Enterprise headlines and summaries, 2009-04-12

  • Oracle Fusion Middleware Components
    Enterprise Application Server Weblogic Server Oracle Application Server Integration & Process Management BPEL Process Manager Business Activity Monitoring Business Rules Enterprise Connectivity (Adapters) Enterprise Messaging Service Enterprise Service Bus Oracle Application server B2B Service Registry Web Services Manager Development Tools Application Development Framework JDeveloper SOA Suite TopLink Forms Services Developer Suite Business Intelligence Business Intelligence 10g[7] Business Activity Monitoring Discoverer Data Hubs BI Publisher Reports Services Systems Management Enterprise Manager 10g Web Services ManagerCollaboration Unified Messaging Workspaces Content Management Web content management Records management Enterprise search Digital asset management Email archiving Identity management Identity Management Enterprise Single sign-on Identity Manager Oracle Access Manager Oracle Adaptive Access
    User Interaction Beehive Collaboration Suite Portal Oracle Webcenter Real-Time
  • HIMSS09 Conference Update
    On Tuesday, April 7th, I attended the exhibit hall at the HIMSS09 conference and it was fantastic. I could smell money in the aisles. You know what it’s like getting a fresh stack of bills from the bank with the smell of ink still fresh on them. That’s’ what it was like at the HIMSS09 conference. Mega display after mega display. GE Healthcare, Microsoft, Siemens, Oracle, and the list goes on and on. Thousands of people, millions of dollars, you would never believe we were in a recession. The stimulus package is working. Anybody looking for career opportunities should take a close look at the Health Care Industry.
  • NetSuite Mimics Salesforce Cloud
    It includes a SuiteCloud Developer Network (SDN) and SuiteApp.com, an online application marketplace, as well as NetSuite’s multi-tenant SaaS infrastructure. SDN leverages NetSuite’s Business Operating System (NS-BOS), which makes the applications unavoidably dependent on NetSuite’s proprietary functionality.
  • Satyam staff worried new employer may cut jobs
    A day ahead of the start of the stake sale process of Satyam, worries about a possible “optimisation” of human resources by the new owner bother many employees. “There has been widespread talk about a reorganisation of human resources and changing the business focus in line with the interests of the successful bidder,” Mr Ramesh, a Satyam staffer for four years, told Business Line. Jobs at the company could go if the new investor feels that there are more jobs than could do justice to projects in hand. After all, if the scam-hit company has inflated revenues, it could mean that there are more employees than are necessary.
  • Wipro to honour job offers, with a rider
    In the letter dispatched to remaining 6,000 fresh engineering graduates, Wipro Technologies has said that these students would come onboard between May and December 2009, undergo training for two months, and if they are not engaged in any billable project, will be paid only a stipend of Rs 6,000 per month. Wipro had made offers to 14,000 engineering graduates to join the company during 2008-09 fiscal with salaries in the range of Rs 2.75-3.25 lakh per annum and the induction of 40% has been delayed by six months. … Of the 14,000 offers made by Wipro Technologies, it is estimated that around 6,000 have already joined the company. This changed offer status will apply to those who are joining in the next six months or so. Mr Bahirwani said that it has also waived the Rs 75,000 bond requirement which was placed upon these students, if they leave the company within 15 months. During the training period of two months, these fresh employees are paid a stipend of Rs 15,000.

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