Enterprise headlines and summaries, 2009-03-29

  • Video: Inside Salesforce.com’s Tenth Anniversary Victory Tour
    The Cloudforce event, which brought together Salesforce.com‘s partners, customers, and the press, had the air of revival meeting. That’s unavoidable when you get a force of nature like Salesforce.com chairman and CEO Marc Benioff up on the stage, working the audience like only a master showman and salesman can. Interestingly, there’s a little bit of Sun Microsystemschairman Scott McNealy in Benioff, as witnessed by his seemingly playful but actually quite biting jabs at competitors. (For example, Benioff said: “Microsoft is even threatening one day to have a [cloud] platform called Azure.”)
  • Oracle Settles patent suit
    Oracle and Alcatel-Lucent settled a patent dispute over ways to manage voice messages, e-mails and instant messaging. Terms of the agreement are confidential, Alcatel-Lucent spokeswoman Mary Ward said. Oracle sued Alcatel-Lucent in May, claiming the OmniTouch My Messaging system and other products infringe Oracle patents. It also sought a ruling that it didn’t owe Alcatel any patent royalties on Oracle products. Alcatel-Lucent, based in Paris, is “glad to put this matter behind us,” Ward said Friday. U.S. District Judge James Ware in Advertisement San Jose ordered the case closed Thursday. A spokeswoman for Oracle didn’t immediately return a message seeking comment.
  • Oracle Gets Stuck in the Glue
    IN THE MORASS KNOWN as the technology industry, Oracle is something of a standout: “It is absolutely the best horse in the glue factory,” says Cowen software analyst Peter Goldmacher. … Then there’s Ellison himself, whom we hailed on our cover as “The Smartest Man in Silicon Valley.” But in this recession, even the combination of brawn and brains may simply not be enough.

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