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Enterprise headlines and summaries, 2009-04-15

  • IBM Roars into Business Consulting
    In IBM’s biggest foray in business consulting since it acquired PricewaterhouseCoopers Consulting in 2002, the company announced on Apr. 14 that it is setting up a 4,000-person organization focused on helping corporations analyze data better and make smarter decisions. The consultants will mine IBM’s research and software divisions for innovations. They’ll also incorporate products from other companies. The new business unit, IBM Business Analytics & Optimization Services, is the brainchild of Frank Kern, who ran IBM’s sales force until January, when he was shifted to lead the $19.6 billion Global Business Services division. “We’re at the beginning of a new wave,” Kern says. “We’re beginning to instrument the world, but we have to take the data and analyze it to make a better bank, a better electric utility, a better planet.”
  • Americas’ SAP Users’ Group Announces New Membership Category: ASUG Bridge
    Americas’ SAP Users’ Group (ASUG), the world’s largest customer-run community of SAP professionals, today announced ASUG Bridge, a new membership category that offers individual members the opportunity to continue their membership and engagement in the ASUG community while they search for new employment. “The unemployment rate is at its highest level in more than 20 years and is bringing professionals in every industry face-to-face with challenges,” said Tracy Barrett-Franken, ASUG Chief Operating Officer. “ASUG Bridge provides continuity for our members at a time when engaging within the SAP community is more important than ever. This is the opportunity for our members to remain active in the SAP community, which could lead to new prospective career paths by ensuring members stay current on SAP technology.”
  • Oracle Kicks Off Registration for Oracle OpenWorld(R) San Francisco 2009
    # Oracle OpenWorld(R) San Francisco 2009 registration is now open, the company announced today. Oracle OpenWorld is one of the world’s largest events dedicated to helping businesses understand and harness the power of information and will be held October 11 – 15 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco. # The Keynote line up is scheduled to include industry leaders and executives from HP, Dell and Oracle among others. # Designed to provide an inclusive and content sharing environment, Oracle OpenWorld will integrate collaboration elements such as Oracle Mix, Oracle’s social networking environment, schedule builder, online planner and blogs. # The event will offer more than 1,800 educational sessions on Applications, Database, Industries, Management and Infrastructure and Middleware presented by Oracle product management, partners and customers. # New this year: More customer and partner sessions will be offered through a broad call for papers, allowing attendees to learn directly from th
  • Oracle drops mega critical patch bundle
    Oracle has released the first Critical Patch Update for 2009 to provide fixes for at least address 43 vulnerabilities across several database server products. The mega update, released on the same day Microsoft released its own security patches, plugs at least 16 holes in the company’s flagship Oracle Database server. Two of the database vulnerabilities (Cluster Services, TNS Listener) are remote exploitable without authentication.
  • Oracle Critical Patch Update Advisory – April 2009
    Supported Products and Components Affected Security vulnerabilities addressed by this Critical Patch Update affect the products listed in the categories below. The product area of the patches for the listed versions is shown in [square brackets] following the product versions. Please click on the link in [square brackets] or in the Patch Availability Table to access the documentation for those patches. Product releases and versions that are in Premier Support or Extended Support, under the Oracle Lifetime Support Policy: • Oracle Database 11g, version, [ Database ] • Oracle Database 10g Release 2, versions, [ Database ] • Oracle Database 10g, version [ Database ] • Oracle Database 9i Release 2, versions, [ Database ] • Oracle Application Server 10g Release 2 (10.1.2), version [ Application Server ] • Oracle Outside In SDK HTML Export 8.2.2, 8.3.0 [ Application Server ] • Oracle XML
  • It’s The Relationship, Stupid! (Part 3) – Stop Pushing Products That Clients Don’t Need!
    Conventional wisdom would assume that in a challenging economy, strong relationships would be a key success factor to retaining business and mitigating loss of revenue. Unfortunately, this does not appear to be the case for many companies, including vendors in enterprise software. Blame it on the economy, fear of depending on their people, or plain greed, but a good number of executives have taken an approach that attempts to preserve shareholder value at the expense of their vendor – stakeholder relationships (i.e.employee, customer, and partner). Now in their defense, these muckety mucks face dire times and hard decisions need to be made. However, they are not in a unique situation and risk jeopardizing brand value, trust, and market credibility for short term gain. Let’s look at five common value destruction strategies: * Part 1: Commoditizing the workforce at the expense of the relationship * Part 2: Slashing the quality of support and maintenance while failing to deli
  • EC Wins New Ally in Latest Antitrust Case Against Microsoft
    The European Committee for Interoperable Systems (ECIS), a trade group representing rival software companies including Oracle, Sun and IBM, has joined as an interested third party, entitling it speak at a hearing, if Microsoft chooses to have one.
  • Five reasons why the H-1B cap will be increased, revised
    The H-1B opponents have lost the public relations war. They really have. The New York Times, for instance, ran this story recently, Tech Recruiting Clashes with Immigration Rules. It was pure Walt Disney material that can be summarize this way: Student comes from overseas, studies in the U.S. at a prestigious university and then must fight for a visa in pursuit of the American Dream. This is the prevailing theme in most H-1B stories. It’s very, very easy for a publication to get a tech firm on the phone with a hardship story about their H-1B workers. The story that isn’t reported as often is the use of the visa by offshore firms that apply for these visas in volume. An H-1B visa worker employed by an offshore firm often works as a liaison to the India-based development center. What makes the offshore model successful is the ratio of low-paid overseas workers to U.S. workers. One visa holder is, in effect, replacing many U.S. workers. Opponents see this as the anti-American Dream at wor
  • Oracle’s cloud confusing strategy
    What has confused people further is Mr. Ellison’s recent lapsing in and out of admitting and then denying Oracle even has a cloud computing strategy. One day he is belittling the idea of cloud computing and that he doesn’t need to go there, the next he is boasting that Oracle has a more aggressive and forward thinking cloud strategy than competitors such SAP.
  • Microsoft to allow on-campus pub after all
    Less than a week after pulling the plug on plans to have a bar as part of an expansion of its Redmond campus, the software giant surprised the bar owner by reversing that decision, according to a report on TechFlash. Microsoft on Friday cited the sensitive business environment as canceling plans for the pub, which was planned as part of a collection of restaurants and stores that were due to open this week at the company’s new Entertainment and Devices unit headquarters. A compromise decision allows beer and wine to be served at the Spitfire pub after 3 p.m., but only for scheduled and catered events, according to the report. The pub, which is now expected to open by the end of the month, will also be open for lunch, but alcohol will not be served.
  • SAP Responds to NetSuite Competition Talk
    “We have thousands of customers running SAP applications in their subsidiaries,” Bill Wohl, vice president of global field communications for SAP, said in an e-mail, “and we intend to continue expanding the options we provide to them in terms of packaged value, TCO reduction, and fit to their complex and varied requirements that only SAP can address.” Wohl added in a later interview, “What subsidiary companies want to do is connect their business processes across the system; they want to be able to run a business process. NetSuite is talking about leveraging data across the system, but what customers are telling us is that they want a business process, not a data exchange.”
  • Peter Coffee, Salesforce.com
    we feature Peter Coffee, Director of Platform Research, Salesforce.com and former technology editor eWeek (PC Week). The first recordings were produced at the Fusion CEO – CIO Symposium that took placed March 4-5 in Madison, Wisconsin. This installment features guest host, Tom Koulopoulos, author of the recently released best selling book “The Innovation Zone. Peter Coffee shares his thoughts on cloud computing and software as a service and as a development platform. Click here to watch the WTN TV video:

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