Enterprise headlines and summaries, 2009-04-08

  • Sun’s Six Biggest Mistakes
    The company’s high-end, high-margin business wasn’t run by stupid people. They just acted that way. Like any star past its prime, Sun Microsystems is left with two choices: It can burn out, or it can fade away.
  • In Pictures: 10 Teen Habits Of The Tech Titans
    Science Fair! Version 2.0 If it feels powerful to own a jet, imagine flying one, too. Google Chief Executive Eric Schmidt and cell phone magnate Craig McCaw, among others, often take the controls of their craft. Oracle founder Larry Ellison one-ups that with a Marchetti fighter jet. A company controlled by Google founders Larry Page and Sergei Brin, which owns the boys’ Boeing 757 and 767s, also reportedly purchased a Dornier light attack jet. It is supposedly used for science experiments.
  • SAP Adds ‘Google-Like’ Search to Business Software
    SAP extends its SAP BusinessObjects Edge solutions to small to midsize businesses, giving them access to SAP BusinessObjects Polestar software, which allows employees to search and retrieve data from across the company. Other Edge solutions are designed to create efficiencies in these companies’ budget and strategy processes. SAP has been introducing enterprise solutions at a steady clip throughout 2009. [DBM-Hm. I seem to remember SAP Enterprise Search aka Argo…]
  • Tech companies help clients win stimulus funds
    Some of the country’s technology giants are offering to help their customers win some of the stimulus funds the federal government is offering. By helping their clients get some of the $100 billion in federal stimulus money earmarked for technology spending, companies like Cisco Systems Inc., International Business Machines Corp., Microsoft Corp. and Oracle Corp. hope to stem an expected revenue decline as corporations and institutions cancel projects in the economic downturn. Cisco Systems Inc. (NASDAQ:CSCO) has set up a Web site with videos and links to information on what funds are available and how to apply. IBM (NYSE:IBM) is offering a software program designed to help companies monitor how they’re spending stimulus funds and has held online seminars on how federal funds are being distributed. Its efforts were criticized last month, however, by labor groups who said it was trying to capitalize on federal tech stimulus spending while sending U.S. jobs to India. The Wall Street
  • SAP Upgrades BusinessObjects Edge BI Products
    Sweeten the pot; keep the price low. That seems to be the continuing strategy for SAP’s BusinessObjects Edge line of business intelligence packages aimed at small and midsize businesses (SMBs). Each new release adds more functionality from the company’s flagship BusinessObjects XI platform. With the 3.1 upgrade announced today, for example, the Edge series gains the search-meets-BI query capabilities of the Polestar interface. SAP is also throwing in pre-built integrations to various Oracle applications.
  • BMW Oracle in talks for conventional AC series
    BMW Oracle said Tuesday its CEO Larry Ellison is in talks with Alinghi counterpart Ernesto Bertarelli to reach “a successful conclusion as quickly as possible.” If an agreement cannot be reached, the two syndicates will meet in a rare one-on-one showdown in 90-foot multihull boats.
  • Microsoft Releasing First SQL Server ’08 Service Pack
    The anticipated initial service pack for Microsoft’s SQL Server 2008 database will be available imminently, Microsoft said Tuesday. Many SQL Server 2000 and 2005 shops have been waiting for the pack before upgrading to the 2008 edition, as it contains all the cumulative updates and fixes issued since SQL Server 2008 was released to manufacturing in August, resulting in an overall more stable application. Service Pack 1 (SP1) also makes it easier to deploy SQL Server 2008. A feature called Slipstream allows users to install the database and service pack at once, easing the process of loading the software onto hundreds or thousands of servers, said Fausto Ibarra, director of product management. There isn’t much in the way of new features in SP1, but that is a deliberate reflection of Microsoft’s strategy to put out initial releases that are feature-complete, with packs only used for fixes, he said. “We got feedback from customers that they wanted more predictability, service packs tha
  • Oracle Just Doesn’t Understand Cloud Computing: Benioff
    “One day they want to be the cloud leader, the next they don’t want to have it at all. One day cloud computing is ridiculous, the next day they’re saying that they’re the dominant player.” So said Salesforce.com CEO Marc Benioff as he kicked off CloudForce London by kicking Oracle’s cloud cred to the curb. While it’s become standard dog-bites-man fare for Benioff to take shots at Oracle, his comments this week in London indicate that he’s continuing to step up his pointed attacks on what he claims is Oracle’s apparent ambivalence about one of the hottest technology issues in the enterprise space today: cloud computing. But Benioff’s jabs, while entertaining at one level, are also out of synch with more-recent comments from Oracle about cloud computing. To be sure, in the past Oracle CEO Larry Ellison has made a number of public comments that seem to belittle terms such as SaaS and cloud, even as he’s been simultaneously spurring his company’s efforts to become more of a player in tha
  • Google Gets Oracle’s Help In War Against Microsoft
    This morning the two companies announced a new collaboration between Google Apps and Oracle’s Siebel customer care/CRM software. With the new “Oracle Gadget Wizard for Google Apps,” it’s now easier to port data between Oracle and Google Apps spreadsheets. That gives Google a new selling point as it deploys salespeople to the enterprise in its bid to convert Microsoft Office users into paying Google Apps customers. Not as big a deal for Oracle. Oracle’s CRM business is relatively mature, and we doubt the new “gadget wizard” will convince many businesses to choose Oracle over other options (like Salesforce.com) on the market. But by helping Google, Oracle jabs its longtime foe Microsoft in the eye. Oracle and Microsoft compete fiercely in multiple areas, including CRM.
  • Google releases upgrade to its App Engine
    The vision behind the Google App Engine, Sheth said, “is that is a problem of the past.” In the new platform, developers will be able to write their programs in Java and deploy them directly to the Web using the Google Web Toolkit. And they will be able to move those programs more easily to other application servers. During a demo of the new software at Google’s Mountain View headquarters, IBM showed how it could move the software from Google’s computers to a computer running IBM Websphere software with just a few changes to the code. Known as “application portability,” this feature could help make Google’s platform more competitive with Amazon’s Elastic Compute Cloud and Force.com, which offers developers a chance to use the infrastructure created by Salesforce.com. Microsoft is also preparing software, dubbed Windows Azure, Advertisement that will let companies build and run remote applications, an approach that is called cloud computing.
  • Oracle Introduces Oracle(R) Gadget Wizard for Google Apps and Support for Google’s Secure Data Connector
    Today Oracle announced Oracle(R) Gadget Wizard for Google Apps and support for Google’s Secure Data Connector(TM) with the debuts of Siebel CRM support for Google Apps and Oracle Gadget Wizard for Google Apps. — The close collaboration between Oracle and Google(TM) enables customers to build and deploy Oracle gadgets in Google Sites (TM) allowing easy and seamless scaling of applications to several million users without the worry about infrastructure management. — Oracle’s Siebel CRM applications can interact with the Google cloud in a secure and flexible manner through Google Secure Data Connector, opening the door to the delivery of next-generation SaaS applications that do not impact existing resources and include multi-tenancy support to securely access corporate data from behind firewalls.
  • EnterpriseDB Postgres has been released
    EnterpriseDB, the Oracle-compatible database company, today announced the availability of EnterpriseDB Postgres, the first-ever professional-grade distribution of the open source PostgreSQL database for Linux, and the establishment of the EnterpriseDB Postgres Resource Center, a community-based website for enterprise application developers and DBAs.

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