrics shown below.
  • Think Big! Could Sun/ORCL Trigger IBM/SAP Combo?
    Patrick Walravens, an analyst with JMP Securities, proposes a whopper: He thinks Oracle’s move to acquire Sun could make IBM (IBM) itchy to move into the applications software business “in a big way.” How? By going after SAP (SAP).
  • MySQL 5.4 gets bigger anyway, encroaching on new parent Oracle’s turf
    If you remember the days when “Toyota Truck” was an oxymoron in the heavy load division, you know how it feels when barriers are shattered. This puts MySQL into the heavy load category, which isn’t exactly inside the boundaries of Larry Ellison’s nice little stack.
  • Microsoft Unveils $300M Expansion (into Russia)
    Praising the government for its “amazing work” fighting the crisis, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer announced Monday that his company would invest 10 billion rubles ($300 million) in Russia over the next three years. The U.S. company will expand the free services it offers students and startups across Russia and will also help fuel innovation in sectors that are not directly software related, Ballmer said at a news conference in Moscow.
  • Cognizant Technlogy to Back-Pay H-1B Workers
    The Computerworld article rightly points out that this Cognizant Technology case is relative small potatoes compared to some of the other abusers of the program like Mumbai-based Patni Computer Systems and Michigan’s Computech, who owed collectively over $5 million dollars in backpay and fines.
  • VMware Expected To Get A Lift
    You can’t accuse VMware of bad timing. The virtualization specialist on Tuesday announced vSphere 4, its new data center operating system, a day before it reports earnings. The upgrade aside, analysts expect VMware ( VMW – news – people ) on Wednesday to report first-quarter net income of 20 cents a share, nearly double the 11 cents a share the company reported in the same period a year ago. Analysts attribute the earnings growth to rising sales of VMware’s virtualization products.
  • Jonathan Schwartz’s Blog
    In the last three updates to this blog, I’ve tried to set out a clear direction of where Sun’s headed. I’ve talked about our three basic priorities: 1. Technology Adoption 2. Commercial Innovation 3. Efficiently Connecting Adoption and Commercial Opportunity.
  • Sun Expands Identity Management Suite With New MySQL Database Interoperability for Dramatically Lower TCO
    Sun Microsystems, Inc. (NASDAQ: JAVA) today announced expanded interoperability between the Sun Identity Management Suite and MySQL(TM) the world’s most popular open source database, allowing customers to radically reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) for deploying identity management solutions. In addition, the new integration helps to enable companies to create more dynamic identity architectures, comprised of powerful directory services and relational databases, to improve performance and simplify management of large-scale applications. For more information visit: http://www.sun.com/identity.
  • A Vision for Oracle’s Cloud Platform: The Red Cloud
    They’re very powerful, and the interesting discovery Tony made is that they absolutely love Force.com. It’s not hard to see why. The SaaS model squeezes the SI ecosystem. The normal meat and potatoes business around just getting on-premises software installed is greatly reduced. The business of just keeping the lights on is almost non-existant for SaaS. Yet SI’s have a lot to bring to the table. A good SI often understands the Domain, its Best Practices, and the key Business Processes better even than the software vendor. Having access to a SaaS platform makes it possible for the SI to turn that valuable knowledge into product which can then be sold. That’s why having a platform on which to do that is so important to them. Tony goes on to speculate that Oracle is picking up the components necessary to create such a platform…I suppose they would argue the coming Fusion represents such a platform. At the same time Sun, like every big hardware vendor, was hard at work crafting
  • Microsoft Partners See Threats In Oracle-Sun Deal
    Despite industry speculation that Oracle (NSDQ:ORCL)’s acquisition of Sun will help winnow competition for Microsoft (NSDQ:MSFT) in various market segments, Microsoft partners see plenty of competitive threats arising from the deal. For example, Oracle’s newly acquired ability to build turnkey appliances shouldn’t be underestimated, according to Andrew Brust, chief of new technology at New York-based IT consultancy twentysix New York.
  • Oracle expected to slash thousands of Sun Microsystems jobs
    Oracle, which has reshaped the business technology industry by acquiring and carving up other companies, is sure to shed thousands of Sun workers after its $7.4 billion acquisition of the server and software company, industry observers say. Some figure it will cut from a third to a half of Sun’s work force. “A lot of jobs will be cut,” said Cassatt Software CEO Bill Coleman, a Sun alumnus who also cofounded BEA Systems, which Oracle acquired last year for $8.5 billion.

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