Enterprise headlines and summaries, 2009-04-09

  • GGYC Issues Statement: Ellison and Bertarelli in Talks.
    The Golden Gate Yacht Club and BMW ORACLE have released a statement, 5 days after the New York court of appeal awarded the title of ‘Challenger of Record’ in their favour. The team principals; Larry Ellison and Ernesto Bertarelli are talking to each other, trying to come to a deal that will work for everyone. The statement reads:
  • IT Bill of Rights – An Open Letter to the Global Technology Services Community
    1. The right to demand transparency throughout every step of an engagement – from sales to contracting to delivery and termination 2. The right to fully understand the nature and character of their IT partner and the service that it provides to them 3. The right to fully understand the financial viability of their IT partner 4. The right to be made aware of any impending legal charges against their IT partner should they arise as soon as they occur 5. The right to arrive at a mutually agreed upon definition of the term trusted partner 6. The right to expect a clear contract that defines fees and expenses upfront before any agreement is signed 7. The right to terminate a relationship with no financial penalty in the event of any admitted fraudulent activity 8. The right to demand the existence of a truly independent board of advisors 9. The right to expect the presence of an independent financial auditor accompanied by a set of checks and balances 10. The right to demand accoun
  • Oracle Technology Solutions Fair
    Don’t miss this exciting opportunity to meet and talk with dozens of Oracle product experts all in one day. Having completed more than 40 transactions since fiscal 2005, Oracle is among the most active acquirers in the software industry, adding many new solutions to an already robust product portfolio. Hear from Oracle experts about what this means for you and your business! Tuesday, April 28, 2009 8:30 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. Oracle Conference Center 350 Oracle Parkway Redwood Shores, CA Map & Directions
  • Security Researcher to Unveil Database Server Hack at Black Hat Europe
    A security researcher plans to demonstrate attacks that use SQL injection as a stepping stone to take full control of database servers at the upcoming Black Hat Europe conference. If successfully exploited, the attacks give the hacker complete control over the database server operating system, file system and the rest of the internal network machines.
  • Do We Need Foreign Technology Workers?
    For the high-tech industries, particularly, foreign-born workers on temporary H-1B visas are an important labor pool. Many of these workers arrived in the United States as students and stay on through the H-1B program. Many also go on to become permanent residents and founders of startup firms. But there is longstanding criticism among some labor groups that workers on such visas suppress engineering salaries and actually make it easier for employers to move more jobs to low-cost countries like India. We’ve asked several experts how immigration policy affects high-skilled workers and the industries that rely on them. Please join the discussion in the comments section here. * Vivek Wadhwa, Pratt School of Engineering at Duke University * Norman Matloff, computer science professor, U.C. Davis * Guillermina Jasso, sociology professor, N.Y.U. * Ron Hira, public policy professor, Rochester Institute of Technology * Mark Heesen, National Venture Capital Association

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